I'll guide you through the dark, and you show me the light (poem book)

This is a poem book my first one. There's going to be a lot of poems about issues that people have and dark sides and there's going to be some About happiness. All of them originally written by me and token from some real life situations and others made up. Some of these might be featured in my other story "Change my Mind" and my friends stories "Love/hate/friendship by Andrea_carrion_1d so read those too if you're interested. ;)


6. Best friend

I sit on the floor and i look at them all,

All of those pictures of memories we had in the fall.

When we jumped on the leaves or we looked at the clear sky,

Not once did i cry.

You are my best friend and that's just one thing i won't deny. 

We've been through our up's and down's

and for most of the time we acted like clowns.

I will stick by your side each and every day , 

and try to help you in every possible way.


A/N: Sorry it took so long i had a bit of writers block and i've been very busy lately with school events, planning for Valentine's Day and i have been very tired lately but i'll do my best to try and update every other day. If you can comment with any ideas on what else i should write about it will help. Thanks

~ Thairis ;)


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