Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


6. Home Again

Sophies POV                                   Faith~Hazza's~Girl

Wendy dropped me off and I ran inside and went into the kitchen and made some Raymon Noodles. I took them out of the microwave and I went on twitter and saw someone tweeted me.

@Harry_Styles said: Whats your number love?

@Sophie_ said: Meet me at Nando's and ill give it to you,

@Harry_Styles said: ok.

I walked into mums room.

'Wheres dad?'

'Im not sure sweetie, what do you need?'

'Can I go to Nando's to get something to eat?'

'Ew. Well its your body your problem, Go ahead.'

"Yay! Thanks mum'

I walked outside and walked to Nando's and saw Harry at a table.

'Hey' I said


I wrote down my number gave it to him.

'Hey I gotta go but, Here.'

'Thanks Ill text you later.'


I walked up to the counter ordered my food and went home.


A/N Hey we need an co-owner!!


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