Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


7. Chapter 7.

I nearly collapse on the spot in relief. Matt follows my gaze.

"Did you not hear me? I think she said to let go," his voice is like ice, aimed straight at Sean. He pulls back, baffled. I stand there, awkwardly, feeling a slow blush start to creep up on my cheeks. How'd he know where I was? And how did he find me? Duh! You texted him, remember!? I am overjoyed that he actually came.

"She wanted this. I was only doing what she asked," Matt murmurs, avoiding all eye contact with me. I gape up at him, wanting to slap him into oblivion. Zayn grows aggravated as he saunters over so that he's standing in front of Matt. His eyes bore into his and his fists are balled up at his sides. Matt takes a hesitant step back.

"She's with me now. So, I suggest you back off or you'll have me to deal with. Got it?" he snarls. Matt looks at me with an irritated expression.

"Alright, I got the message. I didn't mean any trouble. See ya later," Matt gives me one last look before leaving. Zayn waits until he wanders off into the night before turning his attention towards me. He looks annoyed but covers it well.

"Hey," I breathe. He wraps his arms around my waist and leans down to kiss me, rekindling the electric spark between us. I grin against his lips, elated that he's here. When he pulls back, his eyes smolder with a territorial look.

"No one kisses you but me, understand?" he's holding my chin up, his tone dead serious. I nod, earnest.

"Yes. Please, take me home," I yawn, realizing that I'm exhausted. He chuckles.

"Where do you live?" he runs his hand down the side of my face, momentarily distracting me from the real cause at hand. I struggle to find the words needed.

"Oh, I live down River Street. The fifth house on the left."

"Do your parents know that you're here?"

"I snuck out," I shake my head. He pulls me in for a hug.

"How naughty," he muses.

"Are you laughing at me?" I arch an eyebrow. His grin is enigmatic.

"I wouldn't dare. How much have you had to drink?" he gives me a stern look, changing the topic. I'm lost, his earlier banter soon forgotten.

"A bit," I admit, sheepishly. He wags his finger.

"Come, let's get you home," he slides his hand into mine. I bath in his warmth, knowing that I'm secure.

We stumble from out of the trees and find that the crowd has gotten bigger. Zayn keeps me close to his side, navigating me through the crowd of party goers and out onto the street. I look back and see Erin, Sam and Ellie all gaping at me, Matt nowhere to be seen. I give them a small wave and they wave back, stunned. Just imagine how Morgan would've reacted... I grin smugly to myself.

The two of us walk together in silence. The sound of the music decreases, the further we walk. People walk past, paying no attention whatsoever to us. In a way I'm glad. I look up at Zayn who seems lost in thought. The alcohol is making me braver as I slip my hand into his. He looks down at me, sweetly, giving it a light squeeze but making no move to remove it.

"I didn't know that friends with benefits can do this," I swing his hand about. He smiles.

"There's always the exception," he winks. A warm, fuzzy feeling runs through me.

"I'm glad of that."

"Me too."

"How did you find me?" I ask, intrigued. He's struggling to comprehend.

"A friend of mine is there. He knew who you were. He told me where you'd disappeared off to," he shrugs, his eyes looking for something. I squirm under his penetrating gaze. It's unnerving.

"Right. Who is he?" Zayn now looks uncomfortable.

"You won't know him," he's hinting for me to get off the topic. For whatever reason, I don't know.

"Okay," I mumble, feeling sulky. Zayn reaches down and tilts my chin up before planting a soft, feather-like kiss onto my awaiting lips. I inhale his scent. It's more of a husky scent but smells good off him.

"Look, it doesn't matter. The people I'm associated with, you shouldn't get involved with. It's complicated," his look is strained, begging for me to understand. I nod, meekly.

"Whatever you say." I reply, much to his satisfaction. He breathes out in relief before setting off down the street. We walk past the cherry tree and down Rivers Street. It's peaceful and not awkward at all. As we near my house, I'm starting to dread it.

"My house is just up ahead," I point towards my house, standing out from the others. Zayn's eyes nearly pop open, his mouth agape.

"Is that your house?" his disbelief is evident. I nod, slowly.

