As Long As You Love Me

Justin and I`s parents hate eachother! His parents own one top buisness company and mine own another. But when we met in the food court of a dumb conference for our parents not knowing who the other was. It was like love at first sight but our parents wouldnt allow it. So were on our own.


1. I Just Met You

Emilys POV:

Hi Im Emily, as in Emily Newman Im just about to turn 16 years old and I dont really do anything except shop and do my nails and hair oh and playing my instuments. My parents own Newman Enterprises, its a huge corperation they sell different hair and makeup products, they have several clothing lines and a bunch of other stuff I dont care about. So basically my family has alot of money but theres one other company called Bieber Inc. they sold all the same things that my parents did and they were a family run company just like mine. But both families hated eachother because they were both eachothers biggest competition. So one day my parents (Kevin and Julie) dragged me to one of their big conferences or something. I was just getting something to eat, while texting on my Iphone when the cutest guy walked in. He looked just as bored as I was. I bet his parents were at the conference too. He scanned the food court and then came and sat down at my table. Now dont get me wrong this wasnt like a high-school food court it was more like a restaurant but no one paid they just sent to their accounts. "Hey Shawty" he said. "Hi?" I answered. "Im Justin, and you are" He took my hand and kissed my knuckles. "Im Emily" I said. We sat and chatted for a good 3 hours. He was really sweet and kind and was really funny, and he could sing. While we were in the middle of talking my assistant Richard came and had to ruin everything "Miss. Emily your parent have the car running and asked me to come and fetch you." His brittish accent was so funny. "Oh Ok" I said while I was about to get up. "Wait" Justin called. He kissed me on the cheek and took my hand. "Call me sometime". What I dont even have his number. But then I noticed he was slipping his number in my hand. I knodded and walked off. "OOO who was that" Richard asked. "No one Richard just dont tell my parents anything about him" I declared. "Whatever you say" Richard said. I was up all night texting Justin he was coming over the upcoming Saturday to hang out and to play music and stuff. I couldnt wait.

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