Fake Relashionship Real Feelings [On Hiatus]

Jade (based on me) has an ex boyfriend. The problem is he won't leave her alone until she finds a new boyfriend. He even beats her sometimes so Jade decides to hire a fake boyfriend by the name Harry. Soon as she spends time with him she spends time with the rest of the boys and starts to fall for both Harry and Liam. Who will she pick?


1. Step 1

Jade's P.O.V

"Kyle, leave me alone," I said to my ex while I shut my locker. "No Jade, I love you," "Kyle leave me alone, we're finished!" I yelled. Everyone was already gone to home room. Kyle was getting overly clingy. He has been really annoying and when I try to shut him out he hits me. Luckily my best friend Candy is always there, her name is actually Candance but I like to call her Candy. That's why I asked her a favour. She's going to get me a fake boyfriend. She is a lot better with guys and you can tell that's true because I chose Kyle. This is Candy's secret mission she's not suppose to tell anyone. I need to do this because I'm really sick of Kyle. My sister Katrina a.k.a Kat is also in the plan. The funny thing is that they're both dating a guy from One Direction, Candy is with Louis and Kat is with Niall. I don't know their boyfriends but apparently they are the best boyfriends in the whole world! I started walking off to class but then Kyle grabbed my arm and shoved me against the lockers. The locker metal had a sharp piece on it and I felt the back of my head begin to bleed. "Kyle! Let me go!" I yelled. "Not until you love me!" Kyle yelled. "Over my dead body!" Kyle slapped me. He put his hand over my mouth and I bit him. I bit him so hard that his hand started bleeding. As he took a look at his hand I ran to the girls bathroom and locked the door. I took a paper towel and pressed against the back of my red velvet hair. Blood liquid rubbed off of it. I knew I couldn't stay in school so since I was on the first or I climbed out the window pulled up my grey hood and ran to my car. I sunk low in the drivers seat so I would wait for Candy and Kat to come, I was their ride home. Let me introduce myself better though. My name is Jade Wilson I'm from Australia but my dads British I have an Australian accent as well as Kat. Our mother died when we were three and we moved in with our dad from Australia. Everyone calls me J or Jade. I have bright blue eyes and I dyed my hair to velvet red I'm a natural blondie. Kat looks similar but she put a lot of blue in her hair. So basically she dyed the whole base blue. I'm currently 16 going on 17 and I was born January 17th, Kat was born on December 18th. So I'm older by 11 months. Candy and I share the same birthday and we have tons of things in common, we're convinced we're sisters. I have always been one of those girls who didn't want to be noticed very often because I always got scared that something bad would happen to me like public humiliation. So I only have Kat and Candy. It's not like I get bullied or anything it's just people don't notice me. But at the end of the day my 'not wanting to be noticed' idea gets me feeling unwanted. So it makes me self conscious. I don't even eat that much anymore. I eat my three meals a day but their small portions and that's it. Right now I'm all skin and bones. Even my workaholic dad is considering finding me 'help' but who knows this fake boyfriend might help a little bit.
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