The Day My Life Was Taken

'Who are you? What do you want?'
Those were the final words to ever come out of his mouth.


4. Chapter 4

I walk along the cold, hard ground. I adjust my bow and arrow when someone runs into me. I realised something. I have no feeling. I have emotional feelings, buy physically, I am indestructible. No one can hurt me. I decide that before I hunt down my killer, I am going to go back to my school.

I see Kara, my best friend, sitting at her desk with her head in her hands, unfocused on her work completely. In my place is when of the boys. The biggest troublemaker in the class, after me.

The class is unusually quiet. I wonder if the teacher even realises I am gone. Wait, of course he does. There is, after all, less distractions.

I wait for someone to stand up and point at me, screaming 'Emmison! You are supposed to be dead, killed, gone!' But no one does. I am left standing here forlornly. I would be, if people could see me, that is. But they can't. I am stranded in this form, invisible to the human eye.

The bell goes and everyone stands up and slowly trails out of the classroom. I follow Kara. She is hugging her books to her chest, her gloomy eyes never leaving the ground. She walks to her locker, and I lean against mine, which is three lockers up.

'Miss me?' I ask. Kara whirls around.

'Who said that?' she demands. She sees no one. She runs her red fingernails through her long brown hair, thinking that she must just be imagining things. Oh how I wish she could see me. I wanted her to. More than I have wanted anything. I just wanted to talk to my friend. Suddenly, as she turns in my direction, her eyes go wide. 'E-Emmi?!' she stutters. I realise something. She can only see me if I want her to.

'Yeah. It's me.' I whisper. Kara stares in disbelief.

'N-no, you d-d-died.'

'You're right, I did die.' I admit. 'But I am here. I want to get him. That murderer. I will. I will get him.'

'So...' Kara took a deep breath. 'If he is a murderer, how are you here?' I take a step towards her.

'You can only see me if I want you to.' I explain. 'I am not here to anyone except you.' I look at the clock on the wall, so much time, and so little to do. As I look around, I notice something. Many, many other people, just like me. In their tattered black clothes and matching wings. They look at me. I am the only one who can see them.

'There are many like me.' I say, half to myself, half to Kara. 

'Who?' she asks. 'Where? How come I can't see them?'

'As I said. You can only see those that want to be seen. We are everywhere.'

She looks around. I see people staring at Kara. They think she is talking to herself. They can't know I'm alive. It could foil my whole mission. I want my revenge. And I will get it. I want to see him suffer, just as I did. There is someone else on the other end of the hall, talking to himself. That's what it looks like to everyone except me. Kara notices too.

'Is that what I look like to everyone that is passing by right now?'

'Yes.' I nod. 'Only I can see who he is talking to. Other than him, that is.'

'So... I look really weird right now.'

'Hard to tell. I'm not the one that can't see who you're talking to.'

Kara takes a deep breath. 'I won't tell anyone about you. But I have to get to class. I'm sorry. Talk to you later?' She starts to walk off, but she turns around. 'Scratch that. Appear to me later.' she says with a smile.

'I will. After school at your place, okay? I will talk to you then.'

And with that I disappeared from her view.


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