Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


1. At the Royal Palace

Wendy's POV               By:Summer!!!!!(BooBear's Stripes:)

Wendy:I was going to some band concert called(One Direction).I was like ughh i don't want to go see this stinkin band!Unforchantly my twin sisters(Alexandra and Sophia) dragged me and my other twin sisters (Aprilla and Isabella) in this mess!I am soo MAD!!!!!Like dued why do yall always have to drag me into this mess,and any way i don't know who this (One Direction) is!Like seriously girl!!!!I want to go over to the princes house to see his sister because like she is soo sooo soooo funny!Like if you met her you wouold (LOVE) her!OMG I don't want to take my stinkin annoying twin sisters to this stupid concert!UGHHHHH!!!!I want to just not have to do any favors for my sisters!!!!!!!

Let me stay in the car!OK!Then as soon as that came out of my mouth the girlz screamed "Louis Tomilson just waved at you OMG!!!!!"So just to be nice i got out and waved back at him.....Soo I finally heard them sing and i was like OMG I can not beleive they sing this good!They sang (What Makes You Beautiful),(One Thing),and(I Would).


The concert took 3 hours just to finish.Then after the concert Louis waved back bye i waved and said "call me!"I waited all night long and then at 8:30 pm he called he said we should hang out sometime or something like that.When ever we got off of the phone I screamed "OMG!""I am sooooooo excited but i can not tell Alex or Sophie!They will kill me to come if they  find out so i have to be quiet about it.

Today Louis called at 7 am and I screamed and then said hello.He said um well today would not be a good day to hang out because i have to practice for my next concert we have a new song and i have to practice!So would you like to hang out and talk tomorrow at 3:30pm?"That sounds good!" I said.So I was like screaming in my head Yeah!Then here comes Alex and Sophie saying "Who was that?"I said"The prince!"Then they walked to there rooms.I was like wheh that was a close one!!!

I went to bed and all i was thinking about was I can not wait till tomorrow!I can not wait till tomorrow!I can not wait till tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At one point in time I screamed I can not wait till tomorrow!Then My sister ALex yelled WHY CAN YOU NOT WAIT TILL TOMORROW? Oh i am going to the princes house!Then i was so excited that I went to sleep...........ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!


      Author's Note:Hey it is BooBear's Stripes:) Fan me please and comment and tell me if you like it so far it will aventually get better though!!!

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