He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

*CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT*"Why?" he asked a tear steaming down his cheek. "Because, I don't have anything to talk to you about anymore, we have nothing in common, our relationship is holding on by a thread, you know what you did. I can't forgive you for that." I said giving him back the promise ring.


7. Sleepovers and Prank Calls with a dash or Murder.

I got home from my swim meet, Hannah and Kaylie are sleeping over. We gonna partay it up!! Well till 11:00, we have school the next day. "Hey guys. Wanna prank call someone?!" I asked. "Yes! Lets prank cal.. ummm... Jacee!" Kaylie said. "Aww, sweetie, Jacee knows all of our numbers, she's too smart." Hannah said sweetly/bitchily to Kaylie. Yeah. Kaylie is a bit of a blonde and Hannah is a bit of a bitch. "Right." Kaylie said. "So, who we gonna prank call?!" I asked. "Do you still have Dominique's number?" I asked. "Yeah. Here it is." Hannah said and handed me here number. I put it in my phone and waited for an answer. "Hello." a preppy voice "Hello, is this Miss Grogan?"I asked in a plugged nose voice, like one through my nose. "Um, yeah. Who is this?" She asked. "This is Miss Chunckle, and I'm from Losersrule &Prepsfail Insurance Company. I'm just calling to let you know that you have one our million dollar sweepstakes and we are wondering if you want to come and claim that now or when ever is fine." I said still plugging my nose.   "Oh my God! You're a freak Lilah!" She said and hung up. "How did she figure out it was me?!" I asked. "I don't know. Maybe she has caller I.D." Kaylie said. "Oh god. She called me a freak?!" I exclaimed. "Wow... Stuck up?!?" Hannah asked sarcastically. "Right?! But no offense, you can be just as bitchy." I said being honest. "Yeah, I am aren'I? I should try and fix that, but that would require A LOT of work. I'd rather be a bitch than work that hard." She said with a shrug. See the thing about Hannah is that she is so lovable and it's the good type of bitchy. "Well, it's like 11:56, we should get to bed since we have school." Kaylie said. I turned out the light to my room and layed down. I fell asleep quickly, due to me being tired from swimming. I was soon taken away to my dreamland, that's usually happy but tonight, it was a nightmare...
*Lilah's Dream*
I was walking at school when Casper walked up to me. "Hey, come with me." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me along. "Okay." I said with a shy smile. We ran through the halls and into the closet. "Wait... Casper, what are we doing?!" I asked. I was kinda scared. "Nothing, just want to talk." He said. "Oh." I replied and sat down on one of the buckets that was in the janitors closet. "So whatdo ya wanna talk about?!" I aske nonchalantly. "Me, you, and your funeral." Casper said scarily, like REALLY scary. "What do you mean my funeral?!" I asked freaking out. "The one thats' gonna happen in a few days." Casper said angrily picking me up by the hair and holding me up to look at him. "Please don't!" I begged as a tear slid down my cheek. "Oh, sweetheart, not right now. I'm just gonna hit you first." He said throwing my hard to the ground. It knocked my breath away. I was on the ground a few moments trying to regain my balance, but as soon as I stood up I was knocked back down, Casper hovering over me, his legs on each side of my waist, His fists colliding with my face. One hitting my eye and another hitting my lips or cheek bone. His hand back handed me in the lip, busting in open. I tried my best to fight back, but failing. I was able to reach my hand and knock him off of me quickly but for a short time, but long enough for me to find a piece of broken glass but as soon as it was in my hands Casper came and started punching me again. He took the shard of glass from my hands and jabbed it in my neck. Leaving me without breath and to feel my lungs fill with blood. As my vision started to blur and fade I saw him slide out of the door, leaving me there to die...
A.N. Did it suck?!?!?! 

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