Circo di Amore (Zayn Malik love story)

She used to had it all, wealth, family, friends. But still that wasn´t enough for her. Leaving behind everything she knew to search what she thought was missing in her life. She was happy, she never thought of changing anything. Until she fell in love with him.


1. I can´t do this anymore

Kriska P.O.V.

I cannot believe she is still scolding me about my grades.Again! Honestly my mom is the most neurotic person I know. I must admit I'm not the kind of person that works their ass the hole year to be  top in class and  I don´think there's anything wrong with that. My mom obviously disagrees with me. From my point of view life will teach  you more than what you´ll learn in a classroom. But come on! I do good in school, even though she expects great. 

AHG! She keeps going on! I don´t understand my parents, they have me in so much extracurricular classes and expect me to keep up. Like I know 3 languages including my own.
And they are like freaking out because I don´t give enough time to study for my history exam. I.JUST.DON´T.GET.THEM.

Well, actually I do. My family is so old school, both my parents are very important people. They work their ass off every day to give my sisters and I what they never got. So in return they expect perfect children to to fit in the so called perfect family.

I´m just not like that.I like arts, music, to perform, sing, draw. So yes, in my family I´m the wierd child, so     don´t expect me to be a big entrepreneur. The only thing I´m looking forward is to leave this cold mansion and get out of Hungary as fast as possible and start to actually live my life. And that is exactly what I´m going to do.

"Are you listening to me?" my mother asks me, interrupting the thoughts I was giving to myself.

"uh, what?.. "

"Kriska!! you are unbelievable! I´m talking to you." 

"no mom, you were actually yelling at me"

"don´t get sassy with me young lady" and as she says this its almost impossible for me to hold a smile. Yeah I´m known to be all sassy-pants. But hey! its true, she is being quite unfair here.

"uhhg. I just don´t know you anymore. Go to your room" yeah like she ever knew me.

I think running away is gonna be easier than I thought. I´m 19 already so I can get a job and well... survive.

I ran to my room and waited for everyone to fall asleep. I knew this was going to be my only oportunity to get out of this prision. Around midnight the house was silent, so a walked to my window and climed down the creeper. My bag in my shoulder with as many clothes I was able to grab.

When I landed on my feet the only feeling I get is freedom.

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