Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


10. Chapter 10.

We stay like this for a bit, Zayn laying on top of me and his head nestled in my sternum. He's still inside me and so I wince a little as he pulls his member out of me. I'm totally drained but riding on a high, enjoying every bit of our post-coital bliss. His breathing is peaceful like mine, sated by our love-making. I'm happily satisfied with what I've achieved tonight. He lifts his head up and sleepy eyes look up at me. I stroke his hair, looking at him adoringly.

"That was good," I murmur.

"And so it was," he sounds a little unsure and if not, surprised. He makes no move at covering it up. My brow furrows.

"What's wrong? Weren't you expecting it?" I give him a confused look. He shakes his head.

"No, don't worry about it. You look hot right now with your just fucked hair," he grins and just like that, I drop it. I mirror his expression, giving his hair a ruffle.

"I could say the same," his hair sticks out in all sorts of places but it suits him. In fact, it makes him look even more delicious.

"Come. Let's get up and get dressed. We wouldn't want anyone walking in on us," he smirks at my horrid expression.

"Yes. Crap," I get up just as he hops off me. I quickly scramble back down to ground level and swoop down to grab my clothes. I shrug into my top. I look around for my undies but I can't find them. I start to panic when I look up and see Zayn swinging them about on his finger, fully dressed. Wow, that was fast. I'm still naked from the waist below. I run up to him and snatch them away. He grins wickedly at me.

"I like your choice of lingerie," he nods in approval, enjoying my hast. 

"Thanks," I grizzle, rushing to throw on my clothes. I've just got my shorts on when I hear laughing outside. I freeze, looking up at Zayn who seems thoroughly amused and not deterred in the slightest. He ambles over to me, coolly, grasping my upper arms and giving them a light squeeze.

"That was fun. Come," he lends me his hand and I take it, willingly. I suddenly feel shy as my cheeks start to warm. Zayn runs his thumbs across my knuckles, rhythmically. We get outside and see some random teenage couple groping each other. They're practically eating each others face off. I look up at Zayn, bemused.

"I'm sure that they'll put that blanket to good use," he just shakes his head, humored. I smile, feeling on top of the world and capable of anything. We trudge through the grass, hand in hand. The house is a fair distance away but it's still raging. The lights are on and the music is loud, even from a distance. Just as well he lives out in the country..

"Wanna piggyback?" Zayn suddenly asks out of the blue. He looks so excited like a fat kid in a bakery. I'm surprised by how delighted he is by the idea and I can't help but nod in agreement, my face splitting into two. He turns around and crouches down so that it's easier for me to scramble on.

"Come on," he encourages, his hands to offer as support. I decide for the run up.

"Hope you can hold me, I muse before running and jumping onto his back. He laughs at my choice of going, placing his hands beneath my butt and giving it a squeeze. I tense up, my arms wrapped around his neck as I giggle. My hair cascades down my back and a little falls onto Zayn's forehead, tickling him as he tries to blow it away. I finally take pity on him as I tuck it behind my ear. He looks up at me, his long lashes bringing out his eyes.

"Let's go!" he hollers in a playful tone and I can't help but get swept up in it as I hold on tight. He runs through the fields with me holding on, tightly. It's a bumpy ride and I can't help but laugh, feeling carefree and joyous. We run all the way back to the house, laughing all the way through.

We get back to the backyard and he places me back down onto the ground, softly. I pull my hair over to the side and look up at Zayn. He's smiling down at me.

"Where to next?"

"Well, I don't want to stay around here any longer so shall we head off?" he suggests. I nod, eagerly, looking forward to where we'll go. Obviously, I can't go back home cause then that would be just suspicious.

He grasps my hand and leads me down the side of the house. It's a little chilly but thankfully, I had my jacket with me to provide some warmth. I look down at my feet, a blush slowly creeping across my cheeks. He has the tendency to bring me to that.

