Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


4. Chapter 4.

Mum's humming along to some golden oldie whilst I stare out the window. Rain starts to fall as it slowly trickles down the front window screen so mum flicks on the window wipers. My thoughts run back to Morgan. I've never known the reason why she hated me in the first place, but she did. Close ex-friends of hers had told me that it was because she saw me as some kind of threat. Probably referring to her 'queen bee' spot. I had no interest whatsoever in that area. Anyway, it was on my third day of college that she thought she'd try and embarrass me, in front of a pretty big crowd. What a bad move that was...


"Hey, you. Come here," I still like a deer caught in the headlights. So far, I've kept to myself and try to find my crowd which wasn't hard. I was new to the town after mum had decided to move here. I was the one who convinced her as I couldn't stand my old school. I'll spare you of the story.

 I don't know who's attention I've just caught but it doesn't sound like someone who's attention I would want. I turn to see a group of girls lined up on a brick wall, smirking at me. I just stand there, choosing not to move. I may be a little shy about my body but no way in hell was I taking shit from anyone. Although, in all honesty, I was a little scared.

One of the girls waves me over but still, I stand, waiting for her to come to me. She looks at me as if I were mad before rolling her eyes and jumping off. She stalks towards me, her eyes narrowed. I'm guessing she was the head girl of the pack. She was actually really pretty: long, jet-black hair, minty green eyes, a nice set of teeth and the figure of an hourglass. However, all this beauty is ruined, due to the fact that her face is set into a permanent scowl.

"Did you hear a word I'd just said?" she whispers, threatening. Closer up, I see that she's hiding beneath a cake of make-up. I cringe, inwardly. You see, I'm not a huge fan of make-up. I mean, touching up a little or just using the essentials is fine, but if you completely doll yourself up to look like a demented version of Barbie, I won't be impressed. I cannot contain my surprise at the hostility of this bimbo. I'm surprised no one had given me the heads up about her.

 "Excuse me?" I cross my arms firmly over my chest.

"I told you to come here and you should listen," she scrunches up her beady little eyes. I suddenly feel the urge to laugh. Does she really wanna go there?

"Look, I don't bow down to anyone and so, whatever your problem is, quite frankly, I'm not bothered." I see Erin and Lisa, my two friends, to the side of me. They wave and I wave back. However, their faces fall when they see who I'm with. The girl smirks.

"Is that your friends? Pfft, what losers," she snorts. Her friends rally around her, copying my posture, looking at me up and down. I give her the oh-no-you-didn't scowl.

"If anyone were the losers, it would be you fake bunch," some people position themselves around us in the form of a circle, quietly egging us on. This conversation seems to be escalating quite quickly but I'm completely oblivious. Instead, my attention is focused on the trolling bitch in front of me. Erin and Lisa nudge their way through the crowd so that they're standing right beside me. If there was one thing that I were good at, it was standing up for myself. I've had to my whole life with the whole weight issue thingy.

"Morgan, what she said, she doesn't mean. She's just joking," Erin simmers down to a whisper. Lisa nudges her, telling her to keep quiet.

"Shut it, weirdo," Morgan, as I've just learned, sneers. Lisa glowers at her.

"And what's your problem, huh? Tell me, what have I done to get on your nerve? Is it that time of the month for you?" Morgan flinches. It's obvious that people don't stand up to her very often, if not at all. The ever-growing crowd makes an 'ooh' noise at my witty comeback.

"It's always that time of the month for her," Lisa whispers in my ear. Morgan's eyes flare at her little comment. I suppress my laugh.

"Shut the fuck up, Lisa. We all know how much of a slut you are."

"Ha! Funny you say that because I only have to look at you to know that that's what you represent," I reply, satisfied how calm I am, despite the big crowd and Morgan's constant scowling.

"Oh, aren't you just the snarky, little bitch?! Why don't you return to the slums where you belong!" she almost screams at me. I can tell that she's feeling the pressure. I roll my eyes like I have better things to do. But in fact, I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

"People like me sponsor people like you so just be careful what you say. I'm sure you don't wanna go hungry tonight," and with a nod, I turn on my heel and leave. My friends scuttle after me before pulling me to a stop. They're looking at me like I'm some sort of exotic creature.

"Wow, how did you stand up to her like that? She's like the queen bee of this school," Erin smiles, eagerly.

"What? It's not very hard and I really don't give a shit where she sits on the food chain. If someone is gonna give me or my friends shit then I have no choice but to send them walking. Don't you forget that."


To that day, she's loathed me. I don't blame her. She's so used to getting what she wants so for someone to abuse that, it would've just fueled the constant fire that burns inside her. It didn't bother me either way.

We pull into the driveway after a peaceful drive. The both of us hop out and head for the front door. Walking in, I retreat to my room after kissing my mum goodnight. I slide myself into some pajama's and into bed.


The very person who's givin' me shit from the get go. The only person who would try and push my buttons. I snatch my phone of the bedside table and flick a text to one of Matt's (Morgan's ex) friends, asking for his number. I smile smugly to myself. Hopefully, everything goes to plan.