"Wow, I mean, I knew you were rich but that house...awesome," he's grinning down at me. I blush, biting my lip. We are at the front of the lawn and it looks like my parents have called it a night.

"I think they're asleep. My rooms just there. The window is open," I point towards my room where the window is slightly ajar. Zayn turns to me, tucking a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. I lean into his touch, lost in the moment.

"Alright, well I guess that it's time for me to go," he whispers, his tone clipped. I look down, wanting to cry.

"I don't want you to go," I mumble, sulking like some sullen teenager. He cups my face and brings it to his.

"Me neither," he breathes. An then an idea pops into my head.

"Stay with me. For this night, stay. My parents never come into my room and they have work tomorrow. Please," I'm mentally crossing my fingers. He bites his lips, contemplating on the outrageous idea.

"I can't," his voice is strained.

"Why not? No one will know and plus, you were the one that said you would allow me a taste of what it's like to become bad ass. C'mon, where's the harm? It'll be fun," I whine, tugging on his hand. He shakes his head in defeat.

"Fair point. Alright, I'll stay if you promise me one thing," his eyes shimmer beneath the street light. I cock my head to the side.


"That you'll never leave me," he whispers, his eyes haunted with untold secrets. I grasp his shoulders and plant a soft kiss at the corner of his mouth.

"I can't promise as much but I'll try."

"Okay," he visibly relaxes and then scoops me up, much to my surprise. I squeal as he hushes me with a kiss.

"I'm gonna take you on a wild ride," his grin is infectious. Slowly, he makes his way over to my window as I direct him past the security system. He places me down, only to open the window. Then he scoops me up again and softly lifts me over the barrier of the window. My feet hit the ground with a light thud. I step out of the way just as Zayn throws himself over. The streetlight offers little light but I can just make out Zayn's figure.

I hear the window close shut as I stumble over to my bed, my hands feeling around until I find my bedside lamp. I switch it on. I look around to see Zayn sitting on the edge of my bed, observing, quietly. I stand there, awkwardly, slinging my jacket over the seat.

"What do you think?" I feel exposed. I've only ever brought one boy in here and he turned out to be a total douchebag. 

"It's nice. Spacious and easy to move about," his look is forlorn. I feel like I'm intruding a dark part of his life. It's uncomfortable. But as always, he's quick to shake it off.

"Would you mind if I got into my pajamas?" a blush tints my heated cheeks. He laughs, softly.

"Of course not," he muses. His lips twist up into a sly smile as I make my way towards my walk in wardrobe. I open it up and head straight for my pajamas, feeling his eyes on me the whole time. I grab them and turn around to see Zayn blocking his eyes. I giggle.

"I promise not to look," his tone is playful. I'm starting to feel a little shy but proceed to getting undressed anyway, hiding away in the shadows. I watch his fingers slip and his eye pop out from behind.

"Zayn!" I say, aghast.

"Alright, alright. Keep your knickers on," his hands cover his greedy eyes back up again.

"I'm sure you'd rather them off," I murmur before pulling on my shirt, my other clothes lined up nicely on my suitcase. 

"As always, you speak the truth," he grins. I stare at him, wide-eyed.

"You never cease to amaze me," I walk out, closing the large doors behind me before ambling over to where Zayn sits. I tug at his hands and he drops them.

"I'm just gonna go brush my teeth," I point to another door on the far side of the room. He gives me a quizzical look.

"My own bathroom," I say, not wanting to be perceived as some show-off.

"I'll be waiting," he replies, his hand snaking around to grope my butt. I gasp.

"You have a nice ass, Miss?" he's asking for my last name.

"Oh, Robin. It's Taylor Robin. You?"

"Malik. Zayn Malik."

"Nice name," I'm happy to know it.

"So you gonna brush your teeth?"

"Oh right. Yes," I smile, stepping back to walk away. He slaps my ass. I wag my finger, secretly enjoying it. 

"Have you had enough with fondling with my ass?" I laugh. He winks at me.

"Never," he retorts and because he's in such a playful mood, I decide to change things, hoping for the reaction that I'm seeking.

"You weren't the only one who's done that tonight," I head to the bathroom as he glares at me.

