He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

*CONTAINS GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT*"Why?" he asked a tear steaming down his cheek. "Because, I don't have anything to talk to you about anymore, we have nothing in common, our relationship is holding on by a thread, you know what you did. I can't forgive you for that." I said giving him back the promise ring.


6. Alex Bentley Jonas

Hello, this is me: http://i.quotev.com/img/q/u/12/12/17/tumblr_mf1lutaO871rknzi9o1_500_large.jpg

Hey, I'm Alex, just Alex, not Alexander but Alex. That picture is me, it was taken when I was up in New York a week ago. So yeah, it's really new! U'm I live in Wilmington, North Carolina, for Greensboro though. Um, I live with my parents and my brothers Christopher, Martin, Me and Luke. No sisters. Just me and my brother and parents, well my Mom and whichever boyfriend she has that day. It's not a good situation. Especially when Luke is only 2 years old... We won't even go there. So, you learned all the facts about me, so I will just leave you hangin' and anything else you need to know you will find out later in the story.

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