My Diary {14+}

Follow Tracy's life from her being a 9 year old to being a 14 year old as a poor girl in Egypt with the goal of succeeding in life to change her families life. But what happens when the wrong decision is made, a small 9 year old is sent to be a slave and abused? Too small to realize that what was being done to her was bad?
Read to find out...


4. Chapter 2

August 2

My eyes are dried from all the crying. We've been on the road for a whole day now and my head was hurting a lot. I felt my chest empty as the awful, unfortunate memory of leaving my daddy returned replaying in my head like a nightmare. The worst part was that I never said goodbye to mum. 

The horses pulling the rusty, old, although elegant, carriage stopped in front of a large house with flowers all around the perimeter of the house making it look friendly and colorful. Yet, I had a tingly feeling in my tummy, a feeling that I really couldn't define. 

"Follow me." The pretty lady informed me walking up front opening the door to the house. I loved the feeling of the freshly cut, green, grass tickling on my toes every step I took. I climbed up both steps and slowly walked inside the big house. I observed everything around me taking in every detail. 

"You will not do anything unless you are told to do so. You will not be allowed to leave this property and when we get our special visitors you are to do whatever they say. When these visitors come you ought to take them to your room and they will give you a nice surprise." The pretty lady said smiling the whole time. I ignored the weird feeling in my tummy and smiled widely at her. 

"A surprise? Will I get a nice toy? I've always wanted a toy." I asked her looking up with my eyes twinkling with hope. Her smile disappeared but soon returned. 

"The surprise is even better." She said. She took my hand and pushed me into a room where approximately eight girls sat wearing pretty dresses and talking to each other. They turned their heads to look at who had approached them. The girls smiled at me sympathetically with their eyes full of sorrow.

"Is something the matter?" I asked them. The girls ignored me and continued to talk to one another. I was then introduced to a small cubed room with a small twin bed and a window. 

"You will not open that window at all, if you do so, then you will receive a punishment. Understood?" The pretty lady replied, keeping a stern face. I nodded my head only to be told another rule. "Another thing. You don't answer to me in complete words and you will be in trouble. Is that understood?" "Yes ma'am." I replied trying my best to keep calm. I had hoped for this to be much more fun. I guess I was wrong.

"Good. Come with me. We need to get you out of those rags" The pretty lady said leading me into a big room with different sparkly dresses. She unknotted my hair and washed my face. She helped me get the dress on and I blushed when I saw how I looked. It was a beautiful blue dress with sparkly stuff at the bottom and blue shoes. I felt beautiful inside. Like a princess about to go to a ball, except this time without a prince charming. 

"How old are you?" The lady asked me. "I'm nine." "Not so bad for a nine year old" "I know! I'm a good girl" I told her proudly. I noticed the pretty lady roll her eyes but I tried not to pay attention. "You might bring a lot of guys this way" The pretty lady said. I tilted my head to one side with a questioning look. "what guys?" I asked her. "Nothing. Now go out. You have free time for now but soon you'll need to get some sleep" "Thank you very much" I said nodding my head in appreciation.  "It's Rosse" She called before she left leaving me standing in my room alone, quiet with the far away sound of her heels trotting down the hall.

I went into the room where all the girls were and saw only 4 girls older than me. The others seemed my age. They all scooted over a bit offering me a space to sit. I smiled happily at them and thought of introducing myself.

"My names Tracy. I'm sad for losing my parents but appreciative for being somewhere nice and warm, here." They looked at each other and smiled at me sympathetically again. 

"When the guest comes try to let them do what they want to do. It's not very nice when you don't follow rules. Don't be scared of them." one of the older girls said. Judging by her face, I can tell that she was hiding something. Soon the bell rang and all the girls gasped and lined up in a line. I was confused but followed their lead.

"Girls!!" Rosse's voice boomed from the hall getting closer to ours. We have a nice guest tonight, I want you all to wait patiently until he picks a girl." I got excited hoping he'd call me. This should be a fun game. But where is the surprise? He doesn't seem to be holding anything. Maybe he hid it. This got me even more excited and soon the tall, skinny, tanned man was standing in front of me with a smirk plastered on his face. 