"Who else?" I hear him call. I grin wickedly to myself.

"Oh, no one you would know." I say, throwing his words back into his face.


I walk out, feeling fresh and ready to get into bed. Zayn's eyeing me up, watching me as I walk towards him.

"Shall we get into bed?" my tone betrays me, high-pitched and short. He kisses my hand, keeping eye-contact with me.

"Ladies first," he gets up. I pull the duvet back before jumping in. Zayn takes off his shoes and his jacket. He gazes down at me, warily.

"Have you got any spare pajama pants?" he runs his hands through his unruly hair, looking down at me, expectantly. A slight blush tints his perked up cheeks. I wanna laugh but hold it in..just.

"Look in my bedside drawer. I think some boxers are in there," I point to the drawer beside him. He bends down and pulls open the top drawer before he pulls out my favorite boxers. He holds them up, amused.


"What? I used to love them as a kid," I try my best to look affronted but fail. He shakes his head.

"These will have to do," I stare up at him. He arches an eyebrow but proceeds anyway, unzipping his jeans and yanks them down. My eyes widen as I take in his bulge. He smirks, obviously enjoying my reaction. He slides into them before sliding in beside me. I shiver, the cold biting. He notices and shuffles in closer.

"Turn around," he murmurs and I do so, excitedly. I know what he's about to do. He pushes himself up against me so that I can feel his bulge digging into my ass. It automatically tenses up as we get comfortable. He chuckles.

"No one's ever refused me entry before," his words heat my blood. I turn my head to gape at him. Then he kisses me, sending me into a frenzy. When he pulls back, his breathing is heavy and I can feel something twitch.

"No," he whispers, being able to read my face.

"Why not?" I pout.

"Not here. We'll wake your parents."

"No, we won't. They're all the way on the other side. And plus, I can feel that you want it," I say, pushing myself up against his erection. His hand slides down, putting a barrier between us, his knuckles digging into my crotch. It tingles beneath his touch.

"Not tonight."

"I thought we were friends with benefits?" I firmly remind him.

"No," he says and that's final. I frown. To take the sting out of his refusal, he kisses me, his tongue slipping in as he caresses my face. My fingers knot in his hair. We're both breathless when we pull away.

"Turn around so I can spoon you," I follow his instructions, pushing mu ass up against him. His breathing hitches as I squirm about, wanting for him to give in. His hand snakes around so that he's holding my waist.

"I know what you're doing," his voice is husky like his scent.

"Really?" I say with a touch of sarcasm.

"Yes. But the things that I'd like to do with you will wake the whole neighborhood. And I have other ideas of where to do this," he murmurs. I'm stunned into silence.

"Go to sleep," he croons, his head nestled into my neck. I can feel his peaceful breathing, unlike mine which is all shallow and labored. 

"Why are you wearing your shirt?" I mumble as sleep threatens to engulf me. He stills.

"Go to sleep," his tone is a little more forceful than intended. I sag against him, desperate to know. "Go to sleep, baby." he cajoles, his hand held tightly over mine. Stop with the prodding questions! Just be thankful that he actually stayed! my inner goddess prances around in nothing but a feather boa and some lacy lingerie. I smile at the thought. Well, he did even though he didn't have to. My phone vibrates from inside the front pocket of my jacket. I turn to Zayn, looking at him expectantly. Am I asking for his permission? 

"If it's that blonde guy trying to kiss and make up then tell him to fuck off," he says, chillingly. Ask him to grab it for you.. No, I have a better idea.

I prop myself up on my elbows and leaning over Zayn, I grab my jacket whilst my breasts are rubbing about in his face.

"Hey," he protests, pulling me down to snuggle himself in. I giggle, fetching my phone out and lying back down, much to Zayn's disliking.

"It took all my willpower not to fuck you right here, right now," he murmurs, propped up on his elbow. I shiver all over, on the verge of jumping on top of him.

"You could have given in," I shrug before checking my phone. I see that it's in fact from Sam:

*Where'd u run off 2? Matt left, saying that he wasn't felling too well. What's going on? I can't get through 2 him. And who was that cute boy? ;) Txt me bak xxx*

I sigh before placing it onto the drawer beside me. I sink into my bed and return to my position in front of Zayn. He regards me, quietly, but decides not to ask.

