Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


11. Chapter 11.

My eyes flutter open as I struggle to get up. I wipe away some dribble from the side of my mouth as I try to regain consciousness. We're still in the car and the road ahead is pitch black. Fortunately, Zayn has his headlights on so that it's a little easier to see. I turn my head to see Zayn looking at me, adoringly. I blush, shyly. He strokes my cheek.

"You are one beautiful person when you sleep," he murmurs, making me all warm and gooey inside. I hug my jacket closer to me as my legs start to shiver with goosebumps. Zayn frowns and reaches over to fiddle about with the air conditioner. Soon enough, it splutters to life as warm air begins to envelope us. I'm grateful for this.

"How long have we been driving?" I ask, still half-asleep as I wipe away the gunk from the corner of my eyes.

"About half an hour. You haven't slept long. We're nearly here anyway. Stay up just a little longer," he smiles, his tone gentle. I'm exhausted and dying for a sleep but I know that if I do then Zayn will have no choice but to carry me inside because I doubt that I'll wake up again. Although, I would enjoy it, I'd rather be conscious if that ever happened.

The music has since been turned down so that it's nothing but a hum. I'm immensely warm which is comforting. We turn down the road and straight into a narrow driveway. 

There's only a handful of houses scattered around what I think is his place. But there a little distance away. A whole cluster of trees block the view of the house but we drive around and forward to the front of the shed. The house is beside it.

It's a cosy little shack that's fit for students or some mates who wanna flat together. The front is a little shabby on the sides but apart from that, it's livable. I wonder why he chose to live all the way out here.. It looks like no one is home and so I'm wondering if he lives with anyone or if he lives alone.

I yawn, stretching out my legs as I push open my door and hop out onto the gravel. The cold bites at my legs as I shiver from  the cold. Zayn gets out also, locking the car and walking over to me. He wraps his arm around my shoulders and hugs me tightly against him. I smile my half-smile up at him to which he returns.

We walk together to the front door as he produces what looks like the house key and shoves it into the lock before pushing the door open. It's pitch black; the moonlight providing a handful of light that stretches out and runs up the wall.

Zayn closes the door behind him and leads the way with me still held tightly against him. He reaches up and flicks the light on. I squint as I try to take in my surroundings. The lounge is to my left and a little up ahead and around the corner is the kitchen. It's on the right of me.

It seems pretty basic. I take a little look in the lounge but there's nothing too exciting in there. However, there are a few pictures that hang upon the wall in which they look like some of Zayn's family members. But what catches my eye is a photo that sits alone atop a little coffee table. It's a photo of Zayn's mum.

She looks radiant and so young. Her face is youthful and happy unlike the lifeless lady that I'd seen earlier. It seems that this photo was of her in her early 20's. Her beautiful brown hair billows in the wind as she sits atop a sand hill with the beach as the background. Her knees are brought up towards her chest and she leans back, resting on her palms. 

She smiles a toothy grin at the camera with not a care in the world. Her eyes crinkle at the corners. And although I didn't have enough time to observe as Zayn was persistent on tugging me away, I was able to recall that much. Her photo replayed in my head over and over again as I looked up at Zayn expectantly only to see him frowning. I reach up and tap the bridge of his nose, playfully.

"I'm tired. Take me to bed," I giggle, wanting to take away that disappointed look that he always wore. His expression softens as he leans down to kiss me. I may be fatigue but I always have enough energy to respond to things like that. It always lit me up from the inside. I was all warm and gooey when he pulled away. He runs his hand down the side of my face.

"You know, I'm happy with our little arrangement. That way, none of us get hurt," he says, happily. I, on the other hand am now confused and a little bewildered. Wait..what? Arrangement? So I'm not his girlfriend? What is he trying to say? I gape at him.

"What do you mean? Arrangement?" I ask in a daze. He frowns at me, having the cheek to look confused.

"Come, let's just go to bed. You're tired and I'm tired. Let's just sleep," he's irritated now and his earlier affection has now disappeared. Woah, talk about instant change of mood. My head is befuddled and I'm now wide awake. He tugs on my hand and practically drags me down the hallway.

"Wait, no," I pull on my hand as an indication for him to stop. He turns around and looks at me, impatiently. I flinch.

"I thought we know," I'm now a little scared for fear of what he'll say. He shakes his head.

"You know what?"

"I thought that we were together..officially," I trail off, embarrassed. What is it about this boy that can make me a fool? And why am I embarrassed? He shakes his head in frustration. 

