I'm in Love with Niall's Sister

This story is about Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis falling in love with Niall's little sister, Katy. They all try and fight for her love but Niall disapproves. All he wants is the boys to stay away from Katy, partly because she's his baby sister, but also because she's recently been in a serious break up with her boyfriend of four years, Zack, and she's been heartbroken. She lives by herself since her mother's death, but her friends often stay with her. What happens when Niall and the rest of One Direction go to visit? What kind of drama is on its way?


10. You kissed my sister?!?!

Katherine's P.O.V:

He looked so sweet and hot while he was sleeping haha I sound like an idiot but I think I'm falling for Harry my door swung open and I saw my friend Toria but she wants me to call her Tori she has green eyes and blond hair she's skinny and very athletic she loves soccer and hanging out with friends she's my best friend and I totally love her to death! Tori: "Omg!! Why is Harry styles asleep in your room Katy?!?!" She yell whispered Katherine:"he didn't want to sleep downstairs and this was the only available room" Tori:"oh ok then makes sence" she said in a sarcastic tone I giggled we heard a groan and a beautiful green eyes curly haired boy woke up and yawned and stretched Harry: "good morning Katherine and who's your friend?" Katherine:"she's Tori my best friend" Tori:"Hey Harry umm how are you?" Harry:"I'm wonderful Tori and its very wonderful to meet you love how are you this fine morning?" Tori:"I'm actually pretty good thanks for asking" Harry:"your very welcome love" Katherine:"sooooo Harry do you want to go shopping with me and Tori? Our other friend is on a vacation..well...sorta she's visiting her mom in California" Harry:"so what I'm hearing is that you want me to replace your friend that's a girl and go shopping with you?" Katherine & Tori:"yep" Harry: "ofcoarse I will who would pass up an offer like that?!" Harry said in his best gay voice we all laughed and Harry went to go take a shower and get dressed while me and Tori started chatting a storm Tori:"soooooo do you like have a crush on Harry yet" "not yet....well idk maybe a little but he can get all the girls in the world there is no freakin way he's going to like more let alone Date me! Come on Tori think about it! I have NO chance with Harry" Tori: "dude!! Seriously?!?! He is totally crushing on you I could see it when he looks at you trust me I'm never wrong on love and I mean EVER" "Idk Tori it's just...idk...I'm scared and I don't want to rush into things and he's a player and he sleeps with every girl he meets!...well at least that's what I read on the Internet.." Tori; "YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THAT HE EOULD DO THAT?!??! You are an idiot for believing what you read on the Internet no offene though Katy" "oh don't worry Tori I'm not afended oh not at all now help me pick out an outfit to wear to impress Harry!" Tori: "haha ok but not to sluty and not to innocent because we all know your not" I elbowed her in the ribs Tori:"OWWWW WTF?!?!!" "Well I thought you deserved that for bein rude now hurry up and help me pick out an outfit before he gets out of the shower!" Harry's P.O.V

As I got in the shower I heard Tori and Katherine chatting and yelling but I just hopped in the shower and let the warm water hit me and let it wake me up god Tori was beautiful but so was Katherine and I'm not interested in Tori only in Katherine. I couldn't stop thinking about Katherine though I know it's bad to think about a girl when your in your birthday suit and in the shower I'm trying not to but I can't get her out of my mind I wanted to wear something nice today to impress her maybe some jeans some sneakers and a plain whit t-shirt with a slight V neck and a black or grey hoodie I didn't know which would look better but I was going to find out when I tryed them on, I think Tori is perfect for Louis there both sweet and kind and they're a perfect match! I can't wait to introduce them I'm gonna bring Louis along just to have fun and play Macth maker now I'm gonna finish takin a shower

Tori's P.O.V

It took a while but I finally found the perfect outfit (if you want to see it her it is: http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.5025494822945619&pid=15.1) it was perfect so I searched for something to wear for me I found a cute outfit l left at her house and it was perfect (http://ts2.mm.bing.net/th?id=H.4996911802418989&pid=15.1) I was excited to put it on and apply the make up best day ever! I think I'm in love! With the outfit of coarse
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