More than Best Friends

Amy and her two best friends Rocky and Justin have been best friends since pre-k when Justin moved to Los Angeles, California. Now that they are in 12th grade, Justin is falling in love with Amy. He wants to tell her but he's afraid it will ruin their friendship forever.


3. She's beautiful

Justin's P.O.V.

I was in English class when I got a note from a girl. I opened it and it said "Will you go out with me?" I turned and saw who it was. She was beautiful. She was Selena Gomez, she's a singer and an actress and she's famous like me. I smiled at her and she blush. I replied to the note saying" Yes" and I threw it to her. When she opened it she got super happy and she blushed. I had to admit, she was pretty. When class finished I ran towards Amy and I started shaking her.

"What??!!" she asked.

"I just met Selena Gomez and we're dating now. She's so pretty and she is famous like me. Finally, someone who understand me," I said that and Amy gave me a look she always gives me when I offend her."Oh sorry. I mean another person," I said trying to not make her mad. I hugged her and told her not to be mad at me.

"I'm not mad. I'm actually happy for you. I knew she liked you because I saw her looking at you," she said.

"Well I gotta go see her so bye," I said and ran to Selena's locker. I looked back and saw Amy looking sad. I stopped running and just remembered something. Amy now has no one to be single with. It was me but then I have Selena now. I even think I saw Amy shed a tear for the first time. She was there for me, even at my concerts, she would always help me with my clothes, hair, and other stuff, and now I'm not there for her now.

"Hey Justin," I herd someone call my name. It was Selena coming towards me.

"Hey, would you like to go get coffee with me?" I asked her.

"Sure, let's go," she said. I held her hand and we left right when the bell rang to go home.

Amy's P.O.V.

I got on the bus and I didn't see Justin or his car. Did he leave early? I was right there in my special seat in the very back. I got my IPhone out and started to listen to his music. I have like all his songs on my play list. I was the only one in the back. I didn't feel the same without my friends and best friends. They all have dates and I'm the only single one.


I got off the bus and went to my mailbox to see if there's any mail. Nothing. I looked over at Justin's driveway but his car wasn't there. That's strange. I went inside and I put my bag on the couch.

"Mom. I'm home," I said but there was not respond. I walked into the kitchen ans say a note on the fridge. I looked at it and I walked over to it and it read:

Amy, I left to go meet someone at a meeting. I won't be home till 9 so make sure to eat something, Mom.

Great. Now what am I supposed to? I went outside and walked over to Justin's house and knocked on the door. Obviously, Justin wasn't home but his mom was.

"Amy, nice to see you come in," Pattie said.

"Thank you," I said entering the house. I saw Jazzy and Jaxon playing on the floor.

"Amy!!!" they both said running to me. They gave me a big hug. They really love me even though I'm just his best friend.

"Did Justin come home yet?" I asked Pattie.

"No, he hasn't come home yet. I wonder where he is?" she replied."So where's you're mother?"

"She has a meeting today and won't be back untill 9," I said.

"Would you like something to eat? I made Fettuccini, want some?" Pattie asked.

"Sure," I said. She gave me a plate of Fettuccini and it was amazing. I finished and washed the plate. Justin came in the door and was talking to someone.

"Hi mom, I'm home," he said.

"Hi honey," she said back.

"Mom I'd li- Amy what are you doing here?" he asked. I saw Selena with him and I'm just realizing he was with her this whole time.

"My mom left to go on a meeting so I came here," I said.

"Oh okay. Mom, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Selena Gomez," he said.

"Hello, I'm Pattie, Justin's mom," she said. I decided to leave since they were talking and I was just sitting there.

"I guess I should leave," I said walking to the door.

"Amy, don't go. Please stay," Jazzy said.

"Yea you don't have to go," Justin said but I ignored him and looked at Jazzy.

"Sorry Jazzy, but I have to go, I don't belong here," I said.

"Amy, stop you do. Now don't leave," Justin said but I ignored him again. I could feel my eyes swelling up with tears.

"Bye Jazzy," I said exiting the door. I was finally crying and I was almost to the driveway when Justin came out running and stopped me. I tried not to look at him because I had tears.

"Hey, what just happened in there?" he asked.

"Nothing. I gotta go," I said trying to let go of his grip. Before I could walk he got my arm and pulled me close to him.

"Amy, Amy, look at me," he said but I didn't.

"I gotta go," I said leaving his grip. I started running to my house and I could hear Justin yelling my name.

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