I see Zayn's mate up ahead who's name is Greg, hooking up with some A-class slut. He turns his head when he sees us approach. He whispers something to the girl to which she nods. She gives me a snotty, half-ass look before strutting off. I ignore her. He wanders over, bearing a smile. I'm relieved for some reason. 

"Zayn buddy, some impressive shit you pulled back there," his voice is deep and scruffy. He strokes his chin where a light stubble collects. He looks at least 5 years Zayn's senior and he's a year older than me. Zayn nods.

"Yeah, well that cunt had it coming to him," he says in a serious tone. Greg shakes his head in amusement. Hmmm, he must know Zayn well..

"You gotta keep a hold on your anger, mate. You can't go around beating up every person who so much as bats an eyelid at your girlfriend. And plus, I'm sure she can take care of herself," he winks. Zayn still. Is it because of what Greg said about me being his girlfriend? Or is it because of him winking at me? I look up at Zayn, nervously. His face splits in two.

"Yep, I'll give her that," he gazes down at me, adoringly. I mirror his expression.

"You scared I'll beat you up, huh?" Zayn looks up at Greg, breaking our precious eye-contact. He playfully punches him. He rubs at his arm in mock hurt.

"I'm sure that you're more than capable of doing that," he replies, sadly. I'm confused. How well do they know each other? And what is it about Zayn and his anger problems? I'm gonna have to have a chat with this guy.

"Well, we're gonna head off. I'll see you tomorrow," he grins, some private joke shared between the two of them. I just stand there, awkwardly. Greg smiles at me.

"It's good to know that you've moved on-"

"Shut it Greg," Zayn snaps, his playful tone now gone. I flinch. What's up with him? Greg holds up his hands in resignation.

"Hey, I was just saying-"

"Yeah, well your input is invalid," Zayn says and it's final. He tugs on my hand, indicating that it's our time to leave his company. I follow obediently, no questions asked.

"Zayn, I'm sorry," he sighs, knowing that he'd overstepped the mark. Zayn stops and swivels around to address him.

"I'll see you tomorrow," his tone is softer. Greg nods before waving us off. We head to the car and jump in. I realize that Zayn has been tense the whole time as he relaxes against the steering wheel. I fiddle with my top, wanting the deadly silence to vanish. Zayn reaches over to tilt my chin up so that I'm forced to look at him.

"Hey, I love seeing your face. What happened back there was between me and him so don't worry about it," and he leans over to kiss me. My heart flutters at the contact. I'm breathless when he pulls away, leaving me wanting more.

"So I'm your girlfriend?" my voice is all high-pitched and fast paced. He laughs but I can see the utter sadness in his eyes. It's disarming.

"So it seems," and he starts up the car, leaving me to drown in my own self-glory.


We drive in peace as Chris Brown plays on the sound system. Zayn looks happy and so am I. But I have a ton of questions to ask him and I'm mentally debating on whether or not to ask him. What ones are safe? What ones can I ask? I'm still a little dazed by the weed which is slightly making me a little more braver than I'd usually be.

Zayn hasn't told me where we were going. I need to know.

"Where are we going, Zayn?" I ask, curious. He gives me a side glance, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

"You'll see," he replies, giving me as little information as he can get away with. I sit back, not fully satisfied.

"So, you know that guy? Greg?" I ask with as much innocence as I can muster. Zayn raises an eyebrow.

"I knew his name didn't I?" he's being sarcastic. I cringe, inwardly, mentally kicking myself for asking such a stupid question. I should have rephrased it properly. He sighs, sensing my suffering.

"Yeah, I do. Why?" he seems unsure, most probably wondering why I wanted to know. Is he got something to hide?

"Is he of any relation?"

No. But we're close." he dismisses the subject. I sag back into my seat. My curiosity has hit a new peak. I seriously need a chat with this guy. He realizes my disappointment and extends his hand to caress mine, stroking my palm with feather-like strokes. It's soothing and keeps me calm all at once. Enough with the questions! Just enjoy the moment, my inner goddess tuts. 

