I'll guide you through the dark, and you show me the light (poem book)

This is a poem book my first one. There's going to be a lot of poems about issues that people have and dark sides and there's going to be some About happiness. All of them originally written by me and token from some real life situations and others made up. Some of these might be featured in my other story "Change my Mind" and my friends stories "Love/hate/friendship by Andrea_carrion_1d so read those too if you're interested. ;)


9. Forbidden Love...

Don't try to hide the feelings when you know they are to strong,

to strong to let go of and to strong to forget

maybe this is one of those things you Won't regret.

All of those nights that we talked to each other without caring who would listen or would care

those nights are what some people might call a secret love affair.

I know we aren't suppose to feel this way about one another

but it's just so hard for me to breathe without you.

With you I'm not so blue.

My best friend likes you and you know we can't be

so its time for me to set you free.

You can go you can spread your wings you can fly.

I'll turn away and try not to miss you in a future day.

But you have to promise me one thing you have to remember this

you can't come back you can't wish for another kiss.

What we had is over and although I can't just act like our love didn't exis

t i do know we had a fairy tale with a little twist. 

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