As Long As You Love Me

Justin and I`s parents hate eachother! His parents own one top buisness company and mine own another. But when we met in the food court of a dumb conference for our parents not knowing who the other was. It was like love at first sight but our parents wouldnt allow it. So were on our own.


3. Sneaking Around

Justins POV:

I heard the exact same thing as Emily "YOU CAN NEVER SEE HER AGAIN". Omg like why did it even matter like what was I gonna do go and spill the company secrets that I didnt even know to Emilys parents. This is so dumb, but of course so are my parents and didnt take my phone to delete her number, but just to be safe I told her to save me under some girls name and I saved her under a guys name. Just to be safe. We both decided to figure out ways to see eachother. We came to resolution of just sneaking onto eachothers property, as long as we avoided the cameras everything was fine. It would just have to be either super late at night or during the day when our parents were out. I was gonna sneak over to her house the first time since I was a ninja. I had to like hop over fence after fence and avoid detection. It was hard. I finally got to Emilys backyard, she was sitting under the pavilion in the back corner just like she said she would be. We sat and talked for hours and hours, there was no one to bother us or say "You need to go". Then that brittish guy came and ruined it. "Emily!" he shouted. I went and ducked behind some statue. "Who are you talking to?" He asked. "Umm myself, Sometime I come here to think" Emily said. Nice save! "Oh ok well your parents just wanted to know what you were doing, it looks like someone has gotten into the yard, so be careful" Brittish dude said. Damn it! I was being super careful and didnt even make a sound. "Ok" She said while shewing brittish dude away. "OMG we almost got caught you need to be more careful!" Emily announced. "Sorry" I said. It was almost 12 and it was getting cold, I started getting no stop texts from my parents so I left. "Bye Ill see you soon then." I said. "Ill see you soon then" Emily answered. I kissed her softly on the cheek and made my way.

Emily POV:

Justin and I kept taking turns sneaking around on eachothers property. This was going on for a couple weeks now. I was hanging out at my friend Kayleigh`s house. We were talking about Justin. "So why are you doing this, Like your not even dating him?" Kayleigh asked. She was right. Why was Justin so important to me? "I dont know, Its complicated" I said. "Well he better ask you out soon" Kayleigh said. "Yeah I know" I said. "I gotta go my drivers here" I added. "Ok see you at school" Kayleigh said. I ran outside. That night I was going to Justins house. I had already figured out a path to get in. We met in the same place (At one of the patios that was on the far side of the yard). We were sat and talked for about 45 min. "Emily can I ask you something?" Justin said. "Ok wait" I said. "Why are we doing this? Its not like were dating? I just dont understand." I added. "Thats what I wanted to ask you... Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" Justin asked. "Umm Of course" I said. "Were doing this because I know that I was ment to be with you. Were like Romeo and Juliet but without all the dying" Justin said. He was so cute. We sat there holding hands and talking for a good 3 hours after that. I was about to hop the fence when Justin came running. "Wait!!!" He shouted. I turned around and he kissed me pashionatly. It felt like we were the only two people on earth. "JUSTIN DREW BIEBER YOU GET AWAY FROM THAT HER THIS INSTANT" Screamed Justins Mom. Busted.


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