He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

*CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT*"Why?" he asked a tear steaming down his cheek. "Because, I don't have anything to talk to you about anymore, we have nothing in common, our relationship is holding on by a thread, you know what you did. I can't forgive you for that." I said giving him back the promise ring.


4. (Lilah and Casper) School, funn! Not really...

I was ever so rudely awaken but my alarm clock. I rolled over and saw that it was 6:00a.m. Time to get ready for school! I made my bed: http://i.quotev.com/u/12/12/15/t/229867_4657769366217_1281689109_n_large.jpg Which is extremely hard to do and VERY dangerous!  I grabbed my clothes for that day and went to the shower! I washed my hair and brushed my teeth and did all the normal stuff and got dressed: polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65920765  "Lilah! You need to hurry up and get ready, you have school." My mom said yelling in the bathroom. "I am." I said back calmly, no need to get hostile is there? Exactly. I put on my last ring and sprayed my Wonderstruck and went out to the kitchen to get a granola bar and headed out the door and began my walk to school. Well walk to the Goedde building to ride the bus to my actual school. Freshmen life is hard, bro. I was halfway there, blasting One Direction through my iPod and one of my swim teammates and also a friend walked up to meet me, Hannah! Did I not mention that I was on the swim team?! Well I am and now you know. "Helloooo Lilah." She said. "Well hey there uh Hannah." I said back cheekily. "How was your weekend?!" She asked. "Good, texted all weekend, on facebook, haven't talked to Casper at all since Friday." I said looking at my phone. Just hoping he would text me. "Awe, I'm sorry Lilah, But you'll see him today!" She said trying to cheer me up. "Thanks, I hope so." I said back. We both got on the bus and rode the loud, smelly, acne cream filled, drug doing bus with kids. Our high school is pretty much Drug Central. We got there, 30 mins before school started and I saw Casper walk right through the door, he looked at me, shrugged and walked away! "Hannah!" I said on the verge of tears. "Yeah?" She asked. "He looked at me, shrugged and just walked away!!" I said not able to believe it. "I'm sorry, you wanna go to the bathroom and cry about it?!" She asked comforting me.  "No, I'll just have to text someone, or talk about it." I said just letting my tears fall. Hannah, Kaylie, Sierra, and Jaycee all gathered around me and we did this hug/walk/cry/comfort thing to the bathroom. "I'm so sorry Lilah!" Kaylie said rubbing my back and handing me a paper towel that smelled like ass. "I don't even know what I did!" I said wiping away my tears.  I decided to text Alianna and ask her. LilahToAlianna: He saw me, shrugged and walked away!!!" AliannaToLilah: I'm sowwy! Just go up to him and talk to him, tell him you're not leaving until you get an answer, he told you he loved you then did that?! No! And tell him this hipster will kick his ass!" She replied. So I decided to do it, I put myself together and walked up to his locker. "Hey." He smiled at me. "Why? Why didn't you text me at all this weekend and when you saw me you just shrugged, Friday night you told me you loved me and if this is how you're gonna be with 'love' then I don't want a relationship anymore." I said to him. "I'm sorry Lilah, It's not my fault. I don't want a relationship either then, we are breaking up, Goodbye." Casper said. That one left me completely surprised, But right then and there, I didn't even want an explanation as to why, it was 1:00 and we only had 2 more hours. But what was wrong with him and why?! Something was up. I wanted to know but I didn't want to know, if that makes sense. But as for all I know, we weren't together, I hated him and I need someone who was always there for me, but then I realized she was is North Carolina.  I needed my Honeybee, I needed Alianna and she wasn't there. 

A/N: Does it suck?!?!?!?!?!?! Lemme know!!! 

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