Fake Relashionship Real Feelings [On Hiatus]

Jade (based on me) has an ex boyfriend. The problem is he won't leave her alone until she finds a new boyfriend. He even beats her sometimes so Jade decides to hire a fake boyfriend by the name Harry. Soon as she spends time with him she spends time with the rest of the boys and starts to fall for both Harry and Liam. Who will she pick?


5. Chapter 5


Jade's P.O.V

The wind blew in my hair. Just like normal I sat at home in my fathers chair as he remained at work. My face was hurting as the wind hit it, the window flung back and forth as I stayed in the chair. My whole body was sore I could barely move. This wasn't new it was the same repeated pattern. "Jade!" Kat called out. I still sat in silence. I was so miserable. "Jade!" she called out again. Nothing made a difference. "For the love of god, Jade, Its freezing in here!" Kat yelled upon her entrance to the my fathers study. 

"I didn't notice," I said looking out into the cold rainy, windy place outside the window. Life couldn't be anymore depressing then right now. 

"Jade, it's been two days, I think you can go to school," kat shut the window. I shook my head nothing made me want to go back there. "Well Harry's coming over later so make sure your all cleaned up by then," Kat said turning my face to the side she stood.  I chuckled at what she said, no product, no cleaning up, no nothing could make my appearance look any better. 

"You should get going to school," I put on a fake smile. She was here on a lunch break. 

"Jade, you know I hate seeing you like this," she chocked. 

"Like what? I'm perfectly okay," I laughed trying to act normal, even though I couldn't even pretend. As soon as Kat walked out the door I buried my head in my hands and began to sulk. This wasn't new either. Why did Harry have to come over anyway? What good was that going to do. I suddenly remembered whenever Kat said one of the boys were coming over all of them came. All of them including, Liam. I hadn't spoke to him since I had kissed him. The kiss couldn't be compared with the one Harry and I shared in the hallway. But then again the kiss Liam and I shared could not be compared with the one with Harry.I chuckled at myself, I was thinking about how great of kissers  were two boys that I hadn't even known. Just as I lifted my head up I heard the doorbell ring. I assumed it was Kat and opened the door willingly, but to my surprise it was Harry. "You look surprised," he laughed. 

"But I thought Kat said you were coming over later," I bit my lip, as I stood in my pajama's. 

"Well I decided to come earlier," he glanced down at my outfit a bit taken back. "Can I come in?" he asked so pleasantly. I nodded hesitantly stepping out from the middle of the doorway allowing him to walk in. I sat down with him on the couch in the main room as explained to me that he was skipping his afternoon classes to watch over me. "Ya know I've been thinking about a few things," he said under his breathe. At this point I knew that he wanted to tell me something quite important. 

"Wh-wh-what is it?" I stuttered feeling stupid for showing him I was nervous. He moved slightly to where I was sitting. I gulped silently as I recieved my goosebumps. 

"Well ever since our kiss, I've been thinking a lot about-" he coughed awkwardly. "You," he finished his sentence with his eyes shut tightly. 

"I've been thinking about you, too." I smiled slightly. He opened his eyes and shot a grin straight across his face. You could easily tell that he was trying to show off his dimples. I knew what I wanted, it was simple. I just wanted another kiss. I wanted to see if the fire remained if it was still there. Who know's maybe if we do start to develop feelings for one another we could have a real- none abusive romance. "Harry?" I said as I moved closer to him. 

"Yes," he said moving even closer. 

"Kiss me," I said, the same approach I used with Liam. He kissed me with no hesitation whatsoever. He picked me up so that I stood on both feet. As soon as his lips were pressed against mine I knew we still had the connection as the other day in the hallway. Soon after our kiss had ended we started watching movies until Kat came home. But just as she did Harry and I found ourselves tangled in another kiss, and just as you would expect Liam walked in right behind Kat I could see that he felt hurt in a way but how? He still doesn't know me.

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