"Goodnight Zayn," I yawn, overcome with exhaustion.

"Goodnight Taylor," his voice is like honey and sleepy like mine and soon, I drift off into a peaceful sleep.


I'm warm. Too warm. It's bright as my eyes flicker open. Zayn's draped over me like a thick blanket, his head snuggled into the crook of my neck, breathing softly. I don't wanna move for fear of disturbing him. I sneak a little peek on the side, wanting to watch him. His lashes are fanned out on his cheeks and there's a little diamond shape between his lips. I wanna kiss him but then I'll have to move and that means waking him up. I like him hugging me like this.

Soon enough though, he stirs before his eyes open. I pull away slowly so that his head falls onto the pillow. I smile at him as our eyes meet. He's still sleepy but then his eyes widen and he pushes himself up.

"What's wrong?" I say, confused. He looks around wildly before looking back down at me. He rubs his face.

"Sorry, I forgot where I was. Lie back down," he murmurs, sliding back in and wraps his arms around me, trailing soft kisses down my neck.

"Good morning to you too," I giggle.

"Good morning," he turns me over so that I'm lying flat on the bed. Then, he pushes himself up and throws himself over me, making me squeal. He thrusts into me, his eyes smoldering.

"Taylor!" I hear my mum call out. The both of us freeze, not moving a muscle. Zayn looks down at me with a panicked expression but there's humor in his eyes.

"Yes mum?" I yell back as Zayn drops back down beside me, much to my disliking.

"I'm heading off to work now. Come say goodbye."

"Okay," Zayn arches an eyebrow at me. I just shrug before getting out of bed and walking over to the door. I look back at Zayn who winks before sinking beneath the duvet. I hold in my laugh. He's so playful..

"Hey mum," I close the door behind me and amble over to the kitchen where mum stands. She envelopes me in a hug, smelling of her Marc Jacobs perfume.

"Now, you be good, okay? I don't want you getting into any mischief, you hear?" she holds me at arms-length. I still, wanting to know why she felt the need to say that. Does she know?

"What makes you say that mum?"

"That boy from your school, Dez? He threw a party and it got out of hand. Apparently, those kids were doing drugs and having sex and all that crap. There was a huge fight apparently and the neighbors had to call the cops. You know, it's these things that piss me off. So, I don't want you doing any of that.

"But anyway, what are you up to today?" she seems to have calm down from her many rants. I shrug.

"Probably just hang with some friends and go to the beach or something. I don't know."

"Alright, well I have to go. Be good." she kisses me on the cheek and leaves. I relax, not knowing that I was so tense. I watch her back out of the driveway then drive off. I head back to my room where Zayn is still beneath the duvet. I tip toe over and launch myself onto him.

"Aargh!" he wheezes as I pull off the duvet. He looks as if he's been caught doing something wrong. I fall to the ground, laughing. He frowns, bemused. My face falls.

"Gotcha!" he yells before coming to join me on the ground. 

"Has your mum left?" he cups my face before placing a wet kiss on my lips. 

"Yes," I'm breathless. Then, a question pops into my head.

"Why don't we just be boyfriend and girlfriend? I mean, I get the whole friends with benefits thingy with no strings attached and everything's just that I'd like to get to know you better," I suggest, thinking it's a harmless question. He stares at me wide-eyed as if I'd just asked him if we could get married.

"I can't. I-I just can't. This is too deep a discussion in the early hours of the morning. Are you hungry?" his looks is painful and his voice is strained. I'm taken aback. How did the conversation turn so dark? 

"How about I take you on a tour instead? Then eat afterwards?" I force a smile. He relaxes, closing his eyes briefly. I wanna reach up and caress his face but that would  be just wrong considering my position.

"Sure, I'd love that," and just like that, he's back from wherever he was. 

"Okay, get up and let's go."

"So, this is the games room. I don't really go in there much cause I'm always doing things. But when I bring my mates over then we have a jam. Oh and outside is a pool with a sauna and spa. It's a big house and my parents helped to design it," I place my hands on my waist. He's patient the whole time, nodding and observing with open eyes. I try to gauge his reaction. 

