Love is in the air

This is a story about 18 year old Ivory Williams Jensen and how she finds her self in a crappy situation between life and love either go and live or go with her love but her family disappears????? Now she has to make a decision whether she likes it or not but all of it comes to a conclusion when Harry Edward Styles and Ivory meet in a place not really ordinary and when Mr.Styles decides to become her friend but what happens if ivory starts getting feelings for her new friend........And Harry feels the same. Now what happens?Oh oh "love is in the air"


4. What are you doing?.…..….......

Ivory's P.O.V

As I'm in the car with Jake he starts rubbing my thigh so I let him but he eventually starts going near to that part so I quickly lift up my leg and act like I have a bruise and rub it myself. I mean I didn't want him to actually touch me there so I had to do something!


We're in the concert and Jake puts his hand on my hip so I go to the bathroom to try to avoid any awkwardness. "ughghgh! Jake stop trying to touch me ok I feel uncomfortable please stop!!!" I shout.

When I go back to the main concert I see Jake standing but not dancing or singing just still. So I walk to him and wave at him smiling and he does the same......awkward!!!

"I think we should leave it's getting kinda late" he yells. What? It's barely 9 and I don't have my deadline from my mom until 11 so what's the deal?

"oh no it's ok my mom said I can stay out until 11 and it's only 9" I yell back. Just then he grabs my hand and takes me outside and into this hiding spot. "I just wanna lay down with you in my car and have a good time" he tells me. What? Omg this dood just wants my body!!!!

"umm we should probably go" I say and try to get away but he quickly grabs my arm and pulls me back "cmon just for a while babe" he says. "no Jake your such a fool and player" I say then jerk my hand free.

What did he just try to do to me???
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