I'm in Love with Niall's Sister

This story is about Zayn, Harry, Liam and Louis falling in love with Niall's little sister, Katy. They all try and fight for her love but Niall disapproves. All he wants is the boys to stay away from Katy, partly because she's his baby sister, but also because she's recently been in a serious break up with her boyfriend of four years, Zack, and she's been heartbroken. She lives by herself since her mother's death, but her friends often stay with her. What happens when Niall and the rest of One Direction go to visit? What kind of drama is on its way?


5. good news and bad news

hey guys im at my grandmas house the internet is horrible but i wa able to fix at there computer is bad and slow but i can cope with it anyway thank you guys for actually reading this it means alot to m thank you guys your awesome i wont update for tonight because my awesome uncle might be taking me and my cousin brittnay bowling so idk yet and its gonna b a while to update more becaus i have to help my grandma clean so i hav to now but ill be back in a few bye guys and thanks for the support but before i go i wanted you guys to know that Katherine needs 2 bff's so can you guys please send me an application of you like whats your personaltity and what you look like and those 2 girls get to date 1 of the boys in my book please send the applications to my email it is sweetheart9177@gmail.com thanks! xoxo 


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