I pull my summer dress over my head and wiggle my feet into some sandals  I push myself off the bed and walk over to the full-length mirror, checking myself out. Right now, I look like some Bohemian chick with my hair down in waves and a daisy chain headband to accompany. I love it.

Mum's got the day off work and so she thought that we'd go out to a family lunch at the beach. Dad is still in the Bahamas and so he won't get in until tomorrow in the late afternoon. My outfit would've blended right in.

"Babe, you all set to go?" mum calls out. I ruffle my hair a tad and disconnect my phone from the charger.

"Yes, I'll be out in a sec," I yell back. I check my phone and see that I've got Matt firmly in my contacts. He's already in on my my little plan, well, our little plan (that he cunningly devised). I wanna let out an evil laugh just for the sake for it but I'll wait. Something I'm not a fan of.


We arrive at the beach where the field is thoroughly occupied. I can taste summer on the tip of my tongue. Straight ahead are our decent bunch. There gazebo sits beneath a line of trees. It has four walls. One wall is pulled back to reveal two long tables that hold platters of food. All the little kids are running circles around the elders and I can't help but laugh. This is what I've missed. 

We both hop out, my hair blowing in the cool, welcoming breeze like off some Schwarzkopf ad. Fine sea mist sprays itself on me and I grin. I've always loved the beach. I throw on my Dolce & Gabbana glasses sunglasses and smooth down my dress. Mum's carrying a plate of her awesome brownies. We stroll over, side-of-side. One of my niece's, Annalese, spots us and comes barreling towards us. I hold out my arms, making her run faster. 

"Annalese!" I croon as she comes running. She bowls me over, giggling.

"Aunt Tay-Tay!" she screams, attacking me with slobbery kisses. I laugh, holding her close to me.

"And how's my favorite little niece doing?"

"I-I went to a shop and I-mum got me a toy," she stutters, her eyes twinkling with utter joy. I gasp.

"Wow, you know some big words, baby girl. Aunty is very proud," I smile and she rewards me with a green-eyed grin. I cheekily poke her dimples. She pushes herself away from me and sprints off, looking back at me, begging for me to follow. I get up and run after her as she screams out in delight.

Mum's socializing with Aunt Jess and the both of them turn when they see me approach. I end up catching Annalese, picking her up and swinging her about. Aunt Jess excuses herself and walks over. I place Annalese down on the ground but she just jumps up at me with her arms outstretched. 

"Pick me up," she pouts. Aunt comes up from behind, grasping Annalese's head between her hands and plants a soft kiss atop her wild, blonde hair.

"Go find Baz and the rest of the kids. I bet they're missing you," and with a grunt, she scuttles off. I embrace her in a hug.

"Hey aunt," I say as we release each other.

"Hey baby girl, aren't you just growing? Gosh, you are looking sexier by the minute," she holds me at arms-length, her eyes scanning me. I chuckle.

"Oh, well, thanks aunt. How lovely of you to say that. You look just...stunning as usual," I reply, proudly. And I mean it. She looks 10 years younger; nowhere near 40. She dismisses the compliment but I can tell she's flattered.

"Oh, stop it you. Anyway, shall we go inside and see the rest of the family? They've been wanting to see your stink-butt," Aunt takes my hand and leads me inside. Everyone's seated at the table, the conversation in full flow. They look up when they see me. That's when they get up and make their way over.


I stare across the tables and watch as everyone socializes. My cousin, Ky, sits beside me, helping herself to my ambrosia. I slap her hand away. She purses her lips.

"Get your own!" I laugh. She tries her hardest to look offended but fails miserably.

"Fine," she gets up and grabs the bowl before bringing it back. Typical. Everyone seems happy and very glad to see each other after a busy couple of months. This has been the first gathering in awhile and so we can all just sit back and relax. Well, all but one. My mind is in a whole different world. I wait patiently for a text back. Matt sure is taking awhile. He said that he'd text me once he was getting near. I drum my fingers on the table, impatiently.

"And where are you right now? You're thoughts seem to be elsewhere," Ky nudges me, playfully. I snap out of my reverie.

"Nothing. Just enjoying the sun," I beam at her. She wriggles her eyebrows.

"Thinking about Sean, huh'?" she starts making smooching faces at me. I glare at her.

"Shush! Mum doesn't even know about that. And plus, me and Sean have called it quits," I reduce my voice down to a whisper. She gasps.

"I'm so sorry. I do hope you're okay," she gives my shoulder a light squeeze. I shrug, nonchalantly.

"Eh, it was bound to happen anyway."

"So what happened?" Ky's fishing for information, being the little nosy thing that she is. Thankfully, my phone chooses to buzz, giving me the heads up that that's my calling. I yank it out a little faster than normal.  Ky looks over my shoulder as I stay hunched over my phone.

"Go away," I say before excusing myself from the group. I have to wait until I'm standing outside the tent before I can open up the message; away from prying eyes Of course, it's Matt:

*I'm at the park. Come*

I'm almost giddy with excitement at the very prospect of me and Matt's plan succeeding. I practically run around the tent and over to Matt. He's a pretty decent-looking guy: unruly beach blonde hair, cool blue eyes and a physique that guys would kill for. He's sitting on the bench, holding a white envelope in his hands. His eyes light up when they see me. I slow down to a walk as I get nearer. He stands up, beaming. I pull him in for a hug.