"It's...wicked," he breathes, seating himself on a bar stool beside me.

"Are you hungry? Then maybe we could go out and do something," I ask.


"Alright, well I'll prepare us something and then afterwards, we could go out," I hop off and walk around to the fridge. He watches me.

"Fine by me."


We stroll up to the board walk, side by side. Girls watch on in envy, wearing revealing bikinis and stick thin bodies. I'm wearing another sun dress with my sun glasses and some sandals. I look up at Zayn but he's paying no attention to them. I'm glad. The surf is good as beach tanned bodies hit the waves. I grasp Zayn's hand. He looks down at me, puzzled.

"I like holding your hand," I smile. His expression softens as he gives it a light squeeze.

"It's a beautiful day today," he murmurs.

"Definitely," I reply. He's quiet and I'm curious as to why. I have the ugly feeling that it was because of my couple suggestion. He hasn't said much since then.

"Have you ever been out here?"

"No. I usually don't have the time to spend it by going out and sight seeing. I'm usually always up to no good so this is a change," he grins.

"Bad boy, huh? You're gonna have to show me just how bad boy you are," I lift my glasses to wink at him.

"I might just do that. Tonight."

"Tonight?" I can't help but be surprised. He nods, slowly as if he's just thought of it. 

"Yeah. You know what, let me take you to my side of  the town. There's a party there tonight. My friend's holding it. And I'll show you just how bad boy I am," his eyes scorch hazel. We stop at the end of the board walk where the water gently laps up at the edge.

"That I can't wait," I let my hand slip out of his and without even thinking for fear that I'll chicken out and because the temptation is there, I push him into the water.

"Woah!" he reaches out for someone to grab onto but I skillfully step out of the way as he goes tumbling in. I crack up laughing when he resurfaces, his arms flying about as he coughs and splutters.

"Taylor! Help me up!" he chokes, grabbing hold of the edge of the board walk. I take a step back.

"No way! I know what your intention is," I place my hands on my hips. Onlookers snicker at the sight. Zayn glares at them.

"Taylor...please," he wheezes, his right hand outstretched. He looks panic stricken. A sudden pang of guilt hits me like a tidal wave. I run over and bending down, grab hold of his hand.

"Kick yourself up," I order and he kicks. I pull and soon, he's back on the board walk, drenched. His clothes are soaked right through and when he looks up, he's glaring at me with the worst look that I've ever seen. It scares me.

"Why did you do that?" he hisses, pushing himself up from the ground and starts to squeeze out his top. I stand there, awkwardly, as my cheeks start to flame beetroot red.

"I don't know. I thought that it would be funny and that you'd see the funny side."

"Well, it wasn't," he walks over so that he's standing right in front of me. I bow my head in shame. I hear him sigh.

"Look, please don't do that again. Okay?" he tilts my chin up, his expression softened.

"Okay," I mumble, feeling like some errant child and not a person that has her own driving's license.

"I'm sorry. You caught me off guard," and then he's smiling. I can't help but smile too. It's contagious. 

"You had to admit, that was pretty funny," I grin. His look grows darker and he's looking at me with some evil plan. I take a step back.

"What are you doing?" I sound out each word slowly. He takes a step forward as I take another step back.

"Zayn.." I warn and then he runs over and bends down, grabbing me and lifting up in one swift movement. I didn't even had time to run as I'm held tightly against his chest.

"Zayn! No!" I shake my head, wildly. He walks over to the edge as I clutch onto his neck for dear life.

"Let's see how funny this is," he grins, wickedly and with one hand, pries my hands off and throws me into the water. I land with a splash as the cold, refreshing water seeps through and chills me to the bone. I resurface having swallowed a handful of water. Zayn's looking down at me, laughing his head off. I notice that I don't have my glasses anymore so they are probably gone now. I swim over and grab hold of the edge where Zayn stands.

"Zayn! Why did you do that?" I cry out. He gives me a pout-y look but it's humorous.

"Oh, is Taylor upset?" he teases. I glare at him, filled with sudden anger. You started it! 

