My Diary {14+}

Follow Tracy's life from her being a 9 year old to being a 14 year old as a poor girl in Egypt with the goal of succeeding in life to change her families life. But what happens when the wrong decision is made, a small 9 year old is sent to be a slave and abused? Too small to realize that what was being done to her was bad?
Read to find out...


2. Introduction

Tracy Ahmed is a 9 year old girl with frizzy short black hair and big hazel eyes. She's really skinny due to the fact that she never has something to eat. They haven't had a real meal in a long time. Ever since Tracy was a small girl. 

Tracy lives with her mother and father in a small cabin in a very small town in Egypt. There isn't many ways to describe Tracy's hometown except small, with children playing on the ground with sticks and dirt. It can't really be called home but for Tracy it can. Tracy see's her home like a beautiful place. The dirt ground is like fresh cut grass with rose petals for her. Her small home is like a castle of a fairy tale. Tracy looked at things quite different than anyone else. She loved to keep her hopes up and think positive, something that her neighbors didn't do.

Tracy was given a notebook that she keeps like a treasure under her pillow and writes in it every night. She writes her emotional moments down with a pencil that she sharpens with her fingers, ignoring the pain.  

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