Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


7. Im Dreaming Right?

Isabella's P.O.V by : trin070209

I awoke slowly and soon got up. Mother said we are having to go meet the princes today. I have to meet Prince Darrel. He sounds nice. I went to my bathroom and took a shower. I sung a couple songs fromat the One Direction concert. They were actually pretty good. I mean they were show offs but they were good. I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me.

  I went out grabbed a nice looking green t shirt and some black jeans and red socks and some black high heeled boots. I fixed my long brown hair and turned fixed it into a braid. I washed my face and walked downstairs.

" Isabella go put some makeup on. Prince Blake wont like you without make up . " My mother scolded me. I turned angrily and walked back up to my room. I wen to the make up stand and stared at my self in the mirror. I grabbed my pinkish lip gloss and put it on. I walked downstairs only to hear my mother say " thats not enough "

I turned around and faced her. " I dont need makeup! Im fine the way I am! Why cant I just be me and not wear makeup? I dont wanna be a princess. I want to be me! I dont wanna be known as Princess Isabella! I want to be known as Isabella. Im not your perfect little daughter! " I yelled at her. " TOO BAD ISABELLA YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY. YOU ARE MY CHILD AND YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY " She screamed back. " No. " I said fiercly. " Get out then. Out of this home. " She said. I stood there shocked. " OUT. " She told me once again. I ran out and ran down to my car and insterted the keys. Then I drove off.

I went to Nando's and got out of my car and then acedentally bumped into someone. "Hey?! " An I rish accent said laughingly. " I angrily looked up and saw two blue eyes and a quiff of blond hair. I ignored him and just walked away. " Hey whats with the grumpy look, love? " He said annoyingly. I rolled my eyes and continued walking inside. " Tell me pleaseeee. " He said beggingly . " Oh My God will you ever shut up?! " I said to him and the two guys behind him ' ohhhh burn ' I glared at them. " The names Niall Horan, and you are? " He said kindly. For once. " Isabella. " I looked up. Hey arent you from that band One Direction? " I asked.He nodded. " Fan? " He asked. " No. My sisters dragged me to a concert. " He sighed looking down. Then he wrote something down and handed it to me. " My number and house adress. Come anytime " He walked away. Wait. What just happened?


Hey guys! Umm Im the new co-author trin070209 :) So Hai and Im just gonna go.. DO SOMETHING NOW..bye


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