She's Not Afraid (Harry Styles FanFiccy)

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How can you love a girl you've never seen properly? How can you find someone you don't know?
How can Harry Styles find this Jane Doe? Or as he calls her; 'The Girl With Curls'.
Its not only a quick little thing you'd think he'd get over it by now. No finding this girl is now an obsession, a challenge for Harry. Harry doesn't know what he's up against.


2. Chapter One: Tracking Curls


Harry's P.O.V.

Out and about in New York. I was crossing a street. It looked like the one in my dream. I looked at it more closely. I know looking at a street more closely, what?! Well that's what I was doing. I saw familiar shops that I remembered in my dream. That I never paid attention to in the dream but I can remember seeing them. Well this is odd isn't it?! I don't see any The Girl With Curls anywhere in sight. Sigh. Harry what were you thinking? Everything would go your way? No. I crossed the street going to the spot where my nightmare happened as I saw her face. Even though it was a dead, rotten, decaying coarse, there was no denying you could tell she was gorgeous. I stopped at the spot where I saw her face. I looked up at the store next to it.


I could go for some coffee or something. I walked in and there wasn't much people in here for Starbucks. I went up and just ordered a coffee.

I found a seat way in the corner, waiting for my name to be called.

"Edward!" the cashier called.

I smiled and took my coffee and went back to my seat. As something caught my eye a piece of paper.

Give up Styles. Give up. You'll never find me. :P xx

I looked up furiously. As I saw her. Her mob of curls on her head. Watching as she was about to leave I watched her as she threw her head back in laughter. Leaving with the non-other Stacy. There friendship still going on strong. I got up spilling my extremely hot coffee on my pants right were you never wish hot coffee would go. "Hey do you need tiss- AH HARRRRRRRRRRRY!" the girl yelled. "Can I please have a picture?!" now a small group had formed around me. I lost her. I tried to peer over these girls but it couldn't work they were now pushing me into the corner.


"You shouldn't have left without someone Harry!" Liam scolded me, as did Paul. "I thought you were dead!" Louis yelled over dramatically. "Guys I'm fine I just needed to clear my head just by myself." I told them sighing running my hand threw my curls, going upstairs to my room. I can hear the boys talking.

"He's been distant lately." Liam said.

"I don't know if I should say this but.. Harry starts screaming in his sleep, or his bed is soaked in sweat, he wakes up gasping for air." Louis says.

"Something is up with Harry." Niall says.

"Thanks for stating the obvious Niall." Lou says.

"Sorry. Just trying to help." Niall said.

"We know." Li said.

"I'll go talk to him." Zayn spoke up.

"Why not me. He is mine!" Lou yelled I can tell he was pouting.

"Let Zayn go." Liam said sternly.

"Fine." Louis huffed.

I waited for Zayn to come up. "Harry." Zayn said tapping on my door lightly. "Come in." I said sighing. "Hey mate." Zayn said throwing me a smile. "Hey." I said unenthusicasitly. "Look I know you heard us. We just care about you Harry. You don't need to tell me anything, just be careful. Don't do anything stupid." Zayn said getting up to leave.


I couldn't sleep. Why? Well Zayn was right. I might end up doing something crazy. Maybe I'm going crazy? Maybe the girl with the curls is just a figment of my imagination. I felt my eyes drooping off.

I was running. Running fast, it was dark. I was sweating and panting for breath. "C'mon c'mon Harry! You can't catch me!" her voice yelled as she started giggling. "Whatever you cheated!" I yelled out into the darkness a smile forming on my lips. "Harrrrrreh! Ahhhhh! Harreeehh! Help!" she yelled. My smile quickly faded. "WHERE ARE YOU!" I yelled. Panic taking over me. "Harry?" her voice getting softer, quieter, scareder by the second. "Harry please. Please Harry. Please. Plea-" she stopped talking and I couldn't hear her no more. "WHERE ARE YOU?!!" I yelled running in all different directions I thought I had heard her voice. I came to a clearing I wasn't in the woods anymore now I was in a graveyard. I could tell cause of the light radiating off of the moon. "Harry!" she yelled but now she was closer. I couldn't see anything again. I soon realized she had her hand on over my eyes. "No. Harry no. No peeking." she said giggling. "Fine." I sighed childishly. Then I felt her warm lips against mine. I kissed back, her hands roaming around in my hair. "Curly." she mumbled against my mouth. I could feel both of us smiling into the kiss. Then I couldn't feel her anymore. I stood there for a second with lips still puckered out. Then I heard her giggling. As she walked away. I followed her. She was walking closer to a grave that was just dugged up. No one was inside it. Then she jumped in. My heart began to race. I jumped into but instead of finding her I kept falling.

I woke up startled at what I had just dreamt about. It felt so real. I could feel her lips on my lips still. She tasted like cupcakes. I looked down at my hands. They were clenched into fists. I unclenched them.

This dream was different from the rest. They all took place on the street in Manhattan, with the fans, me bumping into the random person, then me seeing her about to cross the street as I chased after her. This one started in the woods, then in a graveyard, then we kissed, then she fell into a dugged up grave and I went in after her, falling without stopping.

I walked downstairs shaking my head. I looked at the time 10:37. I sighed I probably won't go back to sleep. I went to go watch some TV. I swear. I saw her walk past me in the house going out through the patio. I got up and walked out after her.

I put my hands out to touch her. She was real. I don't know but I put my hands around her waist and pulled her into me.

"Harry!" someone yelled snapping me out of my trance. "Oh god!" Zayn I think yelled. What I thought. I felt a strong pair of arms pull me away from her. "Zayn stop!" I yelled. But then everything came back to me. It was all a dream everything. I was about to fall off the balcony. I never went downstairs I was still in Lou and I's room. "Did I just sleep walk?" I asked. "If that's what you wanna call it." Zayn said. "But bu- but she was there!" I yelled in frustration. I gripped my curls getting ready to rip them out. I was tired, frustrated, confused, and annoyed. "Who was there, Harry?" Zayn asked sounding as worried as Liam. "She was. She was." I kept repeating like an mental patient.


Ok second chapter guys . It took me long to write as I was not home and I'm doing it on my phone . Ok so people make feel bad for Taylor , but she's a whore and I never liked her . She's gonna hurt Harry you all watch and see . I'm sorry for the hate and shit but Taylor really is a mean person in general . But I have to admit I will listen to her songs a few of them only . Ok whatever I don't ship Haylor and I don't care yes I am a dedicated Directioner , and you're all thinking no you don't ship Haylor . Oh fucken well its my opinion . I love all the boys I'm a Maliks girl though and I love Zerrie (Zayn and Perrie) and I love Elounor (Lou and El) I also love Payzer ( Dani and Leeyum) I also love Nemi (Its not real yet but I love it k , Nialler and Demi) . Yes this may be real long but I'd like to get my point out I just care for Harry I don't want to see him get hurt but if he's happy well that's awesome but Taylor will hurt him then make songs about him and talk shit in the songs . You know I could write her whole new album for her . Its not hard at all . Ok now I'm ranting if you have a problem with this PM me and we will talk ok for those you ship Haylor I may have very negative thoughts towards you but I won't say them cause I RESPECT your opinion . Ok ..


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