As Long As You Love Me

Justin and I`s parents hate eachother! His parents own one top buisness company and mine own another. But when we met in the food court of a dumb conference for our parents not knowing who the other was. It was like love at first sight but our parents wouldnt allow it. So were on our own.


2. Forbidden Love

Justins POV:

Emily Newman. I knew that I heard that last name before. But I dont know where, probably one of my parents business associates. You see my parents own a huge buisness corperation called Bieber Inc. they sold all different kinds of hair care products, instruments, they had several clothing lines and did a bunch of other stuff that I didnt care about. My family had this rivaling feud with another company that I cant remember the name of. The two families hated eachother, I would hate to be caught in the middle of that feud. I would probably be disowned and forced to live on my own at only 16! Whatever, I couldnt wait to hang out with Emily again, she was the total package. She was smart, funny and really pretty oh and she was a musician, with my music career just taking off we were like the perfect match. Since I went to a private school I had to attend. But school was almost done. Every night after doing my dumb homework choosing the perfect outfits and making sure I knew how to do my hair. Finally it was Saturday! I got ready and wasnt asked any questions except for "Where too Mr. Justin" by my driver Harry. I gave him the adress and he drove me there. I got out of the car and the same guy that made Emily leave the other day answered the door and let me in. I made my way around her house which was huge by the way and finally found her bedroom. She was blasting some Maroon 5 songs. "Hey" I said as I made my way in. "Oh Hi Justin" she said motioning me to take a seat. It was like the last time we hung out just talking getting to know eachother. "Do you play" she asked. "What like instruments? Yeah" I answered. "Ok then I have to show you something" Emily said. She grabbed my hand and lead me towards a giant closet, she opened the double doors and inside it was the most amazing room Ive ever seen. It was filled with guitars and different instruments It was amazing. She instantly picked up a acoustic guitar and began playing Invincible by Headly I sang along. We played a couple songs and then some guy came in the room. "Sorry to interupt you little gam session Miss. Emily but your parents have told me to fetch you for dinner, you friend can join us." he said. I hated the way he said "friend" like I was some street pet. But whatever I couldnt wait to meet her parents.

Emilys POV:

I was having such a good time with Justin and again Richard came and ruined it. "Whos the brittish guy?" Justin whispered as we made our way down the stairs. "Thats my assistant Richard" I said. We went and sat at the table and of course my parents were late again. They finally sat down "Sorry were late honey we had a important phone call" They both said, that was a story Ive heard 10000 times before. Justin introduced himself to my parents, "Hi Im Justin Bieber, its so nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Newman". OMG he was a Bieber I knew my parents would freak out. I would never hear the end of this. After dinner my parents polietly asked Justin to leave I knew what was coming. "Ill text you later" Justin said as he left. I doubt it. "Emily can we see you in the family room?" My dad screamed. I sat down. They were screaming things like "How could you bring him here?" "Whats wrong with you?" "Are you crazy?" and all I could say was "sorry I didnt know" but really I wasnt sorry I wanted to see Justin again and again. Then they said it "YOU ARE TO NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN!" Shit! Those were the words I never wanted to hear. But I dont care Im gonna see Justin again if its the last thing that I do. A couple hours later I went to my parents and made up some excuse to go to Justins house. "Mom, Dad Justin left his hat here, I need to give it to him" I said. "Ok but this will be the last time you ever see him" my mom said. And this one time was all I needed

Justins POV:

Emily texted me saying she needed to bring me my hat? I didnt even wear a hat to her house but whatever! I was about to tell my parents about her coming over when I interupted their talk about some company. "Whats got you guys so mad?" I asked. "Newman Enterprises is launching a new anti-aging company" my mom said. That was where I heard Emilys last name before her parents owned a rival company of my parents. They were not gonna like this. "Mom a friends coming over" I announced. "Ok" she agreed. Emily got to my house and imedatly told me what was going on. So her parents didnt want her seeing me again? What? This couldnt happen! I dont even care! "Justin I wanna meet your friend" my mom shouted. Oh crap. Emily was totally poised "Hi Mrs. Bieber Im Emily Newman" she said. My moms face went from totally happy and inviting to a look that could kill. "Im sorry Emily but we have some family buisness to deal with" my mom said. "Alright Ill just call for my driver to pick me up" and at that Emily walked out. "I know I know just give me a minute" I said. I ran outside. "Emily make sure you text me I need to see you again" I said. "Ill figure it out" She said and then ran into her car. I hope I would see her again.



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