Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


3. Chapter 3.

I sit on the sofa and help myself to some of mum's special club sandwiches. My hair is thoroughly towel-dried from a much needed shower and I smell great. I switch the t.v on absent-mindedly. Some boring sit-com fills the screen. I am in no mood to hang out with anyone even though they're bombarding my phone with emails and text messages. They can wait.

It's not long before my thoughts flicker back to Zayn. So many questions and so little answers. I am so stunned by all that had just happened this morning that I was starting to have serious doubts. And then, a thought pops into my head. I run back into my room and grab my laptop before returning the lounge. I turn it on and wait. Maybe I could find him on Facebook or something. 

I type in his first name on Facebook when I realize that I don't even know his last name. How am I suppose to find him now? I carry on anyway and scroll down, but none of the profile pics come even close to him and all his perfectness. I'm confused yet again. Who doesn't have a Facebook? Well, him obviously. I shut it down before sinking back into my seat. Well, that was fun. Now, what to do?


I walk into mum's salon where it's packed with needy customers. They've probably come for the half-price Brazilian wax special that mum puts out every month. She's a popular person among the people; particularly the ladies. I walk up to the counter. Amanda's on as receptionist. She looks up, beaming at me.

"You looking for mum?"

"Yes please."

"She's in the massage room," she flashes me a toothy-grin. 

"Thanks Amanda."

"Anytime," I walk over to the room and go in. Soothing music greets me, gently. I pull the curtain open and see mum there. She's smiling. This is one of the things that she does best. I hear 'oohs' and 'aahs' come from both booths. Mum looks up, grinning at me.

"Hey mum, you need a hand? There's a steady line waiting out there," I whisper, not wanting to interrupt anyone's 'me time'.

"Oh hey hon', that would be great, thank you," her hands knead into the lucky customers back. If I'm really lucky, mum will treat me to a soothing massage. Sadly, I am not good with my hands and I don't really fancy the idea of massaging some random.

"What would you like me to do?" I walk around and eye up the assortment of bottles. Mum gazes at me.

"Could you please go and help Beatrice clean up all the hair next door? We've got a lot of people wanting the same haircut. Apparently, the pixie haircut is the trend," she rolls her eyes, probably recalling her recent memory of when I requested one. But I asked for one before it even came out as a 'trend', although, it's still new. I've always gotten what I wanted but mum put her foot down. She didn't want me to get rid of my 'long, luscious brown' locks. She doesn't understand how tiring it is to carry it all around. I laugh.

"Okay, catch ya' later," I wave goodbye and go over to next door. Did I also mention that mum owns a hairdressing salon as well? You can basically treat all your needs in the one place. Beatrice is sweeping a mixture of hair into a pile, before picking it all up with a shovel and bagging it for when it needs to be binned. Her look is one of relief when she sees me. There should be two people. One must be sick. She's slightly flustered, most probably from having to bend down all the time.

"Hey, thought you may need a hand," I pull her in for a hug. She's a lovely person.

"Oh yes, that would be great! It's good to see you again. Your mum told me that you'd locked yourself away although, we have no clue as to why. I'm guessing you were busy," she raises her eyebrows. I shake my head in dismay.

"My life may as well be documented."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe is with me." I go over and grab myself a broom before returning to help clean up the mess. The clients watch me in the mirror, probably shocked that I'm mum's daughter. I'm thinking that it's a good shocked. Beatrice works around me, sweeping it all up as she goes. Hmm, maybe I'll go shopping afterwards.

I take a sip of my water when I feel my phone beep. I pull it out and check to see that it's not a number I recognize. I open it up anyway and what I read next, halts me in my tracks:

*You're ex sure knows how to show a girl a good time! I must say, P does some funny shit to him*

I'm absolutely confused and if not, shocked! He does P? But..when? Why didn't he tell me? Is that why he was suddenly more aggressive? My inner goddess sits there, quietly, unable to process this new info. Methamphetamine? Really? I wouldn't have minded as much if it were Marijuana. Half the school does it anyway.

I try to call the number but it tells me that the number is not valid anymore. And suddenly, I know just who the culprit is. It has to, not again. But how did she get my number? Sean. I seethe, left to deal with my scattered thoughts. MORGAN!!


The sun slowly retreats behind the hills, casting a string of bright oranges and cool purples into the sky. It's beautiful serene and a little sultry. I go into mum's office where she's in the middle of a conversation over the phone. She holds up her hand, telling me to wait at the door.

" the orders are ready to go?...ah, thank you, that's all...alright, we'll see ya later..bye," she hangs up. I walk in and place myself into the padded chair, swinging myself around.

"And what is it that you want? Did you help Beatrice? Stop swinging on the chair," mum scolds, lightly. I turn around to face her, looking up at one of the paintings that hang above her head. My painting. It sits proudly on her little 'feature wall' that's littered with photo's..mostly of me. I rub my chin in thought.

"You know, you should really give this office a thorough clean, and maybe you'll be able to find stuff. I read somewhere that it's bad luck to have clutter and in such a confined space."

"Did you really come here to lecture me?" she sighs in frustration. 