I sigh. Maybe I should just lay off. Although, I was hoping to get to know him better I mean, surely it wouldn't hurt for him to speak to me. But do I really want to know who he really is? Is there more to him than meets the eye? Am I willing to go that far? Yes. Yes, I do. 

We drive along the highway and down a narrow road that's a one way exit. It's starting to get cold but I make sure not to make it too obvious. I feel like I'd be disturbing him in some way.

"What did you get up to today?" his question is innocent enough. However, the undercurrent of his tone has me thinking otherwise.

"Aah, well I went over to Erin's and we hung out and stuff. That was pretty much it," I try to tell him as little info as possible. Why did you have to lie? my subconscious questions me. I guess it's just the uneasy feeling of how he'd might react if he found out that I was the reason for his mum flipping out. He nods, unconvincingly.

"Did you happen to drop by the refuge at some point?" he cuts straight to the point, glowering at me. I squirm beneath his penetrating gaze. It's unnerving. I wring my fingers due to a nervous habit, looking out the window to hide my face which is coloring.

"Yeah. I grabbed my raffle and I was off," I mumble, avoiding having to look at him. I'm aware of his growing anxiety. Will he find out that I was snooping? Unfortunately, I'm cooped up in his car so I have no choice but to face the music. But what will he be so angry about? He doesn't say anything and I risk having to look at him.

His knuckles have turned white from gripping the steering wheel so hard. His face remains impassive and his jaw is clenched. What have I done that was so wrong? And why am I getting the feeling that I'm not welcome anymore? Again, it's as if I'm delving into a dark part of his past. Am I willing to go along with him? I've always had that uncanny feeling when it came to analyzing someone. But would he allow me? I'm nervous and clammy with sweat. I just want him to talk. Please..

"Zayn? Are you okay?" my voice gives away of what I'm feeling right now. We turn down a country road and there are fields on either side of us. Zayn remains still but after awhile, he relaxes just a fraction.

We drive into one of the fields, through the open gate and down the long grass. We pull up in the middle of the fields where the grass just reaches the rim of my window. I'd hate to know what kind of animals are hidden in there.. Zayn cuts the engine before turning to face me. His eyes are haunted and hold some unknown secret.

I cringe, inwardly, feeling extremely uncomfortable. I sit there, awkwardly, wringing my fingers. He reaches over and tugs on them, pulling them apart. I look up, reluctantly. His expression is soft and approachable.

"I know that you saw me and my mum in the eating room. I have no clue as to how I missed seeing you," he's a little irritated. Is he ashamed? Because he has no need to be. I hold his hands in mine, reassuringly.

"In all honesty, I didn't know why but I wanted to check the place out. I was curious," I trail off, not wanting to go on any further. He's confused but he's hiding it well.

"Curiosity killed the cat," he muses but there's an undercurrent to his tone. What is he referring to?

"You didn't have to feel like you had to keep it secret. I wasn't going to go off at you or anything," Zayn whispers like he's talking to some frightened, cornered animal.

"I didn't think it was a big deal," I shrug, desperate to get off the topic but curious as to why this interests him. Curiosity killed the cat..

"And it isn't. Look, I apologize for weirding out on you. It was something that my mum had said," his brow furrows before his eyes widen, realizing that he'd just said that last part out loud.

"What did she say? Is that why you were all silent on me? You can tell me," I try to cajole him but he just tenses up and I can see the fear in his eyes. It tugs at my heart strings. Oh no, did she identify me as the one who caught her out? But then, I don't see why any of that matters. I can feel how tense he is in his hands. I'd do anything to take away that look..

My phone vibrates annoyingly to which Zayn visibly relaxes. I roll my eyes in irritation, knowing that I won't be able to recover the conversation which was just kicking off. I give him an apologetic smile as I pull my hands away and slip them into my pocket before pulling out my phone. I have 3 missed calls and 6 text messages. I don't even give bother to see who they're from. The most recent one was sent from Rico. Oh right! I still have a date with him tomorrow. Crap! I open up his message:

*Looking forward to seeing you. I'll pick you up at 7. Text me your address ;)*

I relax before sending back a reply including my address and a short little message that he'd be sure to drool over. I quickly switch it off before slipping it back into my pocket. Zayn's quiet, not bothering to say a word.

