Love is in the air

This is a story about 18 year old Ivory Williams Jensen and how she finds her self in a crappy situation between life and love either go and live or go with her love but her family disappears????? Now she has to make a decision whether she likes it or not but all of it comes to a conclusion when Harry Edward Styles and Ivory meet in a place not really ordinary and when Mr.Styles decides to become her friend but what happens if ivory starts getting feelings for her new friend........And Harry feels the same. Now what happens?Oh oh "love is in the air"


2. What is this about??

Harry's P.O.V

"So Mr.styles my name I Evelyn Lowe I am the co-manager from Disney channel USA and my manager was looking at you guys and your profiles and they thought if you guys wanted to go and premiere as guest star on this show called 'Jessie' starring Debby Ryan.and some other people but my manager want you Guys to be in it for a special in America" I'm shocked and speechless then I figure that she's talking to me and say "oh sorry I was thinking but I really think that we should have an appointment so that all the boys agree not just me" she looks at me and the nods "I very much agree with you Mr.styles I will set an appointment with your manager and he will tell you from there" I agree and shake her hand as she stands up and says "till next time" smiling and I smile back closing the front door.

Ivory's P.O.V

Schools over and I've just gotten off the bus and I already hear the rustle of students and adults talking screaming or fighting what a waste of time uggghhh

When I get home my mother was on the table reading the newspaper and i went up to her and kissed Her on the cheek then I went to my room and change into some sweats and a tank top then tied up my hair and went out to my neighborhood to see my boyfriend I think because he asked me out like 2 days ago and he lives in my I get to see him
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