"No, I didn't. Just came here to tell you that I'm gonna go next door and get me a bite to eat. I'm rather famished," mum rolls her eyes before reaching into her pocket. She pulls out her wallet and it pops open. It's so thick that it's actually difficult to close because there's so much $100 notes squeezed in there. She rummages around, trying to look for some coins but comes up empty. In the end, she pulls out one of the notes and passes it to me.

"I want the change back, alright?" she gives me a stern look. I nod.

"Okay, get outta here," her tone is more playful. I get up, lean over the desk and give her a kiss on the cheek.

"See you soon, love you," and with that, I leave.

I walk across the road and run upstairs to the Bistro. It's a lovely place and has great food. Dad had taken me there and that was my first time. Now, I always go when I'm at mum's salon. I visit so often that I get a customer discount for being 'loyal'. It's a pretty good discount and I'm positive that no one else gets the same treatment. Strolling in, I spot Rico up ahead. He sees me and waves. I mirror his actions. His cheeks are flushed and he's on the verge of breaking out into a sweat. His puerto-rican accent always seems to be a hit with the ladies. I walk up to the counter.

"Hey pretty lady, where have you been?" he asks, grinning from ear-to-ear. I seem to be having that affect on him all the time. Although, he has told me that. I can't say that I'd locked myself away because of some idiot as I balled my eyes out. I shake my head.

"Oh, you know, just been out and about: shopping, friends, all that stuff."

"Oh, that's great. What would you like?" his eyes crinkle at the corners. I'm only two years his junior so he's still young himself. I like him (but not in the way you think); tanned, rocking body (yes, he's showed me, don't ask), a killer smile and he's got such a calm aura about him. It's like, every-time you're around him, you feel like you could do anything. However, he's just not my taste. My friends all envy me.

"I am feeling some Nachos with a large Oreo shake and a blueberry muffin," I smack my lips together. Rico shakes his head in disbelief.

"You always amaze me Taylor. You always do," I hand over the note and he pops open the register. He's grown accustomed to the large amounts of money that I manage to produce from the insides of my pockets. He grabs my change and hands it over, placing it all into my outstretched hand. I pocket it, smoothly.

"You're order should be out in 10."

"Thank you," I'm just about to leave when I feel him grab my arm. It's gentle but enough to hold me back.

"Hey, aaah..I-I was just wondering if you um, wanted know, go out sometime?" he looks nervous and I know that he's been wanting to say it for awhile but was too shy. I cock my head to the side and look at him, genuinely.

"I would love to but I am so busy with all the studying and all,"-but that's a lie, I'm up to date and so I don't even have to worry-"so maybe next time?" he looks deflated. But just to put a smile on his face, and because I actually consider it, I grab the pen from his front shirt pocket and scribble down my number onto a napkin. I sign my name and push both the pen and napkin towards him. His eyes light up like Christmas when he sees what I've done. 

"Here, give me a text sometime and I'll see what I'm up to. Until then," I wink at him and he gapes at me. I head outside onto the veranda and find myself a seat. Wow, two people with the same reaction in one day, this couldn't get any better.

"Here you go, ma'am," some English guy places a tray down in front of me. I could smell the Nacho's before I could see them. All of it looks appetizing and with a smile, I tuck in. It tastes just the way I like it and the chips are very crunchy. I take a sip of my Oreo shake and I practically melt. I'll never get sick of it.  

I'm enjoying a peaceful moment, watching the cars ride by. The town is alive and kicking with all sorts of people heading off in different directions. Up ahead, a popular club is raging, even though it's only 6:30 in the evening.

Looking down, I watch as a young couple walks past, hand in hand. I envy them and not because the girl has got a partner and I don't, but because they're laughing and joking around. The two of them look happy and I see that both of them have two matching tattoo's on the side of their arms. Looking closely, one says 'Forever' and the other says 'In Love'. It reminds me of..Zayn. Oh, what I'd give to see him again.

I'm just finishing off my blueberry muffin when I feel my phone vibrate from the inside of my pocket. I pull it out, wiping the crumbs from my mouth. I check to see that it's Sean. His picture smiles at me, and for a second, I smile. He looks so carefree and happy. Back then, he wouldn't dare touch me, well, not in a way that would hurt me. Not intentionally anyway. Back then, he actually cared, unlike now.

I roll my eyes before rejecting the call. I don't even have the energy to deal with him right now. Right now, he disgusts me. Will he ever get the message? My phone beeps shortly afterwards; it's from Sean:

*Pick up, I wanna talk properly, please*

I shake my head in disgust. My phone goes off but this time, I pick up. I hear him breathe out a sigh of relief.

"Taylor," he tries to caress my name but it sounds..gross. It does not work well with him and neither do I.

"Sean," I reply, stiffly. It's quiet for a few seconds. I can tell that he's giving his next reply some thought. I wait patiently.

"Look, I miss you baby and I am so sorry for what happened this morning. I don't know what came over me. I-what I did was inexcusable and even though you're probably mad at me right now-"

"I'm not mad at you."

"You're not?" he's surprised. The shock is evident in his voice.

