Fake Relashionship Real Feelings [On Hiatus]

Jade (based on me) has an ex boyfriend. The problem is he won't leave her alone until she finds a new boyfriend. He even beats her sometimes so Jade decides to hire a fake boyfriend by the name Harry. Soon as she spends time with him she spends time with the rest of the boys and starts to fall for both Harry and Liam. Who will she pick?


4. Chapter 4

Jade's P.O.V

Tonight was the night. I was going to go to homecoming with my 'boyfriend' tonight might be the night where Kyle might stop causing me so much pain, where I might actually be able to not be afraid to step inside his shadow. "Jade! hurry up in there we all need to do our makeup!" Kat yelled. "Yeah sorry! I was just thinking about something!" kat frightened me so I dropped my eye shadow in the sink. "Crap," I was freaking out. I was pretty jumpy, tonight was the night that pretty much destined my high school future. I cleaned up the eye shadow and walked out of the bathroom and into my room. I lay the dress I was going to wear on my bed. It was raveshing, but it wouldn't help the whole 'Kyle' situation. It was a skin tight little black dress that reached up to my thighs, and it showed off my figure. My aunt always told me that if I ever wore a dress like this, no guy would ever stare at my eyes. The shoes weren't much help either, six inch high heel dark red pumps. I changed y oufit then put some dark red lipstick on. It sparkled whenever the light hit my lips. I curled my hair so that it flowed down my back perfectly. "Jade, are you ready!?" Kat yelled. I took a look at myself in the mirror befor answering. "Tonight better be worth it," I muttered to myself. "Jade?" "Yeah I'm ready, Kat," I answered before there were any further questions. I walked out of the room, and stepped into the hallway."Wow Jade, you really dressed up for Harry," Kat nudged my forearm. "Shut up Kat, can we just go already?" I said checking my phone for the time. "Yes but our dates are taking us," Kat said guiding me into the living room to which stood, my dad, Niall, and Harry. Harry's eyes were glued to my apperance. 'Shall we?" Harry said holding his arm out like a prince would do, so I would link my arm to his. "We shall," I sighed. "Great," Harry smiled. He brought me to his car, and opened the door to the passangers seat. I sat down giving him  'thank you' nod. As Harry slid into his seat we started talking. "So I think, people will probably start to ask questions about us, like how we met, and how long we've been together, so what should we say?" Harry questioned. "Well say that we met at an ice cream shop, and that was a month ago," I said. "You know you look great," Harry changed the subject. "Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself," I returned the compliment. It wasn't a lie, he was wearing a black blazer, white top, and black jeans, the outfit looked more formal than I explained, but he looked classy. "Thank you, Jade," Harry said not taking his eyes off the road. The rest of the ride was silent, but the good kind of silent. When we walked into the gym hand in hand, everybody starred at us. I felt my stomach turn a bit, this was my nightmare, I didn't want the attention, I just didn't. harry noticed that I was getting slightly uncomfortable with all the eyes staarring at me. "Let me go get something to drink, for the both of us,"  Harry said releasing my hand. I knew why he did this, so people thought if we weren't together like next to each other that maybe, we weren't dating. I stood alone as Harry went to go get some drinks for us. These three girl approached me, I got a tad bit nervous. "Your Jade, right?" the lead girl said. She sounded so stuck up. "Yes," I whispered. "Knew it, anyway stay away from Harry," she chuckled, even though nothing was funny. "What happens if I don't?" I said feeing confident. "Well lets just say that, you will regret yourr existence, and just to remind you Harry is too good for you, your just some pathetic girl who doesn't have any meaning in life," the girl said flipping her bleached blonde hair to the side. I stormed out of her sight, with the sound of her evil, high pitched laugh ringing in my ears. I ran out to the front of the school. I couldn't see a thing pure darkness. "Jade, how could you do this to me!?" a crying voice yelled this time I knew exactly who it was by the sound of their footsteps, Kyle. "K-K-Kyle," I stuttered. I was filled with fear, dear god this was the worst night of my life, and I had only been here 20 minutes. I started to run. "Jade! Get back here!" Kyle yelled. My feet responded. It felt like I had lost my entire control. "Good girl," Kyle laughed. I stood frozen in place. I felt a hand forcfully grab my wrist, and it caused me to wince in pain. He twirled me around and pushed me onto the ground. My arm slid against the gravol, I began cryning, Kyle pulled out his phone to give some light to me so he could hit me letting him see the pain being caused. "You? Crying? Hw are you the on crying if I'm the one with the broken heart?" Kyle slapped me. He lifted me off of the ground and pressed me against the school wall. He held my neck tightly, cutting off my breathing. "What does he have that I don't?" Kyle asked referring to harry as he slammed me against the wall once again, but this time it was a lot more painful. "Tell me!" he said aggressivly. "Fine then," Kyle said pushing me onto to the ground on more time, my cheek hit the corner of the brick wall. I felt my cheek start to feel very tender, I raised my hand to touch it and felt the warm fresh blood drip down on my hand. next thing you know Kyle began kicking me repeatedly. "Get away from her!" a British accent yelled. I was in too much pain to study who it possibly was. Kyle laughed. I shut my eyes to try and distract me from my pain, thats when I heard someone begin to punch somebody else. I didn't want people to start fighting fo my well being, even if it was Kyle. I managed to sit myslf up, it was one of the most painful moments of my life. "Stop, please," I mumbled. I was too weak to begin speaking. Kyle at that vey same moment punched the guy to the ground. Then he came back to me. e slapped me a few more times until he fell unconscious right in front of me. I realised that the guy who came to help me had just hit him on the head with a broken beer bottle. The guy was Liam. I broke down into tears when Liam sat next to me. I cried in his chest as he kissed my head. "Shhhhh, its okay," he kept repeating. When I stopped crying I looked up at him. I wanted to feel loved, to feel wanted at this point. I just wanted someone to hold me who loved me. I always thought maybe that would help the pain that rushed through me. "Liam, kiss me," I said. "Aren't you in pain?" he asked. "Just kiss me," I said. Before I knew it his warm soft lip were ressed against my rough, stingy, lips. When our lips parted, I lood downat his white shirt. "Sorry I got some blood on your shirt," I said. "It's okay," Liam cleared his throat. After that I lay in his arms. "Liam, I'm scared what if he does this again?" I cried once again. "He won't, I'm not letting his touch a hair on your head," his words soothed me. I felt safe around him. I felt like he would be my protector.

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