Once Upon One Direction

One Direction falls in love with princesses. But they dont find out till later. Is the relationship gonaa work? Whos gonna be with who? Will fights break out? Drama? Lies? Secrets? Well you gotta read to find out!!


5. Almost Busted

Wendy's POV                                                         BooBear's Darling


Well as I was in the car i heard a (bring bring)


Mom:Where are you at darling

Me:I am picking up Sophie

Mom:Where was she at she was spose to be home by now because me and her were going to watch a movie

Me:I don't know

Mom:Well see you in a minute love you bye

Me:Love you too bye

Then as soon as i got off of the phone with mom i  was where Sophie was and she was in a really bad mood

Sophie:My boyfriend's ex keeps on calling him wanting to get back together

Me:Ummmmm......No response

Then ( bring bring) Again!!!!!


Louis:Why you so mad

Me:Oh sorry did not know it was you

Sophie:Who is that

Me:Um well it is nobody you would care about


Louis:Well I was thinking you want to go to the movies this weekend

Me:Are you serious I would love to go to the movies with you!!!You are like REALLY popular.You are Louis Tomilson.!!!!Wait did I just say that out loud??????

Sophie:What did you just say?

Me:Oh it is nothing.You dont really have to know.

Sophie:Okay then!

Me:I'm back

Louis:You sound busy so I will call you back later.







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