More than Best Friends

Amy and her two best friends Rocky and Justin have been best friends since pre-k when Justin moved to Los Angeles, California. Now that they are in 12th grade, Justin is falling in love with Amy. He wants to tell her but he's afraid it will ruin their friendship forever.


1. The Big Prize

Amy's P.O.V.

It was a Thursday afternoon and we were at the fair that just came to town. My best friend Justin Bieber took me and my other best friend Rocky Mercado to the fair. Rocky is 17. I'm 18 years old like my other friends Lina, Adriana, America, Cristina, and Victoria. Justin is only 19. He turned 19 on March 1st. We road on a lot of rides and me and Rocky went to all the roller coasters except for Justin because he doesn't like to ride them. We got off of the last ride and I felt noxious a little and Rocky threw up in the garbage can. I laughed because we rode too many roller coasters and I was the one to convince her to go ride them with me. I couldn't see where Justin went, I remember seeing him when I got on the ride.

"Where's Justin?" I asked Rocky. I didn't think she herd me because her head was in the garbage can still puking.

"I don't know. He was here when we got on the ride," she said looking a little pale. I gave her some water and her skin color went back to normal. We just stood there looking at the crowd to see if he would ever show up. Still nothing.

"He ditched us," I said to her. How could he just ditch us like that. We're best friends and he shouldn't leave us here.

"Hey. Amy, look what I got you," someone said. I turned around and saw Justin holding a big polar bear. Wow. That thing was huge. Wait...just me. Where's Rocky's prize? I thought he had two for me and her. I mean, we are his best friends since pre-k. How come he didn't get her anything? 

"I got you this polar bear, you know, it's your favorite animal," he said handing the giant polar bear to me.

"Thanks, but where's Rocky's prize? Didn't you get her one?" I asked him.

"No. I didn't have any money left," he replied.

"You do know, all the games and rides were free, right?" Rocky said to him crossing her arms.

"Well, you like a lot of animals. How am I supposed to know what's your favorite when you keep changing the animal," he said.

Justin's P.O.V.

I didn't get Rocky anything because I actually only wanted to get something for Amy. I have been in love with her since 7th grade. I can't tell her that because I'm afraid it will ruin our friendship. I fell in love with her because she has this personality of being shy when she's at school and being crazy at home or somewhere where it includes either skateboarding or dancing. She's crazy but at the same time funny and  pretty.

"Let's go home, I'm tired," Amy said.

"Alright. Let's get in the car," I said back.

We got in my car and Amy and Rocky fell asleep on the way to Amy's house. Amy looked so cute when she sleeps. I feel bad for Amy because Rocky has a boyfriend and his name is Jai Brooks. He's famous like me. Her other friends have boyfriends too, but she doesn't get disappointed like other girls. She just gets her pillow and says" I love you."


We arrived at Amy's house and I had to wake up her and Rocky.

"Amy, hey Amy, wake up we're here," I said whispering so she wouldn't hit herself on anything.

"Oh. Thanks Justin," she said still kind of sleepy.

"Hey Amy, mind if I sleep over tonight?" Rocky asked.

"Yea, sure," she replied.

They both got out and went inside. I drove to my house and when I got there all I could think of was Amy. She is everything guys would want in a girl. Every guy has asked her out but she said no to them and it made me happy inside. She never put on any make up and she still looked beautiful. I went to my room and I got in my bed. I couldn't sleep. She was on my mind the whole entire night.


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