"I lost my glasses, dick," I mutter as I kick myself up and pull myself over. I'm drenched and a sodden mess. He arches an eyebrow.

"Surely you can't be angry considering you started it," he crosses his arms. I roll my eyes.

"Just shut up!" I snap before getting up and squeezing out my dress. Why am I angry? 

"Let me fill you in on a little fun fact about me. I specialize in revenge, Taylor. It's part of the whole bad boy look. It's how I choose to function," he murmurs, coming closer. I stand there, transfixed, my earlier anger soon forgotten.

"So, are we fair now?"

"Yes," I breathe. He reaches over to caress my face, leaving me with tingles in it's wake. He leans in for a kiss as I too, follow.

"Taylor!" my eyes flicker open as the both of us turn to see Sam running up to us. She's waving her arms about. I look up at Zayn, his brow furrowed. As she gets nearer, Zayn's eyes widen in panic.

"I just forgot, I gotta go," he leans in to kiss me on the cheek. I look at him, bewildered.

"I'll text ya," he runs down the board walk and up a sand hill where the car park is. He's soon to disappear  from my sights. I stand there, confused. Sam runs through the sand and up the board walk towards me. She also wears the same expression, looking back to where Zayn ran off to.

"Hey, I wanted to see you. See if you're okay," she stops to stand in front of me, looking at me up and down.

"What happened to you?" she points to my soaking dress and sandals. My feet squelch in them and my hair is dripping.

"Nothing. I'm fine. I just wanted to go home. Why else did you want to see me?" I'm a little irritated, my tone showing that. Sam flinches.

"It's about Matt. He's gone missing," she whispers, wearing a look of anxiety. I frown.

"Surely not," I mutter in disbelief. She nods.

"He hasn't gone home since last night. His parents are worried because it's unusual for him to just leave without saying anything. Look, I know that it's bizarre but I wouldn't be worrying if that were so."

"Right. Well, have you tried calling him or anything?"

"Yeah but his phone must be off or something. His parents have to wait until 24 hours before cops can put out a missing persons file. I'm worried. He has never done this before and I've contacted all his close friends but they don't have a clue as to where he might be. And we don't why he would do this," she runs her hands through her long, jet-black hair. 

"Okay. Well, I'll try get in contact with him and see what I can do."

"Thanks. Why didn't you text me back? Is everything okay? And who was that? He looked familiar," she frowns, referring to Zayn. I have the feeling that Zayn wouldn't want me to rat him out. I'm gonna have to talk to him about this.

"Sorry, my phone was flat. Anyway, I should be getting home and getting out of these clothes," I hold up my limp clothing, hoping that this will distract her from asking any more questions. She nods, quietly.

"Well, get in contact and maybe we can hang out. Are you okay with the whole Sean business? I mean, I know that you don't wanna talk about him but..You've just been distant and I was wondering if he were to blame," she flushes.

"Of course and he's nothing anymore. And I'm sorry, I've just been caught up doing things. But maybe we can hang out sometime?" I offer, feeling bad for not being a good friend.

"Sure. Anyway, I should get going too. Just get in contact, okay?" she grabs my hand and smiles. I give it a reassuring squeeze.


"Alright, bye," she kisses my cheek before walking off. I stare after her in wonder. Why did Zayn run off? And why did she say that he looked familiar? I head back to the car with a dozen questions.


I lay out a spare towel onto the drivers seat before hopping in. My phone is in the glove-box when I pop it open to grab it. An unknown number is trying to call me.

"Must be Matt," I think to myself. I press 'accept'.


"Hi, is this Taylor?" and elderly woman's voice rings out.

"Yes," I chirp.

"Hi, it's Margaret from the raffle-"

"Oh, hey there."

"Hi dear, I was just calling to let you know that you've won."

"Oh awesome! Thanks!"

"That's quite alright. If you'd like to come and pick it up?"


"Have you got our address?"

"Yeah, I do. I'll be right over."

"Okay, great. We'll see you soon."

"Will do. Bye." I hang up with a satisfying feeling. Look's like I'm about to visit the Women's Refuge to collect my winnings. Seems legit. 






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