I'll guide you through the dark, and you show me the light (poem book)

This is a poem book my first one. There's going to be a lot of poems about issues that people have and dark sides and there's going to be some About happiness. All of them originally written by me and token from some real life situations and others made up. Some of these might be featured in my other story "Change my Mind" and my friends stories "Love/hate/friendship by Andrea_carrion_1d so read those too if you're interested. ;)


1. Our story

You might not see it in your eyes but I know that in my eyes everything is the same.
I know your secret yet you don't know mine. I've known for awhile now and still everything is fine.
He told me not to tell or he will pay the price I gave you little hints and your still very nice.
You call me things that Romeo can't even explain I wish I can Kiss you In the rain.
I don't understand the very big deal but remember the end of the world is still very near.
So hurry up time is running out all you have to do is scream and shout.
The world won't know I promise you that Ill write it on my wrist to show you it's a fact.
You might ask yourself why didn't I tell you but baby remember that's the reason I fell for you.
You don't yell you don't scream you don't say things you will regret but baby please don't forget. I was here from the start I will be here to the end please don't pretend like everything is okay I will be here and nothing will stand in my way.
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