"Of course I'm not, Sean. Actually, mad doesn't even cover it. I'm disgusted and mortified by you. The fact that you were doing P behind my back angers me," I hear him gasp. He's probably wondering who snitched on him. Ha, bet his mind is going into an overdrive. Good job.

"And who told you that? Morgan?" his tone is clipped. I knew it! I just knew!

"Morgan? So, she knew about this?" I play along. I have plans to get back at her but first, I got this mutt to sort out. Morgan can wait.

He snorts. Oh, the cheek of this man! "Taylor, if you had half the brains that you're suppose to have then you may have figured that she's doing it also," he sneers with sudden aggression. This surprises me. I should have figured. I realize that he's probably snorting the Class-A drug right now. What a loser.

"Sean, you know, if there's one thing that you've taught me, it's to never stoop down to your level ever again. They say that looks can be deceiving and they couldn't have been more right," I almost shout. Luckily, no one is around to watch me go off my nut. I hear him grizzle.

"I think you have that the other way around, dork," he snorts, probably pleased with his pathetic put-down. I smirk and now I'm laughing at him.

"Ha, you know, you're one funny person and if I can recall, it was you who was all over me. I am so glad that Zayn knocked you on your arse because trust me, he'll be more than happy to do it again and maybe next time, you won't be so lucky. Oh, and don't let me keep you from your favorite hobby and that's sniffing crack, you crack-sniffer!" I spit before hanging up. And before I know it, I'm cracking up laughing. Crack-sniffer? Really? Wow, what a comeback. My inner goddess is now rolling on her luxurious velvet-red rug, clutching at her stomach in hysterics. 

I check my watch and see that it's time to head back. Night dawns and I look up to see the stars twinkling. My phone beeps but I choose to ignore the culprit. I don't even have to check my phone to see who it is. And then, a shooting star shoots across the sky, so quickly. I grin as I make a wish. A wish that I hope comes true.


I pick up the big black-sack so that it's sitting by my side.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help?" Beatrice asks. I'm tempted to raise my eyebrows at her. She's so tiny.

"No, I got it," I reassure her. She acknowledges me.

"Alright, I'll just finish off here and be on my way home. I guess I'll see you later, yeah?"

"Yeah, see you later," I bid farewell before heading outside with the black-sack in tow. A cool breeze welcomes me with open arms. It's certainly what I need after having to drag around heavy equipment all night. The massive bag bangs against the side of my body, annoyingly. It doesn't smell too bad.

There's two large containers for rubbish. It's filled to the brim with garbage; some of which could be savable if anyone is willing to take that risk. I see that mum has gotten rid of some good stuff that shouldn't have been thrown out. Now, that's something to grill mum on.

I lodge the bag over and it lands with a satisfying thump. I rub my hands together. I'm just about to leave when I hear rummaging. Hmm..must be rats, I think quietly to myself. Being the curious person that I am who is a little bored, I go over to inspect where the noise is coming from, thinking nothing of it.

I go to walk around the corner casually when I see something or someone halt me in my tracks. There's a hunched over figure, rummaging through abandoned litter. Her hands move at a surprising speed, working fast with whatever it is that she's doing. 

I step back and hide in the shadows as the lone dim light flickers above her. I try to hold in my breath, careful not to disturb her. She picks up something and takes a moment to gaze at it. I watch, mesmerized. And I don't even notice until it's too late.

"Hey, wotcha' doing around here?" my head whips around in fright. Beatrice. She's holding out my phone. I snatch it off her a bit harsher than I intended. She gives me a questioning look but my attention has turned back to the lady. Beatrice says something but I've tuned her out. The lady looks in our direction, her eyes ablaze, angry that she's been caught snooping. I catch her face and nearly fall over. She looks so...familiar. There's that word again! my subconsciousness shakes her head. The way her cheekbones are so naturally defined and her eyes..oh, her eyes.

She glares at me and I cower under her penetrating gaze. But it doesn't linger for long as I watch her run off into the night. She's so fast that I seriously start to question if I'd actually seen her. Beatrice snakes around me, her head popping out beside mine.

"Wotcha' looking at?" she asks, frowning. I blink a few times, trying to find my equilibrium. It seems to have run off with the lady.

"Hello? You alright?" Beatrice looks at me, questioningly. I shake my head.

"Nothing, it was nothing," I mutter, deflated that she ruined the situation. She looks unconvinced but decides not to question me on it.

"Well, Imma' get going, yeah? You want us to wait?"

"Nah, I'll just chill here for a bit," I look back down the alleyway. People walk past, oblivious to what just happened. Did they see her run past? Where'd she run off too? I wanna run after her but I know that she'll sidestep me and it would be a little weird. 

Beatrice looks at me like I'm a weirdo but turns to leave anyway. "Alright, your mum's still inside, she will be knocking off soon. I'll tell her that you're out here," she spins around and heads back in. I lean up against the brick wall. She looked like someone I know, but I'm finding it hard to figure it out. It seems as if minutes pass by as I try to picture her face, so beautifully structured. It's impossible to look that beautiful... And that's when it hits me. 

"I know people who would kill for something even close to that," Zayn's words come back to haunt me. It's gotta be. Was that...Zayn's mum?



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