Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


3. First Date!!!!

Wendy's POV       By: Summer(BooBear's Stripes:)

I wake up and Mother calls me to the breakfest table and said time to eat!!!As soon as I sat down at the table Louis called and said did you forget about this afternoon?I said NO!NO!NO!HOW WOULD I EVER FORGET!I mean No! I did not forget.Ok just wandering!

I will call you when I am almost there to pick you up.ok!TTYL!!!!Then as always Sophie came in "who was that"/It is always the prince so quit asking!!!!ok...........said Sophie!

After breakfest  I got on my Bright yellow tanktop and my blue jeans.Then I was walking to the movies and i saw Louis! I screamed Llouis!!!!.....He said hey i was just looking for you !!!!Then I said you wanna go to the movies now or what?

Yeah sure said Louis!!!!We went inside and found the movie Atlantis and then payed for the tickets!Then we went in got really good seats and Louis did try the yawning trick and i figured out that he likes me!!!I said your nice,cute,funny,and sweet!!He said naw naw you are wayyy better!!I said awwww thanks!!!!Then after the movie went off he asked me if I would like to go out with him i said !!!Sure.Then he kissed me on the cheek!Then he said I will call you later on!!

 I screamed ok love you bye because he was running out the movie theater!!!!!Then as soon as I got done I got a phone call from Sophie she asked will you please come pick me up?... I replied I will be there in a minute!!!!!

So I was on the way to pick up Sophie and Louis called me and said'um well would you like to go to the (Three star Cafe) tonight!!!????I replied sure!Then he said "Ok see ya there!"Then I said Bye the went and picked up Sophie......


Author's Note :Hey this is BooBear's Stripes and keep on reading  there will be more as soon as possible!And please fan me thanks for reading!!!!:)



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