I'm in Love with Niall's Sister

This story is about Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis falling in love with Niall's little sister, Katy. They all try and fight for her love but Niall disapproves. All he wants is the boys to stay away from Katy, partly because she's his baby sister, but also because she's recently been in a serious break up with her boyfriend of four years, Zack, and she's been heartbroken. She lives by herself since her mother's death, but her friends often stay with her. What happens when Niall and the rest of One Direction go to visit? What kind of drama is on its way?


16. shopping time


Tori's P.O.V

I woke this morning from a text I picked up my phone it was from Katherine i was upset because it wasnt from Louis but i needed to stop worrying he would text me soon or even better call i read the text from Katherine "hey Tori good morning hun get dressed and meet me at my house and btw Louis has a suprise for you" I smiled widely and texted back "Haha ok I will cya in a few!" I dropped my phone on my bed and darted to my closet I wanted to pick something cute out I didn't want it to look like I was wanting to look good for him so I just settled for wire tank top skinny jeans and a pink hoodie and a necklace thank had my name on it my mom gave me that necklace before she died...tears started in my eyes but I quickly wiped them away and started applying my make up after I was done I grabbed my pure my phone and my wallet and headed out the door I jumped in my Black Mercedes and I began driving to Katherine's house Katherine's P.O.V I texted Tori knowing she would be her in no time they liked each other and it was really easy to see I was happy for them I truly was Tori never really crushed on boys and it was rare to see her in love or with a boy last boy she dated it only lasted a week he was a jerk he dumped her for another girl she acted like she didn't care but we all knew she was heart broken I just hoped Louis didn't do that to her if he did he would be in major trouble with Jessie she goes anyone that hurts us she would go to jail for us which will happen sooner or later because she's violent when she's mad I laughed to myself and began getting ready because yesterday I got ready for nothing so I picked out a black t-shirt that baddy a puppy playing video games and a grey hoodie over it and I slipped in to my skinny jeans and put on some sneakers I smiled as I looked at myself in the mirror I quickly applied light make up on Harry walked in and smiled at me I smiled back we just standee there starting into each others eyes I quickly looked away and walked out the door I noticed something different...very different about him when I looked back at my room he wasn't there I quickly turned around and I ran into Harry I screamed "H-How did you-You were over there then your here! WTH?!?!" I started panicking Harry:"calm down Katherine! It's ok just calm down!" I started to calm down then the door bell ring I ran to open it it was Tori I hugged her Tight and she hugged back I smiled and she walked in looking around Tori:"sooo ummm when are we going to leave for the mall?" She asked trying to avoid looking around for Louis an his big surprise I smiled "first Louis wants to see you so go in his room but make sure to knock" she looked confused Tori:"ok?" She pranced upstairs I laughed and I turned around and walked into Zayn he smiled and I smiled back Zayn:"sooo I was thinking,do you maybe wanna go around London with me?" He smiled at me scratching the back of his neck "I'm sorry Zayn but I to mused Harry that me and the girls would go with him to the mall and its supposed to be a 'double date' With me,Harry and Tori and Louis and don't you think it would kinda awkward tagging along with us?" He looked disappointed Zayn:"well ok maybe next time" he faked a smile and walked away I felt bad for him I felt a cold breeze behind me actually a freezing breeze and it stayed there I turned around and it was Harry I jumped back he scared me he smiled and hugged me I look confused he whispered in my ear Harry:"your beautiful Katherine..." He kissed me cheek his lips were warm and soft I smiled and pulled him in for a kiss on the lips he smiled under the kiss and so did I we quickly stopped before anyone saw and decided to take it upstairs Zayn's P.O.V I walked in my room and locked it tears running down my face I knew I already lost her to Harry there was no way I had a chance now u hit the wall and starting crying harder I loved her alot and Harry got her before I had a chance we only been here 3 days and I am to late I heard a knock on my door I quickly wiped my tears and opened it it was Liam he walked in and I closed the door looking confused he gestured me to sit down so I did still confused Liam:"what's wrong Zayn?" "Nothing..." I looked away he asked again Liam:"what's wrong Zayn?" I couldn't hold it in any more I explained everything while crying when I was finished he hugged me tight Liam:"I'm so sorry Zayn....do you want me to tell Harry and Katherine-" I cut him off "NO! They can't know about this there happy she's happy and that's all I care about...is to see her happy..." He nodded and walked out Liam:"I'll leave you alone.....calle if you need anything I slightly nodded and with that he left I plobbed in my bed staring at the ceiling in silence not thinking about anything just Katherine...I heard her giggle and I heard Harry's voice her bedroom door was shut I cried more knowing what they were doing Tori's P.O.V I knocked on Louis's door he opened it and smiled and pulled my in I gasped and hugged him tight "Is this for me?!?!" Louis:"yes it is"

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