I'm in Love with Niall's Sister

This story is about Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis falling in love with Niall's little sister, Katy. They all try and fight for her love but Niall disapproves. All he wants is the boys to stay away from Katy, partly because she's his baby sister, but also because she's recently been in a serious break up with her boyfriend of four years, Zack, and she's been heartbroken. She lives by herself since her mother's death, but her friends often stay with her. What happens when Niall and the rest of One Direction go to visit? What kind of drama is on its way?


19. yay

Hey there lovely readers how's it going? Anywayyyy I have a suprise for you lovely readers! I'm gonna put another girl I'm my movella to be Harry styles sister!! How cool is that!?! Lol I need to stop freaking out anyway leave me an application by emailing me my email is Sweetheart9177@gmail.com and I want you guys to hopefully leave me some applications now if your going to send one or your interested you have to 1:your name 2:your hobbies 3:what you look like 4:personallity and 5:what do you do when your alone? Or in your spare time 6:just tell me about yourself like you who you really are...Anywayyyy I know it's alot but its helpful very helpful anyway this offer will end in 2 weeks so hurry up before it ends and I will announce the winner on March 10 th :) good look and may the odds be even in your favor!!!

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