The Day My Life Was Taken

'Who are you? What do you want?'
Those were the final words to ever come out of his mouth.


3. Chapter 3

I zoom down to my home faster than I have ever done anything before. I freefall through the clouds, letting my hair fly upwards, hitting my face with a gentle slap.
As I fall through the atmosphere, I catch site of someone. My mother, staring out my bedroom window, sobbing. I realise that she really did care about me. I had never seen that side of her before. Not that I could remember. I feel pity, something I don't fell often. It is somewhat of a new feeling for me.
I land on the ledge of my bedroom window and sit down. Placing my hand on the window, I start to cry. I rest my head against the large rectangle of glass. I let my tears fall. My mother looks up and seems to stare directly at me. My heart skips a beat. Can she see me? I am not sure whether I want her to or not.
She places her head in her hands and shudders.
'Emmi. ' she whispers. Suddenly, she stands up and knocks my jewellery box off of my desk. 'Emmison!' she screams. ' Why have you left me here?'
I am taken aback by my mothers actions. She was always a calm sort of person, unless I did something really truly horrible.
I rest my forehead on the window and the tears stream down my face. I am leaving red marks on the window. It doesn't matter. Only I can see it.
'Goodbye, mum.' I whisper and I am on my way to find him once again.
I am going to find my murderer.
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