The Day My Life Was Taken

'Who are you? What do you want?'
Those were the final words to ever come out of his mouth.


1. Chapter 1

I stare at him from above. I will get him. One day. After what he did to me.


I had just come home from another day at school. I had a fiery attitude... the kind of girl that teachers were constantly watching. My hair was as red as that attitude of mine, and freckles lined my face. I was currently ignoring the teacher as usual. I snapped at my gum, causing the teacher to stare at me.

'Emmison.' he growled, pushed his glasses further up his nose. 'Please spit your gum in the bin. It seems to have got too distracting.'

I glared at him before rolling my eyes and spitting my gum into my hand and firing it across the teacher's desk towards the bin. It landed on a tall pile of paper. He stared at me, ready to explode, and picked up the phone. I knew what he was doing. He was calling the principal. 

'Hello, Mr Andrews? Yes, uh, Emmison again. Should she report to your office? Yes, thank you.' he gave me another stare. 'To Mr Andrews' office, please, Emmison.'

That was how I got suspended from school for three weeks. Was that a punishment? I didn't give a crap about what my mum thought. I was always in trouble for seem reason or another. 

I stalked home, my bag slung over my left shoulder and my red curls bouncing with every step I took. I passed a dark, spooky back alley. I had always wanted to know what was in there. I decided to take a chance. I edged cautiously towards the alley and, with a deep breath, stepped inside, afraid of what could be in here. I was about to turn around when someone grabbed me by my shoulders.

'Aren't you s'posed to be at school, girl?' said a man. One of those tough guys. You know the kind, big and muscular, with a long grey beard and a matching grey halo of hair. The kind of person who wears nothing but black. Only bblack clothes, just to creep you out. Well, I can tell you now, it works.

'Help!' I called. I wish I knew that this was the last sound I will ever make, apart from a whimper of fear. That was how my life ended.

~*~*~*End of flasback*~*~*~

You're probably wondering how I knew I was dead. My body was dead. But my soul is still out to get revenge.

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