As Long As You Love Me

Justin and I`s parents hate eachother! His parents own one top buisness company and mine own another. But when we met in the food court of a dumb conference for our parents not knowing who the other was. It was like love at first sight but our parents wouldnt allow it. So were on our own.


5. I Missed You

Emilys POV:
After about 2 months of being grounded I finally got my phone back and was finally allowed out of the house. Genna, Kayeigh, and Maryanne wanted me to finally meet their new boyfriends Chaz, Ryan and Jake. Of course I had to be the 7th wheel. I wish I could see Justin. We were going to the movies. This was gonna be so boring!

Justins POV:

After about 2 months of being grounded I finally got my phone back and was allowed to leave the house. Jake, Chaz and Ryan wanted me to meet their new girlfriends Maryanne, Kayleigh, and Genna. Of course I had to be the 7th wheel. I wanna see Emily. We were going to the movies. I was so excited... NOT!We got to the movies and the girls were already there. Jake introduced me. "Justin this is my girlfriend Genna, Ryans girlfriend Maryanne and Chaz` girlfriend Kayleigh". "Hi" I said. "Our friend Emily is just grabbing our tickets." Genna said. That was just a coincadence. It couldnt be her. "You guys owe me I had to stand inbetween 2 fat guys" said someone behind me. I knew that voice. "Emily... This is my friend Justin" Chaz said. I turned around and it was her. "JUSTIN!" she screamed. I picked her up and kissed her pashionatly. "I missed you" I said. "me too" she said. "Ok this can count as your payment for the fat guys" Emily said. We went and watched the movie. I obviously pulled "the move" along with my 3 friends. The movie ended and we went and played in the arcade.

Emilys POV:

I had the bestest friends ever! "Oh and we took the liberty of telling your parents you guys were crashing at our houses tonight so that buys you a couple hours." Kayleigh said. "Thanks" Justin and I said. "And we already made a resevation for you guys at The Keg so Em come to Gennas at like 12 and Justin go to Chaz` at the same time. "OMG you guys are the best!" Justin said. Justin and I went to dinner and when we got there our dreams were crushed. Sitting across the restaurant was.. My parents. FUCK! We were gonna get busted. I didnt let it fase me I sat and ate. I swear at one point I made direct eye contact with my mom. As her and my dad were leaving she stopped at our table. "Emily I dont wanna make a sceen lets go right now" she said. "Bye Justin" I said while standing up and kissing him softly on the lips. I was really dead this time. And I bet Justin would be too.

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