I look up to see him staring at me with a much more sensual look. He leans back against the door with one arm resting in the crook of his chair and the other on the steering wheel. His forefinger and thumb tugs at his lower lip as he looks at me, expectantly. Wow, how's that for a change. Talk about a kaleidoscope of moods.. It's baffling.

"Can I ask who that was from?" he cocks his head to the side, pulling on it even more. All my focus is trained onto his mouth. What I'd like for that mouth to do to me..

"Aah, my mum. Just checking up on me," I give him a hesitant smile, hoping that he doesn't question me any further. He arches an eyebrow, bemused. What is up with your lying!?

"How come I get the feeling that you're lying to me?" his tone is calm and collective. My head is all over the place as I try to think of something good to get me out of the shitpile. I flush, embarrassed that I'd even try to lie to him. He's on to you, Taylor, my inner goddess warns, wagging a perfectly-manicured finger right in my face. 

"Are you afraid that I'd flip out? You know me too well," he murmurs, sending shivers down my spine. Is he being sarcastic? Or is he being serious? It's difficult to tell with Zayn. Is that why I'm doing this? Because I'm afraid of how he'll react? I giggle, nervously. Do I really know him too well? I give it some thought. No, don't think so.

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, why this place of all places?" I give him my biggest smile, hoping that he'd buy it. He stops and thinks before smiling at me.

"I wanted to do some skids and mow down the grass with you. It's pretty fun and I'm sure you'd like it. It's part of the bad-boy package," he winks, rendering me speechless. Excitement threatens to engulf me entirely as I nod my head, slowly.

"I think I'm with you on that idea. It sounds..terrifyingly exhilarating," I murmur, running my hand down the side of his face. He closes his eyes, briefly. I can feel his skin grow warm beneath my trembling fingers. It makes my heart race and my pulse pick up tempo. I can feel the electricity between us, sparking up a bright, burning flame from inside.

"Let's do this before you distract me any further and I'll have to take you on the bonnet of my car," he murmurs, causing my eyes to widen as I sit there, baffled.

"Okay," I slowly take my hand away and return it to my lap. My hand is cold without his beautiful skin beneath it. I could stroke his skin all day.

"You are one hot woman," Zayn says in the most seductive voice that no man should ever have, let alone own. But then, it is Zayn. I bite my lip, looking up at him. He flicks me his killer smile. My knees would've buckled from beneath me if I weren't seated. He turns the key in the ignition which brings the engine back to life, spluttering a little bit before it settles in neutral. Zayn's hand grasps the gear-stick firmly to stop it from shaking too much.

"Ready for a little fun?" Zayn grins in my direction. I flick him the thumbs up as an indication of my willingness to let my hair out and enjoy life a little more. He chuckles quietly to himself as his eyes crinkle at the sides. It's a heartwarming sight and unbelievable considering just how cold he was not so long ago.

He wiggles the gear-stick around until we're in gear before winking at me as we jolt forward. I laugh at the shaky start and I can just see a hint of a smile playing on his luscious lips. He builds up speed, changing gear in perfect timing. I too, am pumped up and ready to take on whatever life throws at me.

The experience is both exhilarating and yet terrifying all at once. Is this how the two of us will be? One minute it's a blast and the next, I'm at a loss of what to do when Zayn goes all silent and moody on me? Will I be able to take on that kind of responsibility? And yet, I know so little about Zayn. I've seen him in a variety of moods but am I able to summarize something from that? Am I able to summarize him as a person and what category he falls under?

He remains focused on the path that he creates up ahead, mowing down the long grass and destroying all that stands in his way. Maybe this is how he let's off steam..

