Fake Relashionship Real Feelings [On Hiatus]

Jade (based on me) has an ex boyfriend. The problem is he won't leave her alone until she finds a new boyfriend. He even beats her sometimes so Jade decides to hire a fake boyfriend by the name Harry. Soon as she spends time with him she spends time with the rest of the boys and starts to fall for both Harry and Liam. Who will she pick?


3. Chapter 3

Jade's P.O.V

I got up in the morning to get ready for school. I still didn't know how posotive I was going to be about my 'boyfriend' I ate my 1 piece of toast for breakfast, then I brushed my teeth and took my shower. I put on a pair of blue skinni jeans, a tank top that matched the colour of my pants and a blue blazer, my favourite color is blue. I straightened my hair, and I put makeup on the place where my bruise was. I don't know why but sometimes I just dressed up for school. I grabbed my books and put them in my messanger bag and walked down stairs. "Kat! Are you ready!?" I yelled. "Yeah!" Kat came downstairs. I looked down at my watch "We gotta go pick up Candy," I rushed. I put on some black ballet flats and ran out the door. We were late enough as we were. Kat rushed out to the car withought even having her books in her bag. "Jade, calm down we have plenty of time," Kat hushed. before I spoke I got a text from one of my only other friends, Jayda. I know her ame sounds a lot like 'Jade' but I call her Jay, which is also my nicknam but I don`t really care. Anyway the text asked if I could give her a ride to school. I said yes, but now I was really rushing. "Kat, we're going to pick up Jay,' I informed. Jay was Kat's best friend just like how Candy was mine. In someways Jay and I look quite similar, she as well has red hair, but its not red velvet its more of a blood colour, we both have blue eyes but hers a tiny bit less brighter than mine.The other thing is that her hair is a natural colour, mine is artificial. I began driving as Kat put her things in her bag. I pulled up in front of Candy's and she was standing on her porch. "Get in!" I yelled. Candy walked over. Next we picked up Jay, and then we drove to school. "We're late!" Kat squealed. "Yeah thats what I was afraid of!" I yelled. They already had their thing while I had to go to my locker. I opened my rusty old grey locker and felt someone standing over me. Kyle, I guessed. I turned around closing my eyes to wait for the pain. "Open your eyes, love," I recognized that voice, I had only heared it once. I did as he asked. "Harry," I sighed. "Who did you think it was?" he chuckled. "A rapist,"I joked. He chuckled stepping closer to me I felt his warm breathe press against my burning skin. I felt fire between us, he was giving me goosebumps and he could tell. "Do I make you nervvous," he smirked. The fire between us, was making making me nervous but I didn't really want him to know. "No." Lie. "Okay then," he kept on smirking, to be honest I felt embarrassed, I was a horrible liar. "Do you know what couples do?" he asked, pressing his nose against mine. "W-w-what," I stuttered as I felt butterflies begin to fly rapidly in my stomach. "They kiss," he whispered. I cleared my throat as I felt more goosebumps arrive. "Are you saying that we should kiss?" I asked, as if the answer wasn't already so obvious. He looked me straight in the yes and softlt said "yes" this guy was good. "Do you want to kiss me?" he asked stroking the side of my arm. I gulped. "I guess," I was at a loss of words, and at a loss of control. He chuckled as his lips approached mine. I was going to back out at the last second but I just couldn't bring myself to it. Next thing I know his soft lips were pressed on mine. Fire, I felt nothing but fire between us. I played with his curls, as he would grab my back. Our tongues danced with each other, how was this happening? I don't even know him. Finally as our lips parted I breathed heavily. "How was the kiss," he asked so proud of himself. I didn't answer because I would regret if I said the kiss was good or if it was bad. "I thought you would enjoy it," a deep grin drew across hs face, revealing his dimples. I sent a bit of an amusing devil glare. "C'mon, I'll walk you to class," Harry said flipping his curls to the side. "Okay." I said softly. Was this a good thing or a bad.

Harry's P.O.V

I could see that Jade was a bit intimmidated after our kiss. She wouldn't focus on anything minus the floor, zero concentration. I have to admit I'm pretty proud of myself this was probably the first kiss that I have shared with someone, that I actually wanted more of. "So Jade, how do you know Candy?" i asked trying to put some conversation in this walk. She seemed to be a bit surprised by me speaking. "Oh I moved here when I was three and she was pretty much the only person who would be there for me," she replied. After that the rest of the walk was pretty much just silent.

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