Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


2. The Talk . . .

SOPHIES POV         By Faith (Hazza's_Cupcake:))

'girls come down!' Mom said

'Coming!' i said

Everyone comes down and sits on the couch. We sit there quietly waiting for father. Did I mention we were princesses? Well yeah we are. Crap! I'm not allowed to say yeah or crap! Oops! Anyways father comes down and starts to say something but he looks at mother.

'Ok as you know about the princes that live down the street. The Kingdom (Not really a kingdome just a house but they are Royal) Princeton. Alexandra! Remember Matthew that nice young man. You are supposed to go out with him! Go on a date soon so he can like you. The Kingdom Samson. Wendalla! You are supossed to be with William. You are supposed to have a marrige soon.The Kindom Wendall. Aprilla! Same for you. Fredward likes you. The Kindom Taylor. Issebella! Darrel. same for you. Lastly Sophia! The Kindom Skywell. Maxwell really fancies you.' Mother says

I blush.

'I see that missy' Mother says

'You may go now' Father says

When i get released i walk up to my room and grab my mobile phone. I go to my closent and grab a white tank top with cherries on it. I grab some sandles. I walk down stairs. I grab my purse.

'Mother1 Can i go to the park?'


I walk out the door and call Darwin


'Hey can you pick me up?'


Darwin is our shofer. I wait for about a couple of minutes.

'Who let you out of the house like that?' He says

'I umm . . . Asked mom' I said quickly

'Young ladie you are not supposed to say um. Stand up strait who even bought you those?'

'Can we go now?'


'Thats an order'

I hopped in and he dropped me off at the park. I waved bye and started walking towards the mall.


I got to the mall and walked around. I had a load of cash. I was walking when a boy bumped into me.

'Oops I'm so sorry ma'am' he said

'Oh its ok. But you spilled your drink on me'

'Ill help you with that'

He grabbed a napkin and started cleaning me off with it.

'Im sorry once again. whats your name?' he said

'You dont know who i am?' I said


'My name is Sophie' I said with a smile

'Im Harry' He said

I looked up and saw his face better

'Your not-'

'Yes i am Harry Styles. but um dont say anything im trying to have a good day without and fans'

'Oh sorry i must be going.'

'You have to go so fast?'


'Lets hang out'

'Another day im busy'

'ok bye love' He smiled

'Bye.' I said as I was exiting the mall.


Authors Note: Hey. Im Faith (Hazza's_Cupcake:)) Fan me!! Tell me If you like the story so far I know its the begining but i hope its gonna be great! I will read any of your fanfictions and favorite them If you do the same for me. Thanks;) Goodbye My Little Turtles;) ~Faith;)

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