Summer Love (On Hold)

Taylor is a straight-A student and every parents dream. She was the perfect daughter and she had it all. But one thing that lacked in her life was adventure. So when she has a fight with boyfriend of 3 years, Sean Cooper, she's about to meet her knight in shining armor (Zayn Malik) who comes to her aid in more ways than one. With a long holiday ahead, Taylor is fortunate that she can spend it with Zayn and there she will get more than she'd bargained for. It's funny just how much can happen in just two months.


1. Chapter 1.

Blue skies and fluffy white clouds hang above my head. I stand outside Cafe 15, staring down at my phone, waiting for a reply. Finally, my phone beeps aloud;

*B there in 5*

Sean, my soon-to-be ex boyfriend, replies. I look up at the sky as I pocket my phone. I wish I had never find out from my one and only arch nemesis, Morgan Bradley. Boy, did she wear the biggest grin ever recorded in history..


"Hey Taylor, how's things going with you and Sean?" Morgan slithers, leaning on the locker beside mine. She's alone so that's a first. She didn't have her dumb blonde friends to accompany her. I slam my locker close and turn to glare at her.

"And why should that matter to you?" I spit. She just raises her eyebrows and has that I've-got-something-big-to-announce smile. I have my hands firmly on my hips, waiting impatiently.

"Oh, it doesn't. However, it may matter to you," she blows onto her fingernails, wearing the grin of a Cheshire cat.

"Well, I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on you. Get out of my way, crayon face," and she steps back momentarily in shock, but quickly recovers her staunch posture. I walk around her and head off towards Maths class.

"I know something that you might wanna know!" she calls after me. I stop in my tracks and turn around to face her. She walks over to me all sphinx-like.

"It's about Sean," she says, knowing that she has my full attention. Sean HAS been acting rather weird lately. I raise my eyebrow at her in surprise. 

"And what's so big"-I emphasize the word-" that I need to know? Cause I'm thinking that it must be big for you to be practically frothing at the mouth," I cross my arms firmly across my chest. She just laughs.

"Oh, I'm sure that you won't be joking afterwards and I'll be experiencing the utmost of joy when I see the look-"

"Just cut to the crap, Sherlock," she holds her hands up in mock horror. I smirk in disgust. Why am I even giving her the time of day?..

"Sean cheated on you," her words stun me. But then, I had my suspicions. I eye her up, suspiciously.

"And how would you know that?" I mumble. She looks down and when she looks back up, she's sporting the most sickening grin. And that's when the horrible reality finally dawns on me. I shake my head, wide-eyed.

"You gotta be kidding me," I whisper. To be honest, I'm not really upset about the cheating part because my friends had seen it coming, even me, but to her? I tremble with some unknown anger. She just nods; that evil, little bitch.

"No way, you?" I shake my head in denial. 

"Oh yes, he cheated on you with me alright. But I gotta admit, he's a pretty sloppy kisser," she laughs. And that's when I feel the hot sting of tears spring to my bright blue eyes. I turn around and bolt for the exit, not daring to look back. I run outside and run to my car in a hasty retreat. 

Everyone stares at me with questioning looks. I get into my car and start up the engine. I can see Sean on the fields playing football, his favorite hobby. Well, he told me that it was his second and that I was his first. Pfft, what bullshit that was.

He hasn't noticed, and I'm surprised no one has pointed it out to him yet. He's an over-protective boyfriend and so he needs to constantly know where I am, who I'm with and even where I'm going. I back out, unfortunately, into another car who as well as me, is leaving.

"You moron!" some guy yells. I yell back an apology before driving out of the car-park and I head back home. Today is the last day of college before we hit the holidays, so this wasn't how I'd pictured spending it. Tears fall, unwillingly, as I make no move to wipe them away. I have mixed emotions; angry, frustrated, confused. How could he? And with her? He knew how I felt about her and yet..Bastard.

I sit at the red light, pouring all my heart's content out onto the steering wheel. Someone toots there horn at me and I look up to see that the light has since turned green. I put the pedal to the medal, heading off home so I can lock myself away from the world..


I see him up ahead, wearing a loose white shirt and jeans with his cross necklace to match. His hair is unruly and I can see that he's anxious. I hope he feels guilty. Serves him right.

He approaches me, looking slightly uncomfortable. Don't back down now...

"Why didn't you answer any of my calls or texts? Were you ignoring me? You know how I feel about that," he runs his hands through his hair.

