She's Not Afraid (Harry Styles FanFiccy)

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How can you love a girl you've never seen properly? How can you find someone you don't know?
How can Harry Styles find this Jane Doe? Or as he calls her; 'The Girl With Curls'.
Its not only a quick little thing you'd think he'd get over it by now. No finding this girl is now an obsession, a challenge for Harry. Harry doesn't know what he's up against.


3. Chapter Two: Not So Clean Get Away


Harry's P.O.V.

I told Zayn everything. Yes. Every single thing. He looked at bit taken back at first.


"The Girl with the Curls. Hmm.. That's pretty catchy. Harry look don't take this offensive but mate you seemed obsessed, but if she's worth it then she is. Harry look I don't know maybe you should come with Perrie and me tomorrow? Tell her she'll probably know what to tell you or she'll gush and aww." Zayn said laughing. I chuckled too.

End of Flashback.


I agreed to go with Zayn. So now we're leaving the house. I've never really been out much with Zayn and Perrie but I know she's an angel. Well today she's going to be busy with her band. She should be done when we arrive.

"Hey babe!" Zayn yelled across the parking lot as Perrie came to hug and kiss him. "Oh hi Harry!" she said. "Hey." I waved then she hugged me. We were about to get in the car that's when I saw her. "Zayn!" I said. "Yeah." he said. I grabbed his head and shoved him the direction of the curly head girl. "Is that her?" he said. "Yes!" I yelled. "Is that who?" Perrie asked looking in the direction we were. But she was gone. "You saw her? Zayn you saw her?" I asked eyes wide. I'm turning into a madman. 

Zayn's P.O.V.

Maybe I shouldn't tell Harry that I saw her. Maybe his obsession with finding her will stop. But I knew better than that. But she looked oddly familiar. I just couldn't put my finger on it. "Well did you see her!?" Harry was now yelling at me. "Yes I di-" he cut me off. "Thank god I thought I was going bloody mad!" he let out a relieved sigh. Perrie gave me an odd look that looked so cute on her face. I gave her a look back in reply. I'm not sure Harry wants me to tell everyone this. 


"Bye Harry!" Perrie and I both called out to the curly haired boy as he entered the shared flat between all the boys. "So Zayn." Perrie spoked up. "Yes babe?" I said keeping my eyes on the road. "What's going on with Harry?" she said I could tell she had a very concerned face on. I let out a loud sigh. "He has an obsession Perrie." I said. "What do you mean?" she asked. "I don't know if he really wants me to tell anyone. But its over a girl." I said. "A girl? I thought Hazz and Taylor, are you know." she said removing her hand from mine making hand movments as I laughed at her actions. "Yeah but he doesn't love her." I said. As that lingered for a while Perrie suddenly yelled, "OH! I get it now. I really am a blonde!" she said laughing as I did. "Ok well if you guys saw her at the studio maybe I know her eh?" Perrie asked. "Maybe you do." I said thinking. "Describe her." she said. "Curly hair. Really curly." I said. "Go on." she said. "That's it. Harry doesn't  even know how she looks like." I said. "Haha funny Zayn." she said. "Honestly!" I said. "Oh ok. On a scale from 1 to 10 how curly is her hair?" she asked. Strange question but considering the circumstances I didn't care. "Uh like 8ish 10." I said unsure. "Is it Jade?" she asked. "Maybe I'm not sure. It probably could be." I said. "No not likely Harry woulld've known." she said sighing. "True. True." I said as we turned into her driveway. I got out of my car like a gentleman and walked over to Perrie opening the door, "You're so sweet Zayn." she said. She said going to peck me on the cheek as I moved my lips to put a quick kiss on her. "Love you babe bye!" she yelled. "Love you too!" I yelled as I got in the car.

Perrie's P.O.V.

'They almost found out .. be more careful ! I don't feel like lying anymore . I feel terrible ! -Pez xx' 



Perrie knows .  Who else does ? Haylor is over *PARTY AT MY PLACE* WOO HOO !! Also this story is also available on Movellas my username is StypayhoraliksonGirl . Also talk to me on Kik my username is also StypayhoraliksonGirl aha ;)x

-Serena♥Thirlwall♥ ;)x

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