"And how did I ever give you that impression?" he asks. I'm shocked. But I thought in the car..

"You said so in the car. I asked you and you said so it seems. Were you lying?" I'm wounded. Deeply wounded. Here I was, all joyous and happy by what I was led to believe when in reality, he didn't actually meant it and therefore led me on.

"Look, Taylor.. I never had any intention of giving you the wrong idea. I said that and..that was stupid of me. I didn't think you'd take me, literally. I can't take on a relationship. I just can't," his voice is strained and tight. I'm thrown by the turn of events. Maybe it was my fault. Was I so stupid to think that we had a chance? Was it really my fault? Was I the idiot that misheard the information? I'm so confused. This argument is too late in the night and I'm tired.

"I'm tired and I need to go to bed. Could you please show me where I'm sleeping?" I mumble, upset that I'd gotten it all so wrong and tired from all that's happened tonight. He frowns and reaches over to tilt my chin up. I snatch it away. He sighs a sad sigh and for a moment I feel terribly guilty for putting him through this. Maybe he has a reason..

"You can come sleep in my room. Or there's a spare room if you want," but he doesn't sound like he wants me to take that option. I force myself to look up and address him, feeling that this would be the more mature thing to do and not sulk like some sullen teenager. He's weary and now do I realize that there are bags beneath his eyes. He looks sad and I can't help but smile a little as some reassurance that we're okay.

"Your room. I'm sure it'll be warmer."

"Good choice," he murmurs and suddenly I'm not so sure that we're going to bed to sleep. Everything south tightens and I'm filled with delicious delight of what he has in store for me. I follow him into his room, willingly, shoving the disappointment to the back of my mind. 

He opens the door and leads me inside. Flicking the light on, I see that his room isn't anything too fascinating.

There's a queen-sized bed in the middle and two drawers on either side. To the right is his wardrobe and to the left are all his shoes, lined up neatly against each other. He has another drawer which he holds his colognes and some other little things. 

I walk over to the bed and fall down onto it. It's so soft and just what I needed. My eyes are closed and my breathing is peaceful. But I don't think that it'd stay that way for long. I hear Zayn walk over to his wardrobe before opening it and chucking some things in. I lift my head to see what he's doing.

He's standing in his briefs and his white singlet. His hair is unruly and he stares down at me with clear intentions. I watch him like a hawk as he strides across the room and over to me where he bends down to attend to my shoes. One by one, he slides them off before placing them softly onto the ground.

I'm propped up onto my elbows, studying his every move. He gets back up before running his hands up the inner parts of my thighs. My natural instinct would be close to them shut but I want this. It would help fill this terrible void that it's in my chest.

"Take your clothes off for me," his voice is low and husky. I swallow as I push myself up and off the bed. I stand there rather awkwardly as I shrug out of my jacket.

"No, stop," he pulls my jacket back on as I drop my hands which hang limp on either side of me.

"I want you to take them off slowly," I bite my lip as I happily oblige. I slowly take off my jacket and let it fall to the floor. I grab the hem of my top and slowly pull it over my head so that I hold it in my hand. He's watching me like a hawk as I hold out my top in front of me and drop it to the ground.

Although tired, doing stuff like this with Zayn that any sane woman would dream of, I wasn't gonna bypass this opportunity at any moment. I was more than happy to lose a few hours sleep if that meant doing this with Zayn.

I'm standing in my bra and shorts. I'm just about to take off my shorts when Zayn grabs my hands and yanks me towards him. His look is sensual and arousing all at once. My breasts press up against his chest and I can feel him breathing softly onto my bottom lip. His look never fails to completely disarm me. Something I like.

"That's enough. Let me have the honor of taking off your shorts," he whispers, holding my hands against my sides as his hands grasp the rim of my shorts. His fingers tickle my skin. I nod, weak from his words but excited for what he has in mind. He winks at me which always catches me off-guard before dropping to his knees, taking my shorts down with him.

He motions for me to step out of them in which I do, shakily. He's on his knees when he grabs both sides of my undies and tugs them down, slowly. I'm now embarrassed, feeling extremely exposed. No one has ever undressed me before. This was very intimate.

He stands back up so that we're face-to-face. Here I am, naked and wanting whilst he looks as cool as a cucumber. It's unfair.

He runs his fingers down my cheek and across my lips. I poke my tongue out to taste him. He tastes good. He chuckles.