I sit there, holding onto the edges of my seat. I'm thrilled and bubbly by the fact that I get to do this with him. Despite, knowing that there is so much to learn and gain. We head forward until Zayn yanks on the handbrake and spins us around all of a sudden. 

"Aaah!" I gasp in surprise as my hands grasp the seat, my fingers digging into the cushion-y material. We swivel around as the wheels groan out in protest. Zayn's grinning like a fool as we finish a 180 and head off back to where we'd come from. 

"Let's kick things up a notch," he says, excitedly. I just shake my head, unable to speak. I've never done anything so mind-blowing in my life. Well, apart from me and Zayn and our love-making. The things this boy can do..

We speed up, creating yet another pathway, right next to our previous one. I look over to see that Zayn's hitting 90km/ph. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't scared even though we're off the road. Zayn yanks on the handbrake again and tugs on the steering wheel so that we spin around as the boot of the car mows the grass down.

I'm leaning in Zayn's direction, holding on for dear life. He clamps down on his lower lip in concentration, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly. I would be sure to have been flung onto Zayn if I weren't restrained by my seat-belt  It holds itself against me tightly as the edges dig painfully into my rib-cage, just below my breasts. 

I'm rudely thrown back into my seat as we come to a stop. The engine roars as Zayn reeves the engine, fueling it and making the engine grow louder. Zayn grins wickedly at me as his eyes twinkle from the adrenaline this must be giving him. I too, am running purely on the addictive, natural drug that courses through my veins. It only adds excitement to this wicked experience.

"Let's go for one more," he says and surprisingly, I'm in agreement. It's just what I need after all that's happened. Just this once, I can have some fun without the worries of school and Morgan and Matt and everything. We jerk forward and do it all over again.


We take one final spin and then, Zayn cuts the engine. My cheeks are so sore from smiling so much. All around me is disarray of pathways, all connected even though it's messy. It's kinda how my life is at the moment. I'm laughing alongside Zayn who looks pleasantly happy. He sags back in his seat as his breathing returns back to normal.

I run my hands through my disheveled hair and sigh. Zayn leans over and cups my face before bringing his mouth to mine, kissing me with fervent passion. It's sweet yet soulful as I start to feel that delicious current run through me. My hands slide up into his hair as our tongues collide. His hands are firmly on my waist, holding on as if his life depends on it.

It's so good until I can feel my stomach start to churn due to the adrenaline wearing off. I pull back and see Zayn looking confusingly at me. By now, it's too strong to ignore as I hold up my finger and turn away, unbuckling myself from my seat-belt. I throw open the door and spew out all that I'd eaten today and all that I had to drink. Terrible heaves rack my body as I pour out all my contents onto the flattened grass in front of me.

My hair falls to both sides of my face as I make a fruitless attempt to move it away. Zayn comes to my aid as per usual, gently pulling my hair out of the way and holding it in his fist. I feel a little ashamed but I can't focus on that right now as the last of it splutters from out of me and splashes onto the chunky food lumps. I turn my head away in disgust for fear that I'll have nothing left to spill if I were to look at it any longer. Zayn rubs my back, soothingly. I wipe away the excess crap from my mouth before sitting back up.

Zayn shifts so that he's kneeling in his seat with his hand still on my back. I turn my tired body to face him, bearing a smile to which he laughs.

"You're still beautiful even though you still have a little food by your nose," he points to where it is and I quickly wipe it away, blushing in the process. He brushes away a loose piece of my hair that manage to fall across my forehead as he places it back into it's rightful position. His eyes sparkle as big, brown orbs stare back at me. They are so dreamy. It's hard to believe that he's mine and he even said so himself.

"You look tired. How about I take you back to mine? How does that sound?" he gives me his half-crooked smile, making me melt. I nod, shyly, my head resting against the headrest. He shifts around so that his feet are on the pedal and his hands are on the steering wheel. I shift around also as I click back in my seat-belt and throw my hands back onto my lap. He starts up the engine and drives forward, smoothly, back towards the entrance, leaving his marks on the billowing fields. 

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