As Long As You Love Me

Justin and I`s parents hate eachother! His parents own one top buisness company and mine own another. But when we met in the food court of a dumb conference for our parents not knowing who the other was. It was like love at first sight but our parents wouldnt allow it. So were on our own.


6. Run Away.

Emilys POV:
I was in sooo much trouble. I wasnt allowed to do anything what so ever. This sucked! I was just seeing my boyfriend. It wasnt even like he was my boyfriend I saw him once in two months and probably was never going to see him again. I wasnt allowed to see anyone. Not Genna not Kayleigh not Maryanne and anyone. And as extra punishment I had to clean my enormous room every single day. It had been almost a month and since it was summer I couldnt even leave the house for school. One night I was sitting on my balcony playing my guitar when someone started throwing rocks at me. I had my own phone in my room, it like had its own line but I thought my parents had disconnected it. It started to ring. What the hell? "Hello?" I said. "Emily its Justin" Justin said. "OMG Where are you? What are you doing?" I asked. "Come run away with me" Justin said. OMG was he crazy? I was 16 and so was he! We had no money we had nothing. But if I wanted to be with him I guess it was something I had to do. "Ok where do you wanna meet" I said. "Come to the train station.. Bring anything you can for money" Justin said and then hung up. Ok... What could I bring? Then it hit me! Ill just bring my Elvis guitar that had to be worth thousands! For my 14th birthday my parents went and got me Elvis` signed guitar, it had to be worth money. I also brought one of my lucky guitar (I wasnt giving it away), a base and a electirc guitar. It was alot to carry but whatever. Luckly tonight my parents had a conference and had given Steve the night off (Steves our gate watcher). I got into my car and drove off. I got to the train station and Justin was waiting on the steps. He had a guitar and base in hand. "Hey" I said. "OMG you actually came" Justin said. What did he think I was just gonna bail on him. "yeah now lets go" I said as got back into my car. "Let me drive" Justin said. "My parents have already told Scooter and Usher not to help me with my living conditions just with my music so were on our own" Justin added. "What you think I dont have connections" I said, "Well will any of them help you?" Justin asked. "Not after my parents contact them" I answered. He was right... Were on our own... "Where do we plan on going?" I asked. "Tonight? Were staying at Chaz` house..." Justin said. "Wont your parents find out? And wont his parents be mad?" I asked. "No his parents are hopeless romantics they think us running away is cute" Justin said. I kissed him on the cheek.

Justins POV:
This was my idea... I was gonna take charge and if I got in trouble or something Emily wasnt getting hurt. The first night we stayed at Chaz` house. It wasnt weird or anything.. Especially because when I needed to go with Scooter Maryanne would just go to Chaz` and her and Em could hang out. But we couldnt stay there forever. I got back from the studio and when I got back Emily was gone. "Yo Chaz where did she go?" I asked in a frantic tone. "I dont know she took those instuments and left but she left one and told me to tell you to watch it" Chaz said. Did she leave? Wow! About a hour later Emily walked in with a huge stack of money in her hand... "Whered you go?" I asked. "The pawn shop I sold the guitars" she said. Well this is a start

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