"Hello to you too," I reply with a touch of sarcasm. He rolls his eyes at me and so I narrow mine.

"Shall we go inside and get something to eat?" I opt for kindness. Dad always said that that was the best way to approach heady situation.

"Fine," he pouts, following me in. I mentally go over my plan and how I will approach the situation. It's much harder when it comes to the day.

I'm standing in line, ordering me and Sean some breakfast whilst he finds a secluded place for two, somewhere more private. I'm wearing my long-sleeved denim jacket, a white tank top, my white lace denim shorts and some cream-colored converses. I have my most-prized possession on; my sterling sliver airplane necklace. It serves as a good-luck charm.

"Thank you," I hand over the exact change, pick up the tray and walk over to where Sean is situated. His look is strained. I'm strangely calm for some reason as I set down the tray in front of us. He's probably feeling awkward right now. So, he should be.

"So, why'd you bring me here? And why haven't you answered my questions?" he looks slightly irritated. My expression remains impassive. 

"Oh, I think you know," I reply, completely ignoring his second question. I help myself to a forkful of strawberry pancakes, placing some into my mouth. His eyes gaze down at my lips but I ignore it.

"Stop it."

"Stop what?" I ask, innocently. I know very well the effect I have on him. He swallows.

"You know." I shake my head and then I remember the reason that brought us here. 

"So tell me, how was she? Did she please you?" Sean looks thrown by my sudden change in topic. He regains himself quickly.

"So Morgan told you, huh'?"

"Yes," I murmur, my patience running thin. He shakes his head.

"So?" and that's what causes me to break. So much for trying to stay strong.

"So? So? Is that all you have to say for yourself?! You cheated on me, Sean! How can you just sit there and have the cheek to look irritated? You're an asshole, you know that? That explains it all," I can feel myself grow flustered. I get up and shove myself away from the table. He stands up also, wearing a look of bewilderment. 

"Where are you going? Sit down," Sean slams his hands down onto the table, making nearby customers jump in fright. I, too, am frightened..slightly. This wasn't what I had in mind. I didn't want to make a big scene in front of everyone. Maybe the cafe wasn't such a good idea.

"We're done Sean and that's final," I walk out into the fresh air and try desperately to hold back my tears. The dam threatens to break but I hold on, just.

"Taylor, just wait, will ya'?" Sean follows me down the path. I ignore him. In seconds, he's beside me, holding my arm and jerking me forward. I glare at him, yanking my arm out of his grasp.

"You're a jerk and the biggest moron so get stuffed!" I sneer. He glowers down at me.

"I did cheat on you, okay? But I was intoxicated at the time. I had no clue what I was doing," he shrugs, helplessly, shuffling from side to side.

"Oh, yeah, that's a totally understandable excuse"-he nods firmly in agreement-" of course it isn't! I can't believe you! You are pathetic. I'm leaving and without you," I turn on my heel and am about to leave when I feel both his hands wrap around my neck, stilling me. My eyes widen in alarm and my heart-rate picks up tempo.

"If you think that you're leaving, you're mistaken," he threatens, breathing down my neck. My skin shivers from harsh breathing. This has escalated far too quickly...

"Leave her the fuck alone," a voice growls from behind us. We turn around and see this guy standing there. He's got the most beautiful face; he's the epitome of male beauty. It's impossible to look that good. He saunters over, never breaking eye-contact with me. He only breaks it when he has to address Sean. I'm mesmerized, caught up in his spell, and he hasn't even done anything..yet. 

He stops to stand in front of me. Sean let's go and stands there, clearly in disbelief. I rub at my neck where I'm sure will have red hand-like marks in it's wake.

"Who the fuck are you!? This is none of your business, cunt-face," he snarls and just as those words leave his mouth, the mysterious guy throws a punch that locks with his jaw. Sean falls to the ground, stunned. I gasp in shock as he towers over him, his fist held up high in the air. He's trembling with anger.

"I make it my business," the guy sneers and it's a threat. He turns around to face me, just as Sean scuttles off, but not without giving me that I-ain't-done-with-you-yet look. I turn my attention back to the guy that stands before me. He lends me his hand and I take it, gratefully.

"I'm Zayn."

"Taylor, I'm Taylor," I stutter. He chuckles at my reaction.

"Come, let's go somewhere and talk. I'm sure you don't want to hang around here any longer," he smiles. I can't help reflect it despite the horrid situation. Did that really just happen?

"Okay," I whisper, stunned into silence as we head off in the opposite direction.


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