"I'm so glad that you could make it. I know it was at such short notice," I say, suddenly breathless.

"It's fine. I've been waiting for this day since forever," he replies, a hint of excitement in his cheerful tone. I laugh.

"So, you got them?" I point to the envelope. He nods, his eyes alight with humor.

"I got them," he waves the envelope about. I suppress a smile.

"That's great."

"You wanna check them out? I know how much you like tattoo's so she may want your critique on one," he chuckles, whole-heartedly. Ha, so he still remembers. It was a little while ago that I told him that during a small gathering at his. Morgan was livid but Matt just brushed her off. We're good friends and so he didn't want her to get in the way of that. Since then, I've been very fond of him. I shake my head in disgust.

"You really think that I'd wanna see Morgan naked and in all her glory? Nah ah, I'm sick of her as it is and I don't need to see her at her worst," I snicker. He chimes in.

"Shall we head off?" Matt looks down at me and I can almost feel the excitement radiating from him. I can't help but get swept up in it.



We arrive at our destination. You see, Matt's been wanting to get back at Morgan after finding out that she'd slept with several other guys whilst she was still with him. He knew how much I loathed her and knew that I've been wanting the same thing, and that was revenge. Everyone knew that she'd been sending nude pics of herself to Matt, along with handful of others. So Matt and I used that to our rightful advantage.

He sits aside me in the driver's seat. He owns an impressive silver BMW. I fix my gaze straight ahead and so does Matt, looking at the one and only Morgan's house. It's as average as you're gonna get and looks just like all the houses that line the street. A typical brick house. My house dwarfs her.

"Are you sure that they won't be home?" I quip. Matt nods.

"There isn't a car in the driveway by the looks of it. And there's no movement in the house. But anyway, I asked her what she was up to and she said that she was staying at a relative's down the line. Her parents are at work so we shouldn't worry too much," he drums his deft fingers on the steering wheel.

"Shouldn't we go and park the car a little further away? Just in case one of them coincidentally comes back home for whatever reason?" I glance at him, warily.

"I don't think they'd come home but if it makes the situation a little more comfortable then okay," he nods his head in agreement. In all honesty, I'd been a little nervous on the car ride over here and so far, it hasn't quite cleared up. Matt pulls out and drives further down the street, out of view.

"So, you know where the spare key is and everything? I ask, feeling a little rebellious. He grins.

"Under the gnome. We have to go round the back to get in. You ready?" I just nod, meekly, ready to fake enthusiasm. Although, I'm incredibly excited as well.

"You bet."


Matt snatches the key form beneath the gnome and walks up to the door. Their backyard is rather plain but it does feature a pool. Still, it's lame. He twists the key inside the lock and I hear it click. Matt turns around and grins smugly at me, his eyes scorching with mischief. My heart is in my mouth as we walk on through. I don't have time to observe much as Matt leads me into the kitchen. The fridge is huge and has plenty of magnets on the front. There's the usual reminders for things to be done and so forth. There's a couple of photos of Morgan at several landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.

But we don't linger for long as Matt rips open the envelope and pulls out the photos. I almost gag as I accidentally catch sight of one. I'll spare you the details. Matt laughs out loud at my reaction before making quick succession in putting them up. I close my eyes and wait, my arms held across my eyes. After a few seconds, he tugs gently on my arms and I drop them, reluctantly. His eyes are dancing with humor.

"They up?" I mumble. He nods.

"Yep, I bet the parents are gonna be so proud of their angelic daughter when they see her in her birthday suit. How proud they're gonna be," and I don't know why, but whatever reason, I start to burst out laughing. Laughing from the utter joy of knowing that our plan worked. Laughing because I had finally gotten back at her. He looks at me, puzzled.

"I can't for when I see her again. You have to let me know what happens," I beam at him, stifling my giggles. And then we hear a key turn inside the front door lock. Adrenaline spikes and my heartbeat begins to quicken. My eyes dart to Matt who's frozen to the spot. His eyes are panicked, mirroring my exact expression.

"Run back to the exit," he whispers, hurriedly. The both of us bolt down the foyer and out the back door. Matt swings it close behind me, softly, and quickly locks it before placing the key in it's rightful spot. We jump the fence and run down the alleyway in a hasty retreat. We see the car parked up ahead. Thank god he chose to park beside it.

My feet pound against the gravel, Matt in front. It's not until we're in the car that our heavy breathing begins to return back to normal. We glance at each other, unable to say a word but thoroughly pleased with ourselves and each other. However, we're not in the safe zone just yet. Matt doesn't hesitate to start up the engine and drive off. A sleek Mercedes sits in the driveway, the front door slightly adjust. I look back at the house, sagging in relief. 

"Just as well you said to park further away. Her dad knows my car," Sean starts to relax. I hadn't noticed that he was so tense before.

"That was a close call," I breathe, adrenaline still pumping through my veins. Matt winks at me. We stop at some traffic lights.

"High five!" he holds up his hand and I smack my palm up against it.

"Mission Accomplished."


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