She's Not Afraid (Harry Styles FanFiccy)

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How can you love a girl you've never seen properly? How can you find someone you don't know?
How can Harry Styles find this Jane Doe? Or as he calls her; 'The Girl With Curls'.
Its not only a quick little thing you'd think he'd get over it by now. No finding this girl is now an obsession, a challenge for Harry. Harry doesn't know what he's up against.


1. She's Not Afraid (Harry Styles FanFiccy)


Harry's P.O.V. (When he was 14, before The X Factor)

"Sure Gemma. I'm going out now!" I yelled behind as I left the front door. I was walking listening to my iPod. Humming along to what ever song came on. I stopped playing the music after the fifth song. I don't know why. I felt like I needed to like I needed to hear and see something pay attention to something. As I put the iPod away in my pocket and looked up to see a girl. A girl I've never seen before in Home Chaples. I didn't see her face but I could tell she was beautiful, no not pretty beautiful. Her hair was in brown bouncy curls that were real curls. I could tell they were different from the ones my sister Gemma does with her curling iron or curlers. These were real. She was walking with another girl. Stacy. From math class you could tell cause she's the only ginger head that you mostly see around here acting like a little kid. The other girl next to her threw her head back in laughter. It was a pretty laugh. Real cute and stuff. I don't know how long I was following them but Stacy turned around and said hi Harry. I gave her a small wave and smile but the other girl didn't turn around. They just left. It felt as if she didn't want me to see her.



Harry's P.O.V. (When he was auditioning for The X Factor)

Isn't she lovely.

I ended my audition. Its now time for bootcamp. I'm worried.

"The rest of you have to leave sorry." Nichole said.

I broke down and started crying. I took my beaine off trying to wipe away the tears. My dreams shattered. "Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles, the judges would like to see you guys. Follow me please." a lady that worked here said. I looked at the other boys with me. We all gave each other confused looks.

"We have called you 5 boys back her because we couldn't see talent like that go to waste. So we're deciding to put you together as a band!" Nichole said. The boys and I all jumped up and hugged each other. "Oh my god we made it!!" yelled one of them. As we walked out smiling, I looked at Cher and said we made it she came and hugged us all not caring she barley knew any of us.

"Well since we're a band lets get to know each other, by the way I'm Liam, Liam Payne." Liam smiled warmly at us, with his Bieber cut. "I'M LOUIEEEEEEEEEE THE TOMMO TOMLINSON! BITCHES. Its spelled L-O-U-I-S by the way. DO NOT CALL ME LEWIS." Louis said he was loud and sassy and funny. "I'm Niall Horan. I'm From Ireland." Niall the boy with the bleach blonde hair said giving us a crooked smile. "I'm Zayn Malik." said I'm not gonna lie the hot looking one they all were hot. He had a quiff and earring pierces. They looked at me. "Harry Styles." I said smiling showing my dimples.

We were all talking getting to know each other then. I saw her. The unmistakable curls. The same laugh and the way she threw her head back while laughing. I had a feeling she knew I was here. But still she won't let me see her. "Mate! Hey mate." Lou said waving his hands up in my face. I turned around and looked at him. "Yeah." I said absentmindedly still thinking about her. "Forget it." he said sounding defeated. I turned back to find she wasn't there she had just disappeared.



Harry's P.O.V. (NOW)

I don't like Taylor stupid damn management. Not to be mean or anything but she cut my chin open and now it has stitches and a band-aid. She doesn't even like me she just needs a new album and songs. Now she's talking about having kids. My phone beeped.

From: Managment

Make sure you make this relationship seem real and your really in love with her Harry. Enjoy the holidays.


I got up in aggravation and left. Thank god there was not many fans here.

I kept walking until too girls noticed me. "Harrehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" they squealed. I smiled the fans always make me happier. "Hey girls, look I want to keep this a secret that I'm out ok?" I said and they nodded there head. "If you see more Directioners keep them off my trail. Or just have a conversation and fangirl." I said they gave me a duh look. "Ok twitter names and pictures real quick like though." they shook there smiling. I took a couple photos and followed them quickly and said goodbye. I bumped into somebody apologizing and walking faster. Then I saw the unknown girl with the curls. The one who keeps me up at night. I can feel she hasn't noticed me yet. So I walk up slowly to her. I'm an inch away and she zoomed past me. Making all the cars stop and honk at her until she finished crossing the street. Gotta love New York. I ran across to which made them honk more in frustration. My beanie was about to fall with all the running I was doing trying to catch up with her. I finally caught up and spun her around too see her. She was a a coarse decaying. Her eye sockets nearly gone bones showing. Worms crawling in and out of her. As she threw her head back laughing. Laughing. As I screamed on top of my lungs. "Harry!" she said shaking me.

"Harry!" but it wasn't her voice anymore it was Louis. My eyes began to stir it was just a dream. I started breathing in and out deeply. All of it was fake expect my aggravation with management and Taylor or as some Directioners call her Taylwhore. Pretty clever I might say. When you really get to know Taylor who never wanna see her ever again she's a she devil..

This dream wasn't my first one like it but this is were I actually saw her face. Not exactly but you know what I mean. Her curls are familiar of course. I've seen her those other times a long time ago never her face but her curls. They were really familiar now.

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