Senior Trip

Cami Stevans is a pretty popular senior. She's not popular in the rude slutty way, but because she's nice to everyone.
Every year, the Seniors of Woodland Oak High School get a chance to go on a huge trip to celebrate basically living through the school years. This year, London, England is the destination. Cami visits, along with all the other teenagers in her year. She has a great time, sightseeing and shopping with her girlfriends.
Cami runs into 5 special boys-LITERALLEY-while with her friends.
And she might just fall in love.


3. OMG, theres a mall!

After the long flight, which was pretty boring, we checked into this huge hotel with a whole bunch of screaming girls.
That's a first.
So I'm sharing a room with Tommy, Baily and Andy. Yay, at least not with some creep.
Well, unless you count Tommy as a creep...
She's more of a perv, really.
Anyway, we checked in, and then went up to our room. It was pretty damn cool. There were different rooms, so Tommy and I shared a room and Baily and Andy shared one. Then the two rooms opened up to a kitchen, living room area. All to ourselves for about 2 weeks, man. Hell yeah!
"Let's go out. My mom gave me cash." Baily suggested, and we liked the idea. I grabbed my purse and ran out.
The streets were awesome! There's a bunch of stores everywhere. And nice people. And hot guys. Man, if I had a choice, I would ditch America and live here! No offense to America. But England is just better.
"OMG, there's a mall!" Andy yelled. I squealed (personally I love shopping) and grabbed Tommy's hand, pulling her behind me as I ran. Andy did the same to Baily and we got there in record time.
"Let's get some food. I'm starv-" I was cut off by falling on my butt after running into something.
"Are you okay? I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going, I was being stupid and I could've hurt you..." A guys voice said. He held his hand down and I grabbed it, pulling myself up. I looked up into a pair of chocolate brown eyes.
"Erm, hello... I'm fine, thank you." I replied. Tommy noticed me talking to him and whispered something to Baily who grinned then ran away with Andy. Tommy kept her distance but watched.
" good. Again, I'm sorry-"
"It's okay! I promise! I'm fine!" I smiled and but my lip.
"Okay. I'm Liam." He said, beaming.
"Hey Liam! I'm Cami!" I grinned and started walking with him, watching tommy out of the corner of my eye. That girl was walking too , still stalker watching. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
"What's so funny?" Liam asked, looking around. I pointed to my BFF and replied, "my friend tommy. She's watching us." Liam chuckled.
"Hey do I know you? I've seen you before..." I asked, tapping my head. Where?
"Well I'm in-" "I GOT IT!" I screamed, interrupting Liam. "You're in one direction! That boyband? You know? Well, I suppose you would, you ARE in it, but.. You know, I'll just shut up." I closed my mouth and tried not to smile at Liam's laugh. It was so cuuute!
"You're funny! Hey, I gotta go. But- but can I get your number?" He wondered nervously. I scribbled my phone number on a piece of paper I had and handed with him as he handed my a paper. I waved goodbye to Liam and started walking towards the perv.
Omg, he's cute! What's his name?" Tommy shrieked. "Liam. Liam Payne." I smiled to myself as tommy started squealing like a pig. Yeah, I was falling for Liam. And so quick too. But he seemed so nice, so unlike Daniel. I'll just have to see...
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