Senior Trip

Cami Stevans is a pretty popular senior. She's not popular in the rude slutty way, but because she's nice to everyone.
Every year, the Seniors of Woodland Oak High School get a chance to go on a huge trip to celebrate basically living through the school years. This year, London, England is the destination. Cami visits, along with all the other teenagers in her year. She has a great time, sightseeing and shopping with her girlfriends.
Cami runs into 5 special boys-LITERALLEY-while with her friends.
And she might just fall in love.


1. Bitch Alert


I raised my eyebrows, looking at the note. Classic Tommy.

I scribbled an answer on the back of the crumpled piece of paper and tossed is across Andy's desk to her.

I watched in amusement as Tommy read the note. She squeezed it in her fist and glared at me, stifling a laugh. I shook my head, then let my attention go back to Mr. Wyatts. My homeroom teacher. As usual, a boring morning announcement...

"And so I will need all of you to start packing your bags and get a passport. And get the slip signed by your parent or gaurdian, or else you can't go." I perked up, hearing the word, passport. That meant being able to go to another country! I thought hard about what we were talking about before Tommy distracted me.

"Any questions?" My hand shot up. Mr. Wyatts sighed exasperatingly, knowing my question. He had been watching Tommy and me pass notes during the conversation.

"Erm, could you repeat that? Everything?" I bit my lip, smiling as everyone chuckled.

"Well, you guys are all Seniors. So, the school hosts a Senior Trip every year. This year it is located in London, England. And you heard the rest." He announces. I gasp. LONDON ENGLAND! MISSING SCHOOL! YAAAAAYYY!!

Later that day, at lunch, Andy, Tommy, Baily and I discuss the trip. Yes, I know, all our names end in 'I' or 'y'. It's pretty cool. "So we're going to miss school to go to London. England." Baily says, mulling it over. She's not in home room with us. "Yepperdoodle, Bails! I'm like soooooo excited!" Andy yelled. We all laughed. Then they came along. "Oh lookie, the DORKS are going to London with us. How suprising." Caitlyn smirked. The slutty, rude popular group I was talking about. Oh joy. Note the sarcasm? Caitlyn, Sara, and Gwen, who used to hang out with us. I frowned. "We'll Caitlyn, judging that we are in America, and not England yet where the queen makes rules. But then again, I'm pretty sure you aren't queen.You know, I'll bet you won't even be voted prom queen." I replied easily. Caitlyn's face turned a dark shade of red and even redder when Gwen and Sara started snickering. "Well, at least I don't go shopping in the dumpster!" She snapped and sashayed away, her butt sticking out and hooking arms with her clones. "That was random," Andy commented, rearranging her spaghetti. I sighed. "She's a bitch." I said before standing up to throw my trash away.
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