I'll guide you through the dark, and you show me the light (poem book)

This is a poem book my first one. There's going to be a lot of poems about issues that people have and dark sides and there's going to be some About happiness. All of them originally written by me and token from some real life situations and others made up. Some of these might be featured in my other story "Change my Mind" and my friends stories "Love/hate/friendship by Andrea_carrion_1d so read those too if you're interested. ;)


3. Brake up

I didn't want to do this but I guess it's for the best ,
I guess it was just our time to take a rest.
At least now were not under so much stress
maybe it was just a test.
We loved ourselves more than we loved each other ,
but to you I was just another.
Another girl you played like a video game
but my feelings aren't something you can tame.
But at last I'm at peace yet our memories are flowing through my head
would it help if I went to bed ?
I'm hurt inside just hearing that you denied,
everything that we did was it all just a dare ? Have you ever thought that maybe it wasn't fair ?
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