"Rosse, I choose her." He whispered seductively, loud enough for Rosse to hear. I smiled widely and skipped up the stairs.

"Come and see my room. It's all nice and neat." I hollered at the man sprinting up the stairs without looking down. I could hear the man moan and growl once he came in my room and shut the door behind him. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand. I smiled at the nice man and asked him "Where's my surprise? Did you bring me a toy?" I bounced up and down and sat on his lap as if he were santa. 

"I can smell a virgin." He whispered in my ear. "What's that? Is that a toy?" I asked the man hoping he'd tell me yes. The man laughed and shook his head. "I have a nice toy for you. It makes you turn into a beautiful princess and grow nice long hair." The man whispered pushing me off his lap. I was really eager to find out what the surprise was so I stood up straight holding back my excitement. 

"First you need to take that beautiful dress of yours off." he said still sitting on my bed. 

"But why sir?" I was really confused. Was the surprise a new dress?

"Do it or there won't be a nice surprise." I did as he said and saw him staring at me. He stood up from the bed getting closer to me breathing heavenly. My smile didn't fade once as I layed down on my bed when he told me to. He informed me to close my eyes and think of something nice. I thought of a lollipop. I never tried those but I've heard kids saying that it was the most delicious thing in the world. I'm guessing that you eat it.

I opened my eyes when I felt someone on top of my. Someone triple my size. I was about to ask what he was doing on top of me with no clothe but he shushed me.

"What I'm going to do is your surprise honey. It's going to make you beautiful and strong and brave just like a real princess. I'll give you a second surprise afterwards. understood?" I nodded eagerly relaxing my body. I looked at him and saw things that I haven't seen before. His mouth went on mine and started doing something really weird and funny feeling. I wanted to do a good job in this game so I moved my lips like he was doing. Then his tongue went inside my mouth and I didn't know if it went there or not. 

I whimpered when I felt pain in my vijayjay. I felt something really big and hurtful go past my legs. I noticed that I was crying and that the man was bouncing on me. I tried to rub the tears off my face and thought that after this I will be a beautiful princess. I looked down at my vijayjay and gasped. I saw what was causing pain and it was stuck to the man. 

"W-w-what is t-that?" I tried saying between gasps and whimpers. 

"This is your surprise." Then the man pulled the thing away and put his clothe on quickly. I tried to move but I couldn't. It hurt too much and I saw lots of red stuff on my blanket. My stomach was hurting awfully too. The man put my dress over my head and onto my bare skin that was now red. He pulled out a small stick wrapped in paper and gave it to me. 

"Here. You just chew on it and don't swallow it. When it tastes like nothing you throw it. okay?" He asked. I did my best to nod my head but I felt too weak. I took the stick and started chewing it. 

After a while Rosse entered the room with a big smile on her face. I smiled back at her and opened my mouth for her to see my gum that tasted delicious.

"Look rosse! I got a delicious treat!" I said without moving too much. "I can see that now lay still Tracy. I need to do something, okay? I'm going to be a doctor." Rosse took a cream and rubbed it where it hurt on my vijayjay. I took a deep breath feeling a burning pain on the spot she rubbed. She gave me a medicine and told me to fall asleep. I tried but I couldn't. My mind kept thinking about what had happened. Why did that surprise hurt so much? I don't want that surprise anymore. I don't wanna look at that man anymore. I cried one last time and finally my eyes slowly shut and I fell into a deep sleep. 


I ran and ran and the naked man raced after me. His face was red and it was laughing screaming for me to accept his surprise. I cried and screamed for help but there was nothing but a long black hallway. I felt hands pull my legs. The hands belonged to many more man! His twins, I thought as I ran faster and faster hoping not to fall and get trapped. My heart was beating a thousand times faster than usual. My feet were sore and then I heart many girls eyes looking at me from above shaking their hands in shame. Then suddenly I fell and infront of me was the man naked...


I screamed and sat up from my bed panting. My hair and forehead was all sticky from sweat and my heart was pounding fast. I closed my eyes and thanked god that it was a nightmare. It took about two hours for me to fall asleep again. But luckily the second time I fell asleep I didn't get any nightmares.



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