Senior Trip

Cami Stevans is a pretty popular senior. She's not popular in the rude slutty way, but because she's nice to everyone.
Every year, the Seniors of Woodland Oak High School get a chance to go on a huge trip to celebrate basically living through the school years. This year, London, England is the destination. Cami visits, along with all the other teenagers in her year. She has a great time, sightseeing and shopping with her girlfriends.
Cami runs into 5 special boys-LITERALLEY-while with her friends.
And she might just fall in love.


2. Almost there!

"Mhm... Okay... I think everything's all packed up!" I chirped. I sat on my overstuffed suitcase, zipping it up easily.
Now to get the slip signed.
I made my way into the kitchen, rolling the suitcase behind me. My mother and father were in the kitchen making out. I scrunched up my face in disgust.
"Eww can't you guys get a room?" They laughed. Mom eyed my suitcase.
"Where you going there Cam? Running away? Do we not restock the ice cream enough?" I rolled my eyes.
"Hahaha. Note the sarcasm. Anywho, I need you guys to sign this very special slip. It's about the senior trip this year for me! We're going to London and I need a passport." I explained. Dad shrugged.
"You have one. A few years ago you went to Mexico. It's still good." He said. I brightened.
"Great! I'll need that. So you signed it? I'm leaving tomorrow..." I let that sink in while I ran into my dads study room. I shoved a bunch of papers around until I found my passport. Yep.
"Good. Now to get my plane bag..." I carefully placed my laptop, journal and iPod in my backpack, which was cleared for everything to fit into it as my carry on bag. I put my phone on its charger and made sure that my iPod and laptop were charged and turned off to be ready tomorrow. Big day you know.
I called goodnight to my parents and took a shower, getting into bed after. I checked my Facebook before I passed out, seeing a lot of notifications.
Well, I'll check them later.

The next day

"Bye mom! Bye dad! Love you!" I lifted my suitcase, and with Andy's help, into the trunk of her Ford Dodge. Tommy and Baily were already in the car, getting over excited. I slumped into the back with Tommy and groaned.
"What's wrong Cami?" She asked, not really interested. I frowned, muttering a rude response. Of course she didn't listen, just replied, " Good then!" I rolled my eyes, Tommy what if I called you a slut? I never would, of course, but that girl needs to learn to actually listen to answers!
"Let's head to McDonalds before the airport. I'm famished!" Baily yelled. Andy pulled over and ordered for us. Our usuals. Mine was a cinnamon thingy. It was nummy...
"OMG Andy hurry your butt up! We're gonna be late!" I practically screamed, noticing the time. Andy murmured a response I couldn't exactly say what it was but it sounded suspiciously like, "Thats what she said." I glared, to tell her I heard.
Baily, in the front, was bored so she turned on the radio.
"It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday..." She sang along with Rebecca Black. I shrieked and covered my ears.
"Baily turn this fucking shit off!" I yelled. Baily shrugged ad switched it to another station, where Baby by Justin Bieber was playing. I groaned, this time with Andy and Tommy. Baily sight loudly and just turned the radio off all the way.
"My gosh, what is this, crappy song day?!" I shouted. Tommy patted my head.
"Chill wifey. We're at the airport." I let the wifey slide and climbed out, grabbing my backpack and suitcase. I stood outside if the car, in the cold, until a bus came. We all climbed in, this being our bus. All the other seniors were here, laughing and saying hello and good morning to me. I was pretty popular, I was just nice to everyone. Oh, and not to mention I'm gorgeous...
I sat in the front with my buddies, talking and cracking jokes. I sighed and closed my eyes, leaning back against the seat. Tommy placed a hand on my shoulder, looking concerned.
"You okay Cam?" I nodded, getting a headache. I hated cars. So much.
"Just peachy."
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