"You are one catch, Taylor. You drive me wild," he muses as his eyes glint in the moonlight. My heartbeat picks up tempo. That's the wrong way around. You drive me wild. He drops to the ground and buries his nose right into the apex of my thighs. I flush beetroot red as I clamp my thighs shut and step away to cover myself. He frowns when he looks up at me.

"Come back," he begs, reaching out for me, his look sincere. I cringe, inwardly as I shake my head.

"It's too.." what's that word that I'm looking for? He grins.

"Intimate?" I flush even more, wanting to melt into the ground. This is far too much. What if he..?

"Yes," I answer honestly. He shakes his head before leaning towards me and grasps my hips as he pulls me towards him. My hands still cover myself as my hair falls down in a veil to the side of me. This is so embarrassing. He tugs on my hands but I shake my head, looking down at him with silent plea. I hear him sigh.

"Hey, look at me. Let me do this. Don't be ashamed of your body. I adore your body. It's so delectable," he stands up and grabs my face. He's biting his lip.

"You are beautiful, Taylor. I don't think that I've ever wanted something so bad. Let me do this, please," he begs and with hesitant reluctance, I nod meekly.

"But could you not bury your nose there? It's weird," I twist my fingers as I cross my legs over each other. He sighs.

"I want to. If you're worried that I won't like it or anything then let me reassure you that I've had worse," he enjoys his little joke. I gasp.


"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. What I'm trying to say is that I don't mind doing this. I'm not a fussy person," he leans in close, peering up at me from beneath his lashes. I can't help but smile. I can see that he's trying to make an effort for me to understand. I need to relax and stop expecting so much. It's both tiring and annoying at the same time.

I nod slowly, trying to gauge his reaction. He smiles wickedly at me as he stands up all of a sudden before pushing me down onto the bed. My arms break the fall as I gasp.

"The things I'd like to do to you," he muses and I watch as he pulls my legs apart before sliding his hands up my inner thighs. I tip my head back down onto the bed with the full knowledge of what it is that he's about to do. His hands travel all the way up until they're right at my 'lady-bits'. He gives my thighs a light squeeze, kneading them with his hands.

I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel his hair tickle my belly button. And then, his mouth is on me. Right there. I bite my lip, unknowing to this experience. Sean always wanted to do it but yet again I didn't let him. Sean was the only one that I was sexually active with. That is, until Zayn came along.

He kisses me and then, he unleashes his tongue. It feels so good and alien all at once. I have to fight the urge not to clamp my thighs shut as I lay on the bed totally at his mercy.

Zayn's hands are holding down my legs to prevent me from moving. Just as well he's doing so. His tongue works away, getting right in there. I try not to think too hard into it. He hits several different spots that I never knew existed. I can feel myself build as my hands find their way into his hair. He doesn't give up. His tongue is relentless. A small moan escapes my parted lips and my breathing is heavy.

"Zayn," my voice is whiny and high-pitched. He carries on despite my desperate pleas. I'm nearly there when he flicks his tongue that sends me into a spiraling orgasm. My back arches off the bed as I moan out loud, my senses in disarray.

I don't have time to collect myself when I feel Zayn jump on top of me. My eyes flutter open to see him staring down at me, expectantly. His mouth glistens in the moonlight with the clear evidence of my arousement. He grins wickedly at me.

"My turn," and his lips find mine.


I cry out just as Zayn gives me one last thrust before he too let's go. His head droops down so that it's beside my ear as he whispers my name. I'm still sensitive from when his mouth was on me so this was so much more intense. I've never been so worn out in my life.

My eyelids close as I lay peacefully with Zayn still on top of me. I wince as he pulls out before rolling to the side. I have no clue as to where he got rid of the condom but I ain't phased. I don't bother to open up my eyes as I'm just too exhausted. However, I'm happy.

"That was good," I hear Zayn murmur. I feel his fingers trace the outline of my parted lips.

"Mhmm," I have no words to give. I'm rendered speechless. I hear him chuckle softly in my ear.

"Is that all you got to say?" his voice gives me the goosebumps and I can tell that he's hovering over me. I smile, my eyelids still firmly shut.


"I'll let you sleep," he kisses me on the lips before dropping back down to the side of me. Here I am, full naked and thoroughly sated from our love-making. I don't even have the energy to pull the duvet over me. Slowly but surely I'm engulfed in the darkness as I drift peacefully into a dream.



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