A Different Butterfly


1. Story

Once upon a time two beautiful creatures seek out a safe place to lay their eggs and settled on a tree. One of the creatures, a silver moth with powdery wings, she took a branch near the bottom of the tree to lay her eggs and flew away. The other, a beautiful emperor butterfly, laid her eggs closet to the top and she too flew away. It so happened, the tree was a pigeon pea plant and a farmer came to attend to his plantation. He watered it but it loosened the two egg cases and they fell down to a nearby weed and stuck fast there.

Weeks later, the two different egg cases hatched and the caterpillars emerged. The moth caterpillars were all of a beautiful silver color that the ants and other insects exclaimed at how beautiful they looked. The last to emerge was an ugly brown that all the insects and his brothers and sisters hated him.

At that same moment, the other egg cases hatched, the butterfly caterpillars emerged all brown and fat with sharp long spikes all over their bodies except for one, and he had a smooth glossy silver body that the nearby insects favored him.

As time went by the two families ate and grew. At the moth’s weed the odd caterpillar was much teased at what he ate and how slowly he grew but he was wiser than they were. While at the butterfly’s weed the odd caterpillar became very vain and stupid at all the compliments he were given while he teased his siblings about how slowly they ate and grew.

Time passed on, the pigeon pea trees became full and were near reaping when the caterpillars all began to prepare to spin their cocoons. The odd butterfly had already spun his and in less than a week he emerged not a beautiful butterfly but a stunned one with dusty silver and bronze wings, two huge black eyes and short antennae. He became sad and frightened as the other insects who were his friends teased him and called him ugly that he ran away.

Meanwhile at the moth’s they all had emerged and all the insects began to laugh at how ugly they all had became, but when they looked for their brother he had gone into his cocoon. They all wanted to hide but then they thought that if they brother was uglier than they were may be they would be free from the shame.

Day in, day out the moths waited for their brother to emerge when finally the cocoon shook, all the insects gathered around. The cocoon spilt open and their brother emerged out with an ugly pair of wings except for a rainbow hue that all the insects exclaimed at how beautiful he had became. The odd moth’s brothers and sisters tried to fly away but the odd moth which is now a beautiful butterfly embraced them and asked them to fly with him. The moths declined and said that they were tired and they all fell asleep. The butterfly spread his wings just as the dawn was breaking and flew away.

By and by he came to the weed which the nearby emerged butterflies were hovering around looking for their odd brother and happened to see the odd moth. They bade him hello and talked, the butterflies described their lost brother and the odd moth told them they just had described his siblings. The group thought about the odd butterfly they had grown up with and this new comer and they all agreed that this stranger was their real brother and not the vain one. The odd moth had very little to be convinced that these creatures were his family so together the odd moth and his family flew off into the sunlight.

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