My Diary {14+}

Follow Tracy's life from her being a 9 year old to being a 14 year old as a poor girl in Egypt with the goal of succeeding in life to change her families life. But what happens when the wrong decision is made, a small 9 year old is sent to be a slave and abused? Too small to realize that what was being done to her was bad?
Read to find out...


3. Chapter 1

August 1,

I'm sitting in a carriage on my way to an unknown place. A place where I wish I'd be going with my father, not alone. It was all too quick for me. My body was curved into a ball in the corner of the seat my salty tears rolling down both my cheeks slowly. My heart felt scared and empty, nothing I've felt before.




"Tracy, lets go to the city and see what we can find any leftover trash from a restaurant." My father hollered at me. I threw my sticks and stones to one side and skipped over to my daddy. My legs were feeling weak but the butterflies in my stomach were increasing every second. I prayed to our lord for something yummy for dinner. Something that will hold my tummy under control for another three or so days. 

My father and I walked approximately two and a half hours to the city. It's a lot for a nine year old to walk but I ignore the pain on my feet. I always want my daddy to be proud of me and smile down and say "I love you Tracy Ahmed" with his hazel eyes sparkling down upon me with a glint of happiness. It makes my insides all tingly. The wrecked sandals on my feet worn out so I had to walk the rest of the time barefoot burning the sole of my small feet from the heat of the dirt.

Once my daddy and I got to the city I smiled brightly looking all around me and taking every detail in. I looked at the upper class kids playing with a ball and wearing clothe without holes in them. Their shoes weren't dirty and worn out like mine. I shrugged it off and kept up with my daddy. We sneaked into a restaurant and into the back. I snuck behind a large garbage can as my father tried his best to luckily find any good leftover food thrown in the trash. There was a sudden bang and I heard some shouting. I peeked from the trash can and saw two man shouting at my daddy. I couldn't understand all those words they screamed but judging from my daddy's face it wasn't good. 

"You get out of here this instant, you fool!" Yelled the big man with glasses.

"Get outta here if you don't want me calling the police on you and that worthless child of yours." The small man with the beard yelled punching a fist in the air. 

"Please, I beg you, Just a small meal. At least to teaspoons of soup. But anything for my daughter." My daddy begged to the man. They both glared at the dad and laughed sarcastically.

"We'll count to five, and if you're still here in our property you're in trouble!" They screamed. My daddy approached me grabbing my hand and running past them. We accidentaly knocked into a women who's purse flew up in the air and hit the ground hard. I looked at her and admired her beautiful makeup and wonderful clothe and great smell. She must be rich, I thought in my head. I was taken out of my thought my the women leaning close to my face. 

"Hello there lovely." She chirped with a kind small grin. She rubbed my cheek with the back of her hand and stood back up to face my father. 

"She doesn't look too healthy to me." She remarked. I looked at daddy confused not knowing what she had meant by healthy. He kept whispering with the pretty women but suddenly I saw daddy crying. I tugged at his shirt and looked him in the eyes.

"Daddy, whats wrong? Why you sad for?" He bent down to his knees and hugged me tight his chest heaving fast. I could feel his heart beating fast and his hands seem to shake without him controlling them. I pulled away and looked at him waiting for an answer.

"Tracy. My baby, I love you honey. I want the best for you and I'd do anything for you. Your mother's growing ill, we don't have dinner for at least one of us and I don't know what to do." He said with a solemn face. 

"But daddy, I'm not hungry. Look listen, my tummy is growling" I told my dad rubbing my tummy. He chuckled and let out a deep sigh. 

"Tracy you'll be leaving with this nice women, okay? She'll give you food, clothe and friends to play with. You'll be happy so go now, honey. I love you." Then the women started to grab my hand. I started leaving seeing my father get smaller and sadder the farther I went. The feeling in my heart was uncomparable. I didn't want to be seperated by my daddy. I loved him., and mommy.

"Daddy! Tell Mommy that I love her and I'll come back with lots of food and money" I screamed. Then I cried and climbed into the carriage regretably. Now I wish